Thursday, June 9, 2016

If not Bernie, Trump

Scum seems to be very popular in politics ... all during the Democratic primary I've seen it oozing everywhere, coming out from cracks and out from under slimy rocks. And the major "mainstream" media seems to prefer this flavor of corruption the best.

If not Bernie, Trump

I've always known the Democrats to be corrupt, but less so than the Republicans — the Democrats being the "lesser of two evils." Now I'm not so sure anymore. After getting to know Bernie Sanders, I had developed new hope in American politics. Obama had promised us "Hope and Change", and we got neither. Now maybe I'll just settle for change — so if not Bernie, maybe Trump.

I refuse to be threatened, tricked, manipulated, conjouled, blackmailed, bribed, fear-mongered, or ass-kissed into voting for one political candidate against another. I heard Sean Hannity and his pundits on Fox News last night making the case why angry Bernie supporters might vote for Trump. But if I do, it won't be because of any propaganda they spew, because I hate them just as much as those on CNN and MSNBC.

So the enemy of my enemy (in this case, Donald Trump) is not necessarily my friend, but a weapon that I can use against my other enemy, Hillary Clinton.

The whole idea would be to simply punish and humiliate the Democrats and the Clintons; and what better way than to give them Trump? It's like the ultimate revenge for their back-stabbing betrayal of the working-class and the crappy way they treated Bernie Sanders during the primaries. By giving the Democrats someone more "moderate" like Jeb Bush would almost be like a equal trade. But giving them Trump will piss them off much more than George W. Bush — but without the fear of war (and "no" fear-mongerers, Trump can not unilaterally launch nuclear missiles at Russia).

At the same time, by voting for Trump, I wouldn't be giving the Republicans their most enamored candidate either. The American people (with the exception of the ignorant Hillary-bots) are sick and tired of the status quo; and if not Bernie, Trump — who is as far from the status quo as anyone else (and much more radical than any "self described socialist" I know).

Sometimes real progress is made while in retreat — taking one step back before taking two steps forward. A vote for Hillary would just be voting for Obama's third term — voting for the status quo — voting for no change at all. Just the sheer pleasure of destroying all of Hillary's slimy surrogates (all those arrogant and pompous faces on cable news every day) will be so fulfilling that no amount of evil that Trump can reek on the country in 4 short years could scare me into submission to the Clintons.

I refuse to fall for the Democrats' despicable fear-mongering tactics, to be held as a hostage to the lesser of two evils. I wanted Bernie, who doesn't have an evil bone in his body. The Democratic Party and the Shillery Sheeple threw away a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (the political insiders and those in the media for one reason, and the voters for another reason). So if not Bernie, I might vote for Trump.

That doesn't necessarily mean I'll be voting FOR Trump, but voting AGAINST everyone who had voted against me during the Democratic primary. If I vote for Trump, these will be some of the people I'll be voting against:

  1. Those who did not research the candidates, and voted on Clinton's name recognition only.
  2. Those who only voted for a first woman president — and for no other reason (including the man-haters).
  3. Those in high income brackets who didn't want their taxes raised or the Social Security cap raised.
  4. Those slime-ball politicians/superdelegates who expected political favors in return for endorsing Clinton.
  5. Those who felt they were voting for Obama's third term, despite Hillary Clinton's dishonesty, greed and ruthless ambition.
  6. Those that put national security aside (regarding unsecured top secret emails on Clinton's private server), showing bad judgment.
  7. Those who ignorantly voted against Bernie Sanders believing that he was a radical anti-American Communist.
  8. Those who had foolishly believed everything they had been spoon-fed to them on the cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC.
  9. Those in the media and their companies who deliberately lied to the American people to deceive them to only benefit themselves.
  10. Those wimpy cowards who feared any change at all (not even "Hope and Change"), and ignorantly feared all the Trump fear-mongering.

The whole idea is, not to just stay home and not vote at all, but to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in voting against Clinton for the sole purpose of defeating her and promoting a win for Trump. Not because I agree with a single thing the Republicans stand for (because I don't), or because I like Trump, but because I hate the Clintons much more.

