Sunday, May 1, 2016

Quick note to Cenk Uygur - The Young Turks

Regarding your post at CNBC: The revolution is not over: How Bernie Sanders can still win (posted April 29, 2016), you write:

So, what would constitute a deeply flawed or hobbled candidate? How about one that just got indicted? That's not me, or any other Sanders supporter, rooting for an indictment; that's just acknowledging the reality that it might happen. A dozen FBI agents aren't investigating this issue for their health. For Clinton supporters who adamantly deny that it can ever happen, I have a simple question—how do you know?

First of all, I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I for one AM rooting for an indictment. But no matter; if it were a dozen agents or a 1,000 agents on the case, it's doesn't matter, it's all for show (not to mention, a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.)

But here's how I know for sure that Hillary Clinton will never be indicted — ever — for anything.

The head of the FBI (James Comey) answers to the U.S. Attorney General (Loretta Lynch), who answers to President Obama. Hillary Clinton was Obama's Secretary of State, so it's not hard to imagine that Clinton knows exactly what's going on with the FBI's "security review" — and has every reason to be confident that she won't be indicted on that "much-ado-about-nothing" scandal concerning her private email server.

Even if Clinton didn't "technically" break any laws as of yet, if the FBI ever officially questioned her, she couldn't help but lie to them (like Martha Stewart) — because that's just a Clinton's nature. The entire Clinton family lies (they lied about Senator Bernie Sanders.)

So in one scenario, if one rouge FBI agent were to ever arrest Hillary Clinton for something, Loretta Lynch would have any and all charges immediately dropped — and there would be no perp walk with CNN, Fox News and MSNBC news teams notified in advance. It will all be quietly handled behind the scene.

And if not, and in a worse case scenario for Clinton, if she goes to trial for anything (or she cops a plea bargain), she can be fully pardoned by Obama.

No one believes for one second that no matter how many laws were broken, James Comey will ever charge her for anything. After all, Goldman Sachs was fined $5 billion for fraud, and the CEO didn't spend 1 minute in handcuffs. He's been a guest at the Clinton foundation (as well as Obama) — and Goldman Sachs has contributed to both the foundation and Obama's and Clinton's campaigns.

Obama's previous U.S. Attorney General (Eric Holder) wouldn't prosecute, telling us he feared it could have a negative impact on the world economy (but that Goldman Sachs or any other bank wasn't too big too fail). Holder has known the Clintons for 25 years. He worked in Bill Clinton's administration. He endorsed Hillary for President. Do you really think Hillary Clinton is NOT above the law?

Currently Hillary Clinton is on tract to be James Comey's and Loretta Lynch's new boss (unless Clinton brings in new blood if she's elected President). I will bet you one $225,000 speech given to Goldman Sachs that Hillary Clinton will not be charged for anything at all; and that after she's elected, the entire investigation will be completely swept under the rug. It would be naive to believe otherwise.

Maybe years later, a book will be written about it by a "disgruntled" FBI employee — but the full weight and power of the U.S. government will debunk them and make them look like some wacko conspiracy theorist. Or maybe much worse.

James Comey has neither the power, the political inclination (job security), nor the gonads to have her arrested ... nor anyone else in any other law enforcement agency for that matter. NSA, who eavesdrop on everyone else in the world, had never known about the Clinton's foundation's business with foreign government's or that Hillary Clinton was using a private server? If not, then some heads should roll in NSA as well.

But high up corrupt government officials don't ever get arrested and prosecuted, only politically unconnected whistleblowers do. A corrupt political party (one of two) elected a corrupt administration (no better than Bush's). They are all above the law. Eric Holder is above the law. Oliver North was never charged for anything. Dick Cheney, Spiro Agnew or Richard Nixon were never charged for anything. Bill Clinton pardoned lots of criminals.

And neither will Hillary Clinton ever be charged for anything. When you're that high up in office, or near that office, you're above the law. As the late George Carlin once said, they're all in one big club, and guess what? We're not in it.

@cenkuygur On a personal note to Cenk Uygur: I miss you on MSNBC; without progressive voices like yours, Ed Schultz or Keith Olbermann's, the entire cable news industry (and the BIG 6 media as a whole) is nothing more than a corporate propaganda arm of the corrupt political duopoly we have in this country. I think the interview you had with Bernie Sanders explained this very well. Thanks for everything, and keep up the good work. I leave you with this short video I created. If you'll notice, just like in all the debates, Clinton always mentions Countrywide, Lehman Brothers and AIG — but she never ONCE mentioned the name "Goldman Sachs" — as though the bank never existed.


  1. P.S. Watching you on C-SPAN right now:

    1. Wow, a lot of right-wingers calling in so far.

    2. You were SPOT ON on the TPP trade deal -- Hillary Clinton would renege and "pivot" and "evolve" and "flip-flop" again and pass that bad trade deal.

    3. Wow! You have 10X more viewers online than you had on MSNBC? Wow! I didn't know that...

    4. You gave great answers to all the callers. I was surprised (and sad) that so many people seem so ignorant on the issues and facts.

  2. Some links:

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    Despite Clinton’s claims, the State Department Inspector General, Intelligence Community Inspector General, the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and the House Select Committee on Benghazi are also probing Clinton’s use of a home-brew server, in addition to the FBI.

    Comedians Bill Maher and the late George Carlin explain why millions of Americans have been voting for Hillary Clinton rather than Bernie Sanders.

  3. No Clinton has ever been held "accountable" for anything in their entire life (unless you include a token "impeachment" of Bill); so why would anyone expect Hillary to be charged for having a private email server — or for anything else? It's just plain silly. Maybe if she become President, she can finally exert her wrath on those far-right-wing conspiracy people.

  4. You're probably right, sadly. I did read, however, that Comey said he would resign in protest if Lynch/Obama failed to indict. It didn't appear to be a direct quote though and seemed more like third party info.

    I also read that if they do fail to indict there will be leaks galore from "those in the know". That might be a real possibility. Then she would be tried in the court of public opinion as they say. Would it make a difference? I suppose that would depend on the timing and they don't seem to give one iota of a crap how it affects the election.

    Also I think that enough of her supporters have become so entrenched in the whole every negative thing that's said about Hillary is just another right-wing conspiracy theory that their allegiance to her would just become more solid than ever. They see her as some victim who's endured all their baseless attacks and still stands strong in spite of it all and has done it for them, some champion of the people. They seem incapable of instead simply considering the possibility that all the scandals attached to that couple are of their own making.

    In addition I read they are investigating both Bill and Hillary for allegedly paying the legal fees for Pagliano and the secret server being used to hide foreign money/bribes to the Clinton Foundation. I'd like to see them both behind bars.

    1. When would Comey resign in protest if Lynch/Obama failed to indict ... AFTER the election?