Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dr. Song Attacked by Corporate Media Whores

Paul Y. Song is a physician, healthcare activist and a biotechnology chief medical officer. He is also an advocate for Medicare for All. He's a good man.

Dr. Song supports Senator Bernie Sanders, while his wife supports Hillary Clinton (I wouldn't want to sit at that dinner table!)

Dr. Song gave a speech at Bernie Sanders' rally at Washington Square, a public park in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan in New York City on April 13, 2016 — the day before the Democratic primary debate in Brooklyn.

There was a crowd of 27,000 who showed up to see Bernie speak — surpassing even Obama's crowd of 24,000 when he was there in 2008.

During Dr. Song's 5-minute speech (which he wasn't paid $225,000 to give), while advocating for Bernie Sanders' plan to give everyone healthcare coverage (because it should be a right for all of us as human beings), he made a remark that the media took out of context and jumped all over: corporate democratic whores.

Here's exactly what Dr. Song said when he made that remark:

"Medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are beholden to Big Pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us. But Senator Sanders rightfully recognizes that he can not do this alone. It first starts with us electing him president, and ends with us voting out every corporatist Democrat, and replacing them with Berniecrats."

Meaning, electing more progressives and less pro-corporate moderates. His entire 5-minute speech is here at YouTube, with the "corporate democratic whore" remark made at the 4 minute mark.

Of course Hillary supporters are having a whore fit over the whole thing, and Hillary herself will probably use it in her rallies.

Senator Claire McCaskill (who voted for the TPP trade deal, and is also a democratic corporate whore) was on cable news putting in her old and tired and worthless two cents by saying Dr. Song called Hillary Clinton a whore.

She and all the corporate media whores, and all the other democratic corporate whores — including Hillary Clinton and her slimy husband (which Dr. Song respects) — can all take take the FU train. If they are offended by the word "whore", they should be much more offended by all the 45,000 people that needlessly die each year because they don't have proper healthcare.


  1. I suspect there won’t be very many Bernie supporters at the debate tonight because it’s being hosted by CNN (and they'll distribute all 1,100 tickets). This morning the media hosts on CNN were asking their guests — Sen. Jeff Merkley (who endorsed Sanders), DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman, and Bernie's wife, Jane Sanders — about Dr. Song’s remarks. Not one of those people had probably even heard about it until they were ambushed with the question during their CNN interview, so why were they even asked about it? Because that’s how those corporate media whores operate. You saw how the New York Daily News recently treated Bernie Sanders ... and they’ll be participating in the debate tonight.

  2. FULL EVENT: Washington Square Park (4-13-16)

    Dr. Paul Song

    Other speakers included: Spike Lee, Rosario Dawson, Linda Sarsour, Tim Robbins, and Graham Nash.

    50 minutes later...

    Senator Bernie Sanders

  3. I’ve heard about “corporate Democratic whores” ALL DAY LONG on both CNN and MSNBC --------------------------NON-STOP.

    But on Fox News I also learned there was an earthquake in Japan and lots of other stuff. I think Fox News mentioned “corporate Democratic whores” once. They don’t care as much about the Democrat’s race...

    Whereas, on CNN and MSNBC, they can't stop ragging Bernie for one minute (except during commercial breaks). It’s incredible! They were never very nice to him before, but starting right after the Wisconsin election, they really turned up the heat up on him. We always knew they were in the bag for Hillary --- BIG TIME --- but now they’re not even trying to look unbiased now.

    If Chris Matthews started master-baiting his hook, line and sinker over Hillary on national TV, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. Fox News just reported on the Fight for $15 protest marches all across the county! But not a peep from CNN or MSNBC that I saw. (Maybe they're too busy bashing Bernie Sanders.)

    Looks like Fox News wrote off Donald Trump. They're talking about Marco Rubio as Ted Cruz's pick for VP. One of the FoxNews pundits was saying Ted Cruz is "playing the game right" when it comes to collecting delegates. So Democracy is a game now.

  5. Our system of liberal democracy has served us well for a long time. But this system has started to crack and the effects were especially noticeable after the financial crisis of 2008. Some no longer believe that democracy is the best form of government. The number one reason? Democracy now serves vested interests who have manipulated our democratic process.

    In 1947, as a devastated Britain began rebuilding, Winston Churchill stood in Parliament and recited an old line. “Democracy”, he proclaimed, “is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” That may once have been true, but it is true no longer. Singapore offers us a promising new variant to try: government for the people, without the people.

  6. You didn't see this on cable news...

    Sanders leads Clinton nationally 49% to 48%

    --- and this...

    Bernie Sanders's inspiring #fightfor15 video: "We can change the status quo when we think big and have a vision."

  7. Big Hillary Clinton supporter / endorser New York City mayor might be going to prison:

    Bill de Blasio fundraising under investigation

    Bill de Blasio Is Having A Rough Week

    Federal Probe Targeting Bill de Blasio Could Impact Hillary Clinton Campaign

    De Blasio handling corruption scandal like a true scoundrel

    he FBI Is Investigating De Blasio's Fundraising, Too