Saturday, July 30, 2016

On the way home from the DNC in Philly

Who's REALLY the lesser of two evils?

Crooked Hillary and Trump

Excerpted and edited from an email by Anatol Zinchenko, who was returning home from the 2016 Democratic convention . . .

On the train back from Philly I sat next to a Clinton supporter who happened to be a Jewish lady, maybe in her 60's.

Soon another elderly Jewish lady, but a strong Bernie supporter (maybe 80 years old — but healthy and spunky) also joined the conversation. She was a real activist all her life, and who was arrested several times.

We were trying to decide who to vote for. Later a young Jill Stein supporter also joined in. It was a very interesting discussion.

My afterthought was: us older folks have to be careful and not to crush the hopes and dreams of young folks by our assumptive and limited wisdom and experience, because all too often we are mistaken as to what is really possible.

But what I learned from the discussion was, some of the older Jewish folks (understandably) have a great fear of a Trump presidency turning into "Hitler-like" fascism. Maybe that is why even Bernie Sanders (being Jewish) pulled the FEAR TRUMP CARD on us — even though many of his supporters fear Hillary more than Trump (a funny world we live in).

Now we have Jill Stein, who is also Jewish, and in my estimation (based on her platform), is the wisest of the last 5 presidents — of all the candidates we've had after Carter. So why not be "doubly progressive" and have a first Jewish and first Lady President (not that these two criteria should be foremost); but this would certainly be a win-win opportunity.

And to win, all we need is for the message to spread to 42 million students in debt. Jill wants to cancel all student debts like we did for the Wall Street crooks with $4 trillion of quantitative easing. No other candidates have even thought of this.

Now, some brief comments about Trump and Putin . . .

The oligarchs want war with Russia. HRC has been, and is, the best war-hawk speech-promoter and actual implementer of the oligarch's agenda of overthrowing governments. At least Trump wants to talk to Putin (an extremely wise proposal), unlike all his other crazy, insane, and irresponsible talk.

However, avoiding WW III by making friends with our "enemies" would be the greatest and miraculous achievement the whole world needs. I am not suggesting voting for Trump. I'm simply saying the FEAR TRUMP argument is all HRC has now, and many people do believe she is more dangerous than Trump, and for many various reasons.

Personally, I'm voting for Dr Jill Stein ... a truly compassionate and brilliant medical doctor who wants to "heal the ills of politics". I am voting for truth and justice, not for convoluted self-deceptions based on fear.

Robert Reich's idea of a strong 3rd party for 2020 is good, but it has to be NOW ... since NOW is the deepest reality there is.

Please watch Dr. Jill Stein's interview on CSPAN.

* Editor's Note: Unless the media gives Jill Stein more exposure (which they won't, and most likely will give her much less than Bernie Sanders), she won't do well enough to compete in the (rigged) polls to give her a place in the presidential debates. And the media would probably actively work against her like they did to Sanders.

Dr. Stein offered Bernie Sanders a place on top of the ticket to run in the Green Party with her, but Bernie has dissed her offer. Instead, he chose to endorse Hillary Clinton because of his obsessive fear of Trump. Now he has returned home to Vermont, and he'll run for another Senate term as an Independent again. Bernie went bust.

This means a vote for Jill Stein (or not voting at all) could benefit either Trump or Clinton, but it doesn't help ensure Clinton's loss — if that is your intention, if you just want to vote your conscience. However, if you want to punish the Clintons and the DNC for election fraud (stealing your vote) by rigging the election to favor HRC over Bernie Sanders, then a vote for Trump will help more (if you think Trump is the lesser of two evils).

Most people want change, and either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump can give us change. The Republicans have Trump because they DIDN'T rig their election; whereas Bernie's supporters are stuck with Hillary Clinton (or taking the option of voting for Jill Stein) because the DNC rigged their election.

But if you really want change instead of 8 more years of Obama, then take a chance, and don't be afraid -- and don't vote out of fear. If Trump wins, maybe the Democrats will finally wise up and start listening to the will of the people for a change. Since Bill Clinton was first elected, the Democrats have abandoned the working-class. And if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will most likely move back to right again.

If the Democrats were really serious about making progressive changes in their platform, why did they need Bernie's delegates to twist their arms? Once the Democrats get