Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Democratic Primary is Rigged #ExitPollGate

During the 2016 primary, exit polls for the Democratic elections have been wildly inaccurate, while the Republican exits polls have been dead on.

Via Lee Camp: comedian, writer, actor, and activist. Below are edited excerpts from his response to Josh Holland's attack on his story concerning #ExitPollGate:

During the New York primary, Bernie Sanders lost by 16%. But CNN reported Bernie Sanders was losing by 4% according to exit polls. So if these numbers are incorrect, that begs the question why CNN or other news outlets would report them at all. I mean, shouldn’t Josh Holland be writing headlines like, “CNN Reports Wildly Incorrect Exit Poll Numbers”? That sounds like quite the scandal.

There is an exact margin of error. It’s +/-4% according to Edison Research’s website. However, the New York exit polls were off by 12 percent! And many states were equally wildly off. Voting machines in places like Chicago showed that widespread fraud was indeed discovered.

The company Diebold used to run our voting machines until they were indicted by federal prosecutors for worldwide criminal conduct. Certain voting machines are ripe for hacking according to cyber security experts. The 2004 election was indeed stolen for the Republicans as proven by Greg Palast, and that the exit polls showed as much.

We have an election system that was recently rated by a Harvard study as the worst in the Western world for fair elections. Over 50% of America already believes the presidential nominating system is rigged. Richard Charnin and Bob Fitrakis (the author of six books on election integrity) have responded to Josh Holland with some simple facts.

Here is another well-researched article demonstrating election fraud by looking at the exit polls. If the claim that exit polls are all just "wildly off" all the time is true, then they would be WAY off for the GOP primary as well. They aren't — the GOP primary exit polls have been almost dead on.

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#ExitPollGate> Exit Polls for Dem primary have been wildly off, but dead on for GOP primary.



  1. (I first heard about this on FOX -- not sure if CNN or MSNBC reported this. I try to monitor all three cable stations.)

    Donald Trump Tweet:

    What a great evening we had. So interesting that Sanders beat Crooked Hillary. The dysfunctional system is totally rigged against him!

    Donald Trump Tweet:

    I would rather run against Crooked Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders and that will happen because the books are cooked against Bernie!

  2. In Indiana:

    Sanders led front-runner Hillary Clinton by 6 points, with 68 percent of precincts reporting, when networks declared him the winner. But exit polls had Sanders winning by 12 points.

  3. New Proof The NY Primary Was RIGGED! [Truth & Comedy]

  4. This woman NAILS IT in this 20 minute rant. The media deliberately installed Trump ... and not just for media ratings. A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!