Monday, April 4, 2016

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow no longer hides her Corporate Piggery

The skanky corporate media was at it again, having a female talking head trying to invoke women's fears by implying that a vote for Bernie Sanders could jeopardize a woman's right to choose — and possibly revoke the civil rights of gays. It was really over the top this time. And she was so sneaky about it too, meaning, as a corporate shill, she was doing a great job!

Rachel Maddow

Tonight on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow had on as a guest Yamiche Alcindor, the co-author of a recent New York Times article titled: "Early Missteps Seen as a Drag on Bernie Sanders’s Campaign".

But just preceding her appearance, Maddow told us about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's choice for a new State Supreme Court judge, a woman who was radically anti-choice, anti-birth control and anti-gay.

Then Maddow reminded us that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were running in the Wisconsin Democratic primary tomorrow; and Maddow tried to tie the election to a remark Hillary Clinton had made earlier about her being a (real) life-time Democrat, and how important it was for us to elect Democrats all up and down at the state level — because they make most of the day-to-day choices that we have to live with every day ... (ALERT!!! because we know Maddow was also implying, through clever but deceptive nuance) "...and on such things like abortions, birth control and gay rights!"

Then Maddow goes on to explain that Bernie Sanders isn't really a Democrat, that he's an Independent (an "other", someone different, not one of us), and he doesn't raise money for the Democrat Party to get Democrats elected the way Hillary does with her fundraisers, so ... (ALERT!!! because we know Maddow was also implying, through clever but deceptive nuance) "...if you don't elect Hillary and vote for Bernie, the Republicans could take over at the State level and take away a woman's right to choose, birth control and gay rights!"

Then Maddow had her guest Yamiche Alcindor on to comment, thinking she might bash Bernie, but instead, she basically said that the term "Independent" is really in name only, and that Bernie Sanders has always voted with Democrats the whole time he was in Congress. (Poor Rachel Maddow. She seemed devastated that she didn't get a real juicy and nasty sound bite from her about Senator Bernie Sanders. Poo! Poo!)

There was also some mention about, after the campaign, Bernie would also help raise money for Democrats — even though the Democrats have treated him like cow excrement, just like Rachel Maddow and the rest of the media has done. And then they expect us to vote for Hillary if she becomes the nominee? (Ya' gotta be $hittin' me!)

Many years ago Bernie Sanders co-founded a coalition of lawmakers in Congress called the Progressive Caucus, whose 70 members hold the same views on abortion, birth control and gay rights. If Bernie was to raise money, it shouldn't be for the establishment pro-corporate pro-Wall Street pro-media Democrats, but for Progressives up and down the ladder on the local, State and federal level.

Rachel Maddow is no "journalist". She's an expensive pimp for MSNBC, owned by Comcast, who supports the pro-Wall Street Hillary Clinton. Maddow doesn't even try to hide that fact any more. She's like a slave to her lack of ethics, and has to tow the corporate line like a media tramp to get that big paycheck every two weeks — either that, or be fired from her cozy job in New York City, just like Ed Schultz was after he dared to criticize Hillary Clinton about the TPP trade deal on his very last show when Bernie Sanders was his guest.

Rachel Maddow can kiss my big dumb @ss, because I'm so damn stupid, I never knew she was lying to me and trying to influence public opinion and the election to help elect "THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT".

Shame on me for not doing my research!


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  2. Clinton, who has long been pro-choice and has called for protecting Roe v. Wade, on Sunday drew criticism from both sides of the abortion debate after she said an ‘unborn person’ doesn’t have constitutional rights.

  3. The Slate:

    Hillary Clinton: I'm a Loyal Democrat. (Hint, Hint.)

    Clinton: “I will campaign to elect Democrats at every level ... I’m the only candidate in this race who’s pledged to raise money to help build our party. I want to be your partner for the long haul—not just when I’m on the ballot, not just in an election year.”

    Do primary voters really care about how loyal their candidates are to a party structure? Not necessarily. Exhibit A would be Sanders’ slight polling lead in Wisconsin at the moment. But if Sanders is going to try and sway Clinton’s superdelegates—a necessity if he’s going to win the nomination—he’s going to have to break a lot of relationships the Clintons have forged with party officials over the years. Clinton’s speech Saturday was a reminder of all those relationships, of the meticulous care required to build and maintain them. Sanders’ speech was a reminder of how little he likes the scrabbly routines of intraparty politics.

    [* The establishment Democratic Party]

  4. Yes, she's a total corporate shill now!! I couldn't believe how she trashed Sanders and elevated Clinton so dishonestly. She's also super self-indulgent with exorbitantly long setups to stories. She still provides "some" valuable information, but it's nearly impossible to watch her for more than a few short minutes, as she bounces off the walls with wild gesturing, shouting and crazy outbursts of laughter. (Manic depression?? Needing medication??) I suppose some of her seven million dollar annual salary is spent on wiping the search engines clean of criticism about her, as well. I can find virtually nothing aside from your much appreciated blog. Thank you!!!!

    1. Thanks. But now she and all of CNN (Time Warner) and MSNBC (Comcast) is doing the same thing with Trump. It's no wonder that he (and Bernie Sanders) can't stand the corporate media. The pro-TPP media has their own agenda and represents THEIR best interests, not ours.

      "Noam Chomsky and Media Control"