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MSNBC Poll Shows Bernie Sanders "Most Qualified"

That's very odd, coming from MSNBC.

MSNBC poll Bernie Sanders

There was the media-generated "controversy" of Bernie Sanders saying Hillary Clinton wasn't qualified to be president — and the media has been relentlessly pounding this non-issue over and over and over again — and the media has been consistently asking Bernie to defend his remark — which he already has, several times — but yet, he keeps getting asked again and again.

MSNBC's online poll asks, who is the most qualified to be president, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? With over 82,000 votes to date, Bernie has 89% of the vote.

It’s also odd, because like most of these other online polls, I’m pretty sure MSNBC's poll only represents mostly younger voters with iPhones (unlike the corporate-sponsored surveys, which also relies on landline phones) as Hillary’s supporters are usually older, upper income people — and they probably have other more " grown up things" to do, like working at important full-time jobs, such CEOs ( etc.) — and so, they don’t bother to vote in these online polls.

But if you watch MSNBC, none of their media pundits will mention this poll. But Bernie is right, Hillary Clinton IS NOT qualified to be president. But MSNBC doesn't want you to know this, because then we might vote for Bernie Sanders — and he would raise taxes on the corporate media, eliminate their offshore tax havens, and tax their multi-millionaire CEOs and talking heads.

If you ever watch MSNBC (or CNN or Fox News), it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to see how biased they've have been in the presidential primary elections. They are not just "reporting" news, they are actively trying to influence public opinion to get voters to vote for candidates that best benefit their corporations.

Naturally, Fox News favors a Republican candidate, because they would all cut taxes to cut government spending (except for Defense spending); so that goes without saying, and is already common knowledge.

Whereas CNN and MSNBC is known as the "liberal mainstream media" — but they are only liberal on social issues, not on economic issues. To see truly liberal or progressive issues being discussed, one would have to go online to a website like The Young Turks. As a matter of fact, here's one recent interview they had with Bernie Sanders.

MSNC fired all their more progressive pundits (like Ed Schultz, right after he interviewed Bernie Sanders), while keeping all those who towed the corporate line. Rachel Maddow has been less progressive in her reporting, maybe for fear of also being fired. Cenk Uygur, a host at Young Turks, was one of the hosts at MSNBC who was forced to resigned for being too progressive.

Then you also have MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell, who used to describe himself as a Socialist (with a capital "S"), but he is still at MSNBC — and is also bashing Bernie Sanders (who is a democratic socialist with a small "s"). And like Rachel, he has also been dutifully towing the corporate line as well — and not at all the outspoken "rebel" he once used to be. Now he's just a shell of his former self. It's pathetic.

Lately, ever since Bernie Sanders won the State of Wisconsin's Democratic primary — and ever since the Clinton campaign has been deploying the new strategy against Bernie of "Disqualify him, defeat him, and unify the party later" — MSNBC has been especially critical of Bernie Sanders; even more so now than before (almost 24/7 now) — because the very important New York primary election is coming up soon. And MSNBC wants Hillary Clinton to be the next president.

Every time Bernie Sanders is interviewed on MSNBC (like he was by Chuck Todd as I wrote this), you could see the hostility these MSNBC hosts have for Bernie — by the hyper-aggressive questions they ask him, and by the type of video clips they play back to ask him to comment on.

MSNBC pundit Joan Walsh was making her usual "Bernie is a sexist" remarks as well. MSNBC has also had far many more pro-Hillary guests/pundits than those who were pro-Bernie. It's been so obvious that any reasonable, bi-partisan and objective person can't help but notice this — it's been that obvious. If paid people in the media are making endorsements for presidents, how "objective" can their "news" be?

Joy ReidThis morning Joy Reid on MSNBC aired a 15-second sound bite of Bernie Sanders at the Apollo Theater in New York City responding to Bill Clinton's remarks to #BlackLivesMatter while Clinton was in Philadelphia.

That same clip was repeated over and over several times this morning on other shows on MSNBC, followed by pro-Hillary pundits being critical of Bernie Sanders.

If Black voters in the South (or anywhere else) only had cable TV, and they could only see what MSNBC (or CNN) chose to report, that's all they might have heard. But if they have access to YouYube, they can watch the entire "community conversation" at the Apollo Theater in New York City with Spike Lee, Harry Belafonte, Erica Garner and Nina Turner. (Which was awesome, by the way.)

MSNBC (which is owned by Comcast, and whose VP held a fundraiser for and donated money to Hillary Clinton's campaign) is deliberately trying to influence the election by selectively cherry-picking what they air, and taking many of Bernie's remarks out of context. About 30 minutes later Joy Reid aired the same clip again, and this time had on Al Sharpton and E.J. Dionne to criticize Bernie Sanders again.

MSNBC has been reporting like the company (Comcast) was a direct arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign — and even more so lately (almost 24/7), because of Bernie Sanders's recent election victories — and because of the upcoming election in New York. MSNBC, just like CNN, is a very corrupt media corporation. (Maybe the FCC and FEC under Obama should investigate.

Yesterday Joy Reid was very aggressive in her questioning with Bernie Sander's advisor Tad Devine, and then afterwards had on some pro-Clinton surrogates. MSNBC has been very critical of Sanders — while being very respectful of Hillary Clinton — in their attempt to sway voters to vote for Hillary Clinton.

To her credit, Joy Reid is not just your average slimy media talking head; she is a very skilled and knowledgeable debater — and that makes her a very good tool for MSNBC, and for the corporate media in general. I'm sure she gets paid a lot of money for her talents. Many cable news hosts are multi-millionaires — just Google their name followed by "net worth".

MSNBC is OVERLOADING their air time with pro-Hillary pundits and supporters. Today (right after Bernie Sanders was on), they had on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was praising Hillary, while writing Bernie off as "unqualified", but not using those words, just like Hillary had done previously. Last Friday MSNBC had on Bill de Blasio's wife, who claimed Hillary was "progressive" — as opposed to being a moderate/centrist/Third Way/New pro-corporate Democrat — like those that now already dominates Congress.(Any progressive knows Hillary is NOT progressive, but is only selling herself as one because Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are both popular AND progressive. Hillary is a phony.)

Bill youngPoliticians write laws. They also right the rules for political parties. If elections are rigged, so are the laws. Example: Trade deals and the tax code that benefit the rich.Bill older

In 2008 Hillary Clinton didn't like superdelegates. In 2016 she does. If a politician or media pundit on MSNBC (or CNN) tries to convince you that it's YOU who voted for superdelegates or un-bound delegates, what they're telling you is, because you voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 to be the President, you were also voting in 1992 for Bill Clinton to be a superdelegate in 2016.

Are these elections RIGGED or what? Hill yes they are! And so are the tax laws and trade deals.

Most of these people in the media that we see on our TVs are in the top 1% (they party with movie stars and politicians at the White House Correspondence Dinner) — they are the rich scratching the rich's back, so of course they are advocating against their audience, the rest of us in the bottom 99% — and Bernie Sanders, because Bernie would raise their tax rates and raise the cap for Social Security taxes and expand benefits; meaning these wealthy media pundits would pay more in taxes if Bernie is elected. The media talking heads and the media CEOs don't need to expand Social Security benefits, because they are doing just fine already.

Also, there's this — from one of my mini-blogs at Twitter....

Medicare for All vs Obamacare

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