So the Democratic superdelegates should be very aware, Trump will nominate judges to the Supreme Court. So if you don't want Trump, choose Bernie Sanders — who also happens to defeat Trump by wider margins than Clinton in all the polls. For once in your miserable life, put America first, instead of being selfishly more concerned about your own political careers. Be honorable and do the right thing for a change.

The Democrats abandoned the working-class decades ago. They didn't even try to raise the minimum wage in 2009/10 when they had Obama and control of both the House and the Senate. Shame on them! And then they had the nerve to criticize Trump for saying wages were already too high! That is total hypocritical B.S. — they're only talking about raising the minimum wage now because of Bernie Sanders (just like they supposedly moved more to the "left" on other issues, pandering to the progressive base before they'll move back to the "right" — like Obama did.)

As another bit of pleasure I'll indulge in when seeing Trump as the next president, it will be to see the disappointment and defeat in the faces of all those sexist women in the media who were always attacking Bernie as the sexist old White angry man. Maybe after November all those slimy man-hating beatchs can suck on my old White sexist angry ass for a change.

If I can't vote for Bernie Sanders in November, I might vote for Trump — but never Hillary. If I can't vote for a good and honest person like Bernie Sanders, and if I have to vote for the lesser of two evils again, then the Clintons are the most evil of all. The Democrats have been lying and cheating and thieving for the past 8 years (longer, if you count the Clintons, who've been doing it for the past 30 years); now maybe it's the Republican's turn to screw us again.

We now have a great and rare opportunity to screw the Democrats, the Republicans and the media --- all at once, with Trump --- a trifecta! It doesn't matter if we get screwed too, because either party will screw us one way or the other anyway — only some people will just get more screwed than others, but that always happens.

I'm not scared of Trump. I'm an old angry White man, just like Bernie and Trump — not a man-hater like Hillary. I would be more afraid of her "woman card". And besides, the country and the American people are a "resilient" people — and have tolerated and survived many horrible Presidents in the past. The Democrats and the Clintons can not go unpunished for their horrible behavior — so they definitely should not be rewarded for it.

Maybe Donald Trump will be much better than George W. Bush (no wars) — and maybe he'll be no worse than Obama, who was a sellout and moved to the "right" to become a Republican Lite (The bloody nerve of him to stand outside Nike headquarters to try and pimp the TPP trade agreement to us. That is hubris.)

Now maybe I'll vote to punish everyone who voted against me — and they can all go frack themselves. If I were married, and my wife was a Hillary supporter, I'd divorce her for irreconcilable differences.

Welcome to the White House President Trump — and please make sure those slimy Senators like Barbara Boxer addresses you as "Mister President", because I think you worked hard for that title too.

If not Bernie, Trump

It doesn't matter if Trump is lying. The Clintons always lie. It doesn't matter if Trump ripped off people with his university, it didn't rise to the level of a "clear and present danger" to national security like Clinton's email server did — and trump's greed was no worse than the Clinton's with their corrupt foundation. And besides, I like Trump's kids a Hell of a lot more than Clinton's only child (who lied about Bernie's health care plan).

Speaking of which, that's an added bonus (because I'm a sexist): If Trump were the next President, occasionally Ivanka might be on TV — and she will be a lot easier on the eyes than looking at Hillary's screaming head every day for the next 8 long years. The Clintons already had their 8 years in the White House and aboard Air Fuck One — isn't 8 years long enough for any American political dynasty? Do the Clintons want to be like the Castros, and pass on their political dynasty to their daughter Chelsea? Hill no!!! Chelsea is just as much a damn liar as her parents are (who knows, maybe it's hereditary).

And do the Clintons really deserve two presidential libraries in the Clinton family name? Why not spread the glory around and let Donald Trump have a library too (With his name emblazoned across the top in big bold letters). That will be HIS revenge for the way Obama ridiculed him at the White House Correspondence Dinner on the night that they and the top 0.01% were all drinking champagne, making jokes and hanging out with famous musicians, models and Hollywood stars — all while Hillary was taking some of the credit for killing Osama Bin Laden.

But if by chance the FBI indicts Hillary Clinton for risking national security before November, I will be solidly behind Bernie Sanders 100% — because the corrupt Democratic superdelegates won't change their mind — and the Democrats will lie like Hell and make promises at the summer convention that they don't ever intend to keep — promises that will be about as worthless as an I.O.U. from Charles Ponzi.

