Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sanders vs. Clinton in 3 Simple Charts

The 3 charts below (for New York, California and nationally) are from the Huffpost Pollster, which combine the latest opinion polls — and are updated whenever a new poll is released.

This is how Bernie Sanders (a relatively unknown Independent congressman from Vermont) has gained on Hillary Clinton — a world famous Democrat for the past 25 years.

New York: Currently tracking 8 polls from 5 pollsters (Clinton up 1.9% — Sanders up 37.6%)

New York Democratic Primary

California: Currently tracking 10 polls from 6 pollsters (Clinton down 10.2% — Sanders up 38%)

California Democratic Primary

Nationally: Currently tracking 310 polls from 32 pollsters (Clinton down 12.5% — Sanders up 39.4%)

National Democratic Primary

Do you see a pattern here?

10 Very Important Points the Democratic Super-Delegates Should Consider First before the Democratic Convention:

  • Point #1) Notice the continuous and steady upward climb for Bernie Sanders in ALL polls as the primary moves forward to the July convention, as voters get to know him better.
  • Point #2) Many of those who might have voted for Hillary Clinton in earlier primaries can change their mind and vote for Bernie Sanders in the general election.
  • Point #3) Many Independents can't vote in closed primaries (like they can in a general election), and Independents overwhelmingly favor Bernie Sanders over both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined (And many more people vote in the general election than they do in the primaries.)
  • Point #4) No amount of spin from Hillary Clinton, her campaign, her surrogates, or from the pro-Clinton pundits on MSNBC and CNN can change the fact that Bernie Sanders has REAL momentum and REAL enthusiasm for his campaign.
  • Point #5) Bernie Sanders beats all Republican candidates, and by wider margins than Hillary Clinton (some polls actually show Clinton losing to Ted Cruz).
  • Point #6) A Wall Street Journal polls shows that 33% of Bernie Sanders' supporters will not vote for Hillary Clinton if she becomes the Democratic nominee.
  • Point #7) Many Republican voters, who dislike Trump and would never vote for either him or Clinton, would vote for Sanders.
  • Point #8) While the FBI's investigation (that Hillary Clinton always insists on calling a "security review") may not amount to anything, there's always a possibility it could not bode well for the Democratic Party up and down the line in other elections.
  • Point #9) All those super-delegates who pledged their votes early to Hillary Clinton may want to reconsider all this, otherwise, we could end up with a President Donald Trump or a President Ted Cruz.
  • Point #10) If in doubt, please look at those 3 charts again.

Hypothetically speaking, if all the super-delegates cast their votes for Bernie right now, he'd be way ahead of Hillary. But after the last vote is counted in Washington DC on June 14, and if all the superdelegates from states where Bernie has won will vote for him (like former Governor Howard Dean), Bernie may not even need any more delegates to "officially" win the Democratic nomination in July — especially if he can win California in a landside, which will also give the good people in my home state a chance to redeem themselves after voting for Hillary in 2008 ;)

President Donald Trump


  1. P.S. Look at those those charts one more time.

  2. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the elections in these 4 States were held today, Bernie would have won them too.

    H. Clinton 49.9%
    B. Sanders 49.6%

    H. Clinton 50.1%
    B. Sanders 48.7%

    H. Clinton 50.3%
    B. Sanders 48.9%

    H. Clinton 49.6%
    B. Sanders 49.4%

  3. P.S. Bernie might have won Nevada too, if my slimy Senator wouldn't have rigged the election:

  4. UPDATE: //////////////////////

    Latest California poll from Field Research Corp (April 8, 2016) shows Bernie Sander's only 6 points behind Hillary Clinton (47% to 41%)

    According to Field Research Corp, on January 6, 2016 Clinton led Sander by 11 points.

    According to Field Research Corp, on October 7, 2015 Clinton led Sanders by 12 points

    According to Field Research Corp, on May 22, 2015 Clinton led Sanders by 48 points

    Field Research Corporation
    601 California Street, Suite 210
    San Francisco, CA 94108-2814
    (415) 392-5763 FAX: (415) 434-2541

    29 super-delegates switched allegiance during the contentious fight between then Sen. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2008 (28 switched to Obama and 1 switched to Hillary).

  5. The Missing New York Daily News Cover

  6. UPDATE: If you will notice, after the New York Daily Daily News came out with that slanderous cover of Bernie Sanders in April, his polling took a dip. No accident. The Daily News, like most of the corporate media, is very pro-Hillary.

  7. New Quinnipiac University Poll is very telling . . .

    The poll was based on 860 "likely New York Democratic primary voters" by calling land lines and cell phones (I never answer my phone unless caller ID shows someone I know.)

    The new poll shows that Black voters (just like in the South) continue to vote against the best interests of white working-class voters in the North. With a 65-28 percent lead among black voters, Hillary Clinton tops Bernie Sanders.

    Among all New York's likely Democratic primary voters, Clinton leads Sanders 53-40 (New York's strict voting laws will exclude many Independents from voting in the primary, and Independents usually favor Sanders.)

    Older voters (those over 55 and usually with higher incomes) who already have their pensions and Social Security benefits locked up, voted against younger voters by supporting Hillary Clinton (because they aren't first-time job seekers working for $7.25 an hour). Primary voters 18 to 44 years back Bernie Sanders (because they want a future to believe in.)

    Clinton leads with women who only want a "first woman president", while men (who usually vote on the issues and the honesty of a candidate) are evenly divided between Clinton and Sanders.

    Clinton leads 53-37 percent in New York City (were the bankers and the highest income earners reside); but Clinton leads by narrower margins in the suburbs. Upstate New Yorkers (where average working-class families live) are evenly divided between Clinton and Sanders.

  8. Joe Scarborough (Morning Joe | MSNBC) "Democratic Primary System Rigged Against VotersZ"