Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Surrogates remain in denial after IG Report on Clinton's Email Server

All the usual suspects (Clinton's hardcore surrogates) were scrambling around like cockroaches all day long trying to do damage control for their presumptive Presidential nominee. They all used the same old talking points and old arguments to put a HUGE spin on Clinton's illegal activities. (When we break "rules", we usually have to pay a fine or spend time in jail).

And this is just ONE investigation (aka "security review"). The FBI has their ongoing investigations as well, which will also include the Clinton's "foundation" (a legal entity used as a S-corporation to launder cash, sometimes for foreign governments.)

Yep, the slime-meisters in the Democratic Party machine are desperately circling their wagons now, and considering just what we know now, it will be a real test of the integrity of Obama's administration (not to mention the entire Democratic Party). If the Democrats were smart, they'd dump Clinton now. But their stupidity and stubbornness is beyond comprehension. And to add insult to injury, they go on cable news and expect us to believe their B.S. as though we had the IQ of a walnut.

Bernie Sanders isn't a "real" Democrat (everybody knows this), so he shouldn't be hurt by this major scandal within the party; but if Hillary is forced out, Joe Biden might be dropped on the voters — and then Bernie will be forced to run as an Independent.

The scope of this one IG report is staggering, but the protests against Trump in New Mexico were still the leading stories on cable news. To watch Clinton's surrogates on CNN and MSNBC trying to explain Clinton's "innocent and harmless rule breaking" was very pathetic (and some of the media pundits also seemed to be downplaying this devastating news for Clinton).

And all the people who voted for Clinton will remain in denial as well (how else would they have voted for her in the first place?)

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  1. Neither Madeleine Albright nor Condoleezza Rice used email for work. Colin Powell didn't have his own private server in the basement of his home; he used an AOL email address for private mail. And when you use a corporate server (just like g-mail) they keep copies of all email on their servers. And Powell's government account was INTRANET not INTERNET.