If Bernie runs as an Independent 3rd party candidate, that would be even better. Otherwise, I might board the Trump Train — all thanks to the slimy Democrats, the corporate media and the shitty shillery sheeple.

And seeing Trump in the White House press room will be a Hell of a lot more entertaining than watching Obama or Hillary on TV -- ha-ha-ha! -- especially if someone like Sarah Palin was Trump's VP!

And I can't think of a better way of screwing the Democrats after they screwed me by rigging the Democratic primary elections; because a rigged election will only give us a rigged government. Trump might be many things, but then again, so are the Clintons. If not "hope", I'll be happy with "change".

I have much more to say on the subject, but then this post would be long enough to be a screenplay for a new movie. But the Democrats should know this: If they lose the general election, they'll only have themselves to blame, not people like me.

TRUMP vs Hillary

One started wars, one didn't. One says they're against bad trade deals, the other wasn't. One gives speeches to bankers and takes their campaign money, the other doesn't. One risked national security by transferring top secret emails regarding SAP programs to a private unsecured server, the other didn't. One rigged the elections, the other didn't. One runs a "foundation" as a s-corporation to launder billions of dollars from foreign countries; the other has a questionable university. One is drawing huge support from the White working-class (with huge crowds at rallies), the other has to make false promises and pander for the minority vote (and uses wide-angle lenses in photo-ops to make their crowds look bigger.) One is running to break a "glass ceiling"; the other is running to break up the corrupt political duopoly. One is running to have a 2nd presidential library built in the family name, the other just wants to build a wall. One will steal the silverware and China after leaving the White House, the other doesn't need to. One only wants the prestige of flying in Air Force One and living in the White House again, the other would have to make a sacrifice and down-grade.

History is littered with female presidents, who are no more or less corrupt than men. Instead of just "making history", how about having the most honest president possible. Bernie Sanders made history too. With 11,888,779 popular votes in 2016, other than this year, Bernie Sanders has won more votes than anyone else has before in the Democratic primary ... all except for Obama and Hillary in 2008.

  • 2004: John Kerry had 9,930,497 votes (who beat Vermont Gov. Howard Dean with 903,460 votes.)
  • 2000: Al Gore had 10,885,814 votes (3rd party Ralph Nader had 2,882,995 votes in the general election.)
  • 1996: Bill Clinton had 9,706,802 votes.
  • 1992: Bill Clinton had 10,482,411 votes (3rd party Ross Perot had 19,743,821 votes in the general election).
  • 1988: Michael Dukakis had 10,024,101 votes.
  • 1984: Walter Mondale and Gary Hart each had 6 million+ votes.
  • 1980: Jimmy Carter (who beat Ted Kennedy) had 10,043,016 votes.
  • 1976: Jimmy Carter (who beat California Gov. Jerry Brown) had 6,971,770 votes.
  • 1972: George McGovern had 4,053,451 votes and Hubert Humphrey had 4,121,372 votes.
  • 1968: Eugene McCarthy had 2,914,933 votes and Robert Kennedy had 2,305,148 votes.
  • 1964: Lyndon B. Johnson had 1,106,999 votes.
  • 1960: John F. Kennedy had 1,847,259 votes.

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  1. Dearest Hillary,

    I'll show you my tax returns if you show me your Goldman Sachs transcripts.

    The Donald

    1. Guaranteed - - - Watch this 23 minute lecture by Debbie (Sane Progressive) -- and see why we need a "If not Bernie, Trump" moment.

    2. And watch this one too --- 16 minute lecture by Debbie (Sane Progressive) -- and see why we need a "If not Bernie, Trump" moment.

  2. Bernie Sanders held his very last rally in Washington D.C. on June 9th, 2016 — but the Democratic Party couldn't wait to squash Bernie's campaign, so President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren announced their endorsements of Hillary Clinton before Bernie even spoke at his rally that day. The Democrats couldn't graciously wait a mere 6 more days until after the last Democratic primary election would be held in D.C. on June 14th. The slimy bastards. To date, before D.C. votes, Hillary Clinton has 15,729,913 votes and Bernie Sanders has 12,009,562 votes. Neither will have 2,383 required "at-large" delegates needed to officially clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, so superdelegates will vote at the July DNC convention to make it official. They will nominate Clinton. #ThankYouBernie!

