Friday, April 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton comes unraveled in New York

On March 31, 2016 — about a 15-minute drive south from Hillary Clinton's mansion in Chappaqua, New York — a large group of Bernie Sanders supporters were camped outside SUNY Purchase College in Westchester County where Clinton was about to hold a pep rally. She had about 500 of her supporters at the college campus rally.

SUNY Purchase College in Westchester County

Meanwhile, about 30 miles further south, Bernie Sanders held a campaign rally at St. Mary’s Park in the Bronx, where about 15,000 of his supporters showed up. See the video at the bottom of this post. (Update: It was reported on MSNBC that it was 18,500 people.)

Maestro, some music please...

During her usual cookie-cutter platitudes, a small group of approximately 20 college students interrupted Clinton's campaign speech when she was at one of the most contrived parts of her "sad segment" lecture. The young demonstrators began chanting, "If she wins, we lose. If she wins, we lose" — and then "Bernie! Bernie!"

MSNBC had reported the college protesters as "hecklers".

Then as Clinton laughed them off, her supporters began counter-chanting, "I'm with her! I'm with her! I'm with her!"

As the peaceful protestors were leaving, Clinton unleashed a tirade of visceral contempt and disdain at the young people as she turned visibly angry and began shouting at them: "I have earned 9 million votes in this election already! I have one million more votes than Donald Trump! And I have 2½ million more votes than Bernie Sanders!"

Then her supporters began chanting, "Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!"

That's when Clinton began to chastised the protesters in a condescending and mocking tone for not wanting to listen to her usual campaign excrement of cattle: "What I regret is, they don't want to hear the contrasts between MY experience, MY plans, MY vision — what I know I can get done, and what my opponent is promising!"

Of course, Bernie Sanders has never "promised" anybody anything; he only offers the American people hope by thinking big and outside the box. Hillary offers nothing but empty rhetoric, lies and more of the same stale "ideas" and failed "plans" — the same ole, same ole that we've had for decades.

But yet Clinton, her surrogates, her wealthy campaign donors, her media shills and her political hacks always falsely claim that Bernie Sanders is always making promises that he can't keep — like a typical establishment politician usually does when pandering for votes.

What Bernie usually says is, that as a "President Sanders", he can't do anything alone, and that it would take a grassroots movement of millions of people to create a political revolution to change America and make the economy work for everyone, and not just for a handful of billionaires.

Also, after her pathetic rally, a very frustrated Clinton had also lost her limited patience with a Greenpeace activist, who had asked Clinton whether she'd reject any future fossil fuel money moving forward. While pointing her finger into the activist's face (Eva Resnick-Day), a very angry Clinton screamed: "I am so sick — I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I'm sick of it!"

It might appear that the pressure of the presidential campaign, her falling numbers in the polls, and Bernie Sanders latest landslide victories in several States — all combined — may have taken a toll on a worn-down Clinton, because lately, she appears as though she's been coming unglued.

But there was one positive side, as Clinton’s campaign event did hold some nostalgia for the former first lady and Secretary of State, who had formally launched her Senate campaign on the SUNY Purchase College campus back in February 2000 (See my post: Hillary Clinton's New York Campaign Scandal)

But judging by her angry display yesterday, she definitely seems like she's Feeling the Bern.

Here is Bernie Sanders's rally in South Bronx, New York. Just when you thought a Bernie Sanders rally couldn't get any better, then it does. Rosario Dawson opened with an awesome speech (she made laugh and made me cry); and then she introduced Spike Lee (who just made me laugh). Then a Puerto Rican musician (René Pérez "Residente" of "Calle 13") came on (who was awesome too), who then introduced Bernie, our next president.


  1. UPDATE:

    Bernie Sanders’ campaign spokesman Michael Briggs issued the following statement on Thursday after Hillary Clinton said she was “sick of the Sanders’ campaign lying about” contributions she received from the fossil fuel industry:

  2. UPDATE:

    MSNBC (on Morning Joe) reports that Bernie had a crowd of 18,500 in the Bronx.

  3. "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

  4. Bernie Sanders does much better with Independents than both Clinton and Trump — combined! But New York has a closed primary and is not open to Independents. This is the case in many States, and why the primary process is also rigged, because there are more people nationally who identify as Independent, more so that Democrat or Republican. Bernie Sanders is an Independent, but is running in the Democratic primary — because running as a third party candidate in a corrupt two-party system is almost impossible. To vote for Bernie, swallow that awful tasting pill and register as a Democrat.

  5. Democratic strategist: “She wants to pivot to the general, but she wants to do it without looking presumptuous about the primaries.” Aides also say, however, that targeting Trump energizes the base and undermines Sanders by sending a signal to rank-and-file Democrats that she is prepared to take on Trump in the general election.

    Recently Clinton has directly criticized Sanders. In a speech in Harlem on Wednesday, she dinged him for voting with the National Rifle Association, said he is making foreign policy an “afterthought” and called him a “single-issue candidate.”

    “My opponent and I share many of the same goals,” Clinton said. “But some of his ideas for how to get there won’t pass. Others just won’t work, because the numbers just don’t add up.”

  6. New York Daily News

    Bernie Sanders getting under Hillary Clinton’s skin

    Sanders is costing Clinton significant time, money and political capital. His victories in recent Western caucuses underscored her weaknesses among younger and white working-class voters, important elements of the Democratic coalition.

    The Clintons are even more annoyed that Sanders' approach seems to be rallying — and keeping — young voters by his side.
    He's favored in the Wisconsin primary Tuesday.

    Sanders is drawing sizable crowds in New York, attracting 18,500 to rally in the South Bronx on Thursday. A victory in that state, which Clinton represented for two terms in the Senate, would deal a significant psychological blow to her campaign, rattling Democrats already worried about her high national disapproval ratings.

  7. UPDATE!!!

    Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton in 3 Simple Charts.

  8. Big Hillary Clinton supporter / endorser New York City mayor might be going to prison:

    Bill de Blasio fundraising under investigation

    Bill de Blasio Is Having A Rough Week

    Federal Probe Targeting Bill de Blasio Could Impact Hillary Clinton Campaign

    De Blasio handling corruption scandal like a true scoundrel

    he FBI Is Investigating De Blasio's Fundraising, Too

  9. New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio and wife are liars and pimps for Democratic corporate whores.

    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made $231,145 last year. Bernie Sanders wants to lift the cap for Social Security taxes from $118,500 to $250,000 to expand Social Security and shore up the trust fund. That's why Bill de Blasio won't vote for Bernie Sanders.

    Hillary Clinton doesn't want to lift the cap because shes say she doesn't want to raise taxes on "the middle-class". Members of Congress make $174,000 a year, so Hillary Clinton doesn't want to raise their taxes either. That's why Bill de Blasio supports Hillary Clinton.

    Wage data from Social Security shows 92% of wage earners make less than $174,000 a year — and 98.8% make less that $250,000 a year. To Hillary Clinton, that's "middle-class".

    In 2008 Obama wanted to raise this cap too, but Hillary didn't ... because she wants to "break the barriers" and make us "whole again" because "the system shouldn't be rigged to just benefit those at the top".

    50% of wage earners make LESS than $28,851 a year

    This morning Bill de Blasio's wife is on CNN with Wolf Blitzer pimping for Hillary Clinton — saying we need a "progressive" president — while lying about Bernie Sanders.



  10. Two articles on the NY vote fraud: