Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Bernie Sanders Ad: "The Sound of Sanders"

Awesome new ad by New York Progressives, beginning with the very end of Bernie Sanders's closing statement during the 9th Democratic debate in Brooklyn New York. Because of all the cheering and chants of "Bernie!", Hillary Clinton had to wait 30 seconds to make her closing statement. (a very creative and moving ad).

In other Bernie News

While in St. Mary’s Park in the South Bronx for a Bernie Sanders rally last Thursday, actress Rosario Dawson spoke on why she supports Bernie Sanders: "He doesn't have the benefit of superPACs or being a household name or a brand name. He just has us and his message, which has been consistent for decades."

Dawson was asked: "What about the TV networks that say that Bernie Sanders can't get the support of communities of color?"

Dawson laughs, then looks briefly behind her at the more than 16,000 people gathered behind her and says, "Well, that's obviously ridiculous!"

Rosario Dawson St. Mary’s Park in the South Bronx New York

Clooney Tunes

Bernie Sanders supporters protested outside yet another George Clooney-hosted Hillary Clinton fundraiser this weekend. About 100 Sanders supporters filled the street outside Clooney's Studio City, California home. Once Clinton's motorcade had arrived, Bernie's supporters held their signs high, while some supporters showered Clinton's motorcade with dollar-bills, a jab at Clinton's very close relationship with Wall Street.

But George Clooney’s next door neighbor held his own fundraiser — to benefit Bernie Sanders. Howard Gold, whose family founded the "99 Cents Only" store chain, called his bash the “99% Party” — with tickets selling for $27 per person.

Bernie Sanders has called the amount of money that the mega-millionaire George Clooney has been raising "obscene". Clooney (fearing a boycott) was later interviewed, and explained that he agreed, that all the money in campaign finance is obscene — and that's why he's raising money for Hillary Clinton — to get Democrats elected who will get money out of campaign finance. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! (Why do rich people always think poor people are stupid? Or maybe there's just a lot of stupid rich people. That's scary!)

Boycott George Clooney

How Disgusting is Hillary Clinton? Very!

Bernie Sanders family photo

Bernie Sanders has one son named is Levi, and he has three adopted grandchildren from China. When Bernie Sanders married his second wife, Jane, she already had three children of their own — and those children now have four children of their own. But Bernie Sanders considers all seven as his own grandchildren (as anyone would), even though he’s not related to them by blood. Bernie always refers to them as his "extraordinary grandchildren."

Hillary Clinton has one daughter named Chelsea, who has a baby daughter named Charlotte. In an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, while Clinton was outlining her policies, she said:

"And I guess at the end of the day, for me, you know, people talk about their extraordinary grandchildren — but I actually have one — and we're going to do everything we can to give her [Clinton's grandchild] opportunities."

Media Bias

Media lovefest for Hillary Clinton

Do you ever wonder why the major media like the cable news stations such as MSNBC and CNN are always slobbering over Hillary Clinton and bashing Bernie Sanders? Entire media industry has donated to Clinton Foundation — they want her because Bernie was raise their taxes and audit their offshore tax havens.

Rocky Mountain Ties

In 2005, the rock band "Big Head Todd and the Monsters" released the song Blue Sky. The song was used as Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign song in 2008 — and also in the introduction of Clinton on her keynote address to the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

On April 7, 2016 the band performed at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Denver Colorado at the home of Gov. John Hickenlooper — another slimy superdelegate who has endorsed Clinton. The appearance was her first trip to Colorado since losing by nearly 20 percentage points to Bernie Sanders on March 1st — but yet, Clinton still got most of 12 superdelegates (who are democratic corporate whores that will go to the DNC convention to support her).

The top donor level for the fundraiser is $27,000 in bundled contributions, and includes a special reception and photo with the Madame Clinton (as well as an invitation to the campaign's Finance Leadership Summit on April 20 in New York.)

During the Denver fundraiser her campaign team used a static noise machine to block reporters outside from hearing her remarks. The device was placed inside of a fence on the property and aimed in the direction of the press after the band finished playing and before Clinton spoke.

The Clinton campaign frequently uses noise to prevent reporters from overhearing her remarks. Often, while Clinton is shaking hands with voters at campaign events, staff will crank up music to prevent reporters from recording their conversations (A slew of comments on Twitter are here)

Press-free fundraisers were an issue of contention in the 2012 presidential elections, when transparency advocates took both then-Republican nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama to task for barring reporters from private events, or portions of events. (The Clinton campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

FYI: In 1972, the Allman Brothers Band recorded their son Blue Sky for their third studio album titled "Eat a Peach".

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    Secretary Hillary Clinton approved $120 million of Sandy Hook gunmaker sales in the year of the massacre.