  3. Bernie Sanders can easily win the Democratic nomination by simply making an offer that the superdelegates can't refuse. He can tell them that if he isn't chosen as the nominee, he'll run as an Independent. If the Democrats were truly worried about Trump, Bernie can call their bluff.

    If the Democratic Party were truly "all inclusive" and believed in "democracy", they wouldn't have closed primaries or superdelegates. If all Independents (and those with no party affiliation) had been allowed to vote in the Democrat's primaries, it's more than probable that Bernie Sanders would now have more popular votes and more "at-large" delegates than Hillary Clinton does today. As it is now, under current party rules, Hillary Clinton would STILL need superdelegates to "officially" clinch the Democratic nomination at the DNC's convention next month.

    But if Bernie Sanders gave the superdelegates an ultimatum if they didn't vote for him, he could threaten to run as an Independent as a 3rd party candidate, completely destroying any chance at all that Clinton might have of winning the general election. Of course, all the establishment Democrats (the Clintons, Obama, Barbara Boxer, Claire McCaskill, Jeanne Shaheen, Barney Frank, Howard Dean, etc.) would all bitch and complain — and say that it's not very "democratic" of Sanders to use such dirty tactics — and they'd accuse him of subverting the "will of the people". But if everyone had been allowed to vote in the primary, it's really Sanders's supporters who had their own will subverted.

    If the Democrats and the Clintons were REALLY afraid of Trump winning the presidency (rather than just losing their own political power), they would be forced to acquiesce to Sanders's demand. Otherwise, Bernie would have called their bluff about their fear of Trump, and expose their disingenuous fear-mongering as nothing more than a cheap political tactic.

    The Democrats would accuse Sanders of political blackmail; but the Democrats and the Clintons had no problem at all using their own Mafioso tactics during Clinton's campaign. All politics is dirty, so maybe Bernie should play their game by playing by their rules — and use the same tactics. And Bernie is no Ralph Nader or Ross Perot — he has 12 million voters to back up his threat — and could even beat Clinton and Trump in a 3-way race. Call the Democrat's bluff!

  4. UPDATE:

    A devatstating report on Clinton by ABC News was out today (link below). Could this finally be the smoking gun? If this doesn't end Clinton's campaign, what else could? The FBI investigation? It's odd that this wasn't mentioned in the media until AFTER the primaries and the day after Obama and Senator Warren had endorsed her. I have yet to hear MSNBC or CNN report on this.

    Here's what Donald Trump had to say about the report:

  5. I'm waiting for the results of the FBI primary when they recommend the incitement of Hillary Clinton. If not, then I will have lost all faith in our justice system, all government institutions and our entire political system. If Bernie isn't the nominee, then maybe just out of spite for rigging the election, I'll vote against all the ignorant Hill-bots and the corrupt politicians and vote for Donald Trump.

    As a businessman Trump may have dodged taxes, filed bankruptcy 4 times, offshored jobs to China and bribed politicians, but he was just taking advantage of an already corrupt system. He didn't corrupt the system, those in Congress did — those who are FOR Clinton and those who are AGAINST Trump.

    And why did Bernie have to move Clinton and the Democrats "left"? They should have already been "left", but they moved "right". That was why Bernie ran for President. The Democrats left the working-class years ago when the Clintons got into politics with their "Third Way"/"Centrist"/"Moderate" ideology.

    Also, I don't trust the media either (like Mother Jones) and all the other supposed "left leaning" media outlets and cable news stations after seeing how they covered Bernie Sanders. The crappy way they reported on Bernie made me doubt all the crap they said about Trump, so I started watching his full rallies to see how they took his words out of context.

    The "establishment" Democrats are just as guilty as the the "establishment" Republicans for screwing over the American workers with bad trade deals and a tax system that favors the very rich (etc.) The Clintons are corrupt (have been all their lives) and anyone who supports them should also be investigated by the FBI and audited by the IRS.

    Hillary4Prison Song (Hip-Hop/Rock)