Thursday, May 12, 2016

Media blames Sanders for Trump's attacks on Clinton

Andrea Mitchell (net worth $5 million) is a host on MSNBC, which is owned by Comcast, which is being accused of violating net neutrality. Andrea Mitchell is also the wife of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (net worth $10 million). Andrea Mitchell recently blamed Bernie Sanders for staying in the Democratic race as a reason for all of Donald Trump's mean attacks against poor Hillary Clinton. Last year Bernie Sanders had come to Andrea Mitchell's aide when she was being mobbed by an unruly crowd of reporters — and this was how she paid him back....

The full interview is here at YouTube.  A partial transcript below. For more about the corrupt connection between Comcast (MSNBC) and the Democratic Party, see my post here.

ANDREA MITCHELL: But isn't the bottom line about you versus Hillary Clinton and who would be the stronger candidate that she is now fighting a war on two fronts? She’s getting beaten up by Donald Trump on a daily basis. Aside from him calling you “crazy Bernie” in his tweet, he has been embracing you, he is building you up. He likes the fact that you’re taking her down. So she's fighting Donald Trump, she’s fighting Bernie Sanders. And that’s depressing her overall...

BERNIE SANDERS: One second, one second. Andrea – no, I don't accept – I don’t except that proposition. Last I heard, Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States. I am running for President of the United States. Trump is running for President of the United States. And what a candidate does is make his or her best case to the American people. I have gotten attacked and attacked and attacked. My record has been misinterpreted and lied about. The issue of this campaign is to go out to the American people and talk about why the American people are working – are struggling. Hillary Clinton has got to make that case, Trump has got to make that case, Sanders has got to make that case. And that's what we intend to do. And I know...

MITCHELL: I’m just saying that...

SANDER: Yeah, I’m sorry.

MITCHELL: I’m just saying that – Sir, I’m just saying that Hillary Clinton’s – the opposition to her, the negatives against her have been built up by Donald Trump just hammering away at her and, up until now at least, he has not been going after you as much. She’s fighting two big candidates and you’re fighting one.

SANDERS: Andrea, Andrea – oh, really? Really? Andrea, in every state that we have won, in 19 states, we have had to take on the entire Democratic establishment. We've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of Congress. That’s what we have taken on. So please do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton's problems. I'm in this race to win. We're taking on the Democratic establishment, we are standing up for working people, and we have a shot. It is a steep hill to climb, but we're going to fight for every last vote that we can get, every delegate that we can get. And that’s what I intend to do in the next month, five weeks.

MITCHELL: Well, I don think I was moaning about Hillary Clinton's problems, but just to point out, let me play a little bit of Donald Trump on Morning Joe and ask you to react.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, Bernie Sanders has a message that's interesting. I'm going to be taking a lot of the things that Bernie said and using them. He said some things about her that are actually surprising, you know, that essentially she has no right to even be running and that she’s got bad judgment. When he said “bad judgment,” I said, “sound bite.”

MITCHELL: So if you do...

SANDERS: Well, if Donald Trump...

MITCHELL: I’m just saying, if you do lose are you giving him the weapons against her?

SANDERS: Well, if Donald Trump wants to take my ideas and fight for a single-payer health care program, wants to fight to make sure that the wealthiest people in this country like Donald Trump start paying their fair share of taxes, wants to make sure that we have paid family and medical leave, raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, if that's what Donald Trump is supporting, I think that's a good thing, and I hope Hillary Clinton does that as well. But, frankly, of course, that is not what Trump will be saying. The point is, when you run for President the United States you’ve got to make your case to the American people. And in fact, as you well know, there are many areas that I could have attacked Hillary Clinton on that I have chosen not to attack her on. What I have done is run an issue-oriented campaign, that is what the American people want. And by the way, when you have a real debate about real issues, when you get more and more people involved in the political process, it results in a higher voter turnout. Democrats will win in November, whether it's Clinton or myself as the candidate, when there is a high voter turnout. Republicans win when there is a low voter turnout. I think a vigorous debate, an honest debate about the real issues facing the American people, will result in a higher voter turnout, which is good for Democrats.

Andrea Mitchell then went on to ask Bernie Sanders about what he thought about Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton an "enabler" because she had allowed her husband Bill to cheat on her for all those years and never left him. Instead, Hillary Clinton had attacked the women who had accused Bill of sexual assault or who had admitted to having affairs with him. Bernie said he'd rather to stay focused on the issues, and that Trump and the media can deal with that aspect of Hillary Clinton's life.


  1. when it comes to absurdity this campaign has it locked up...

    here is the most honest politician in my lifetime to run for president (turn 50 this year) and you have bullshit accusations thrown at that politician from every main stream media outlet.

    What little, very very little,(if any, i haven't listened to every speech or ad by MR Sanders) Bernie may have said about HRC's personal life or what have you,

    the donald would have said whether Bernie was is in the race or not. To blame that line of attack on Bernie just shows how much the lame stream media is in the bag for the Clintons.

    its fucking disgusting and i will not vote for HRD or DT. I registered to vote as a democrat in CT to cast a vote for Bernie.

    The DNC needs to recognize i am not a democrat period.

    1. Completely agree. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances.

  2. This woman NAILS IT in this 20 minute rant. The media deliberately installed Trump ... and not just for media ratings. A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah she does! seen her before. True progressives are pissed b/c we know this nomination was stolen from the beginning.

    Trump doesn't need Bernie to do his opposition research so that line by the lame stream media that Bernie is giving Trump ammo is complete bullshit.

    Also, just look at Bernie's rallies. This 74 year old Democratic Socialist from Vermont is like a god damn rock star. The MSM must be shitting themselves with fear which is why his huge rally in sacramento got no coverage. Maybe HRC can fill a room with 200 wall street bankers, who knows.

    This country is very, very sick ... close to a goddamned failed state in many regions of the country and Bernie is the only candidate with a vision to turn it around.

    best regards

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself. I just tweeted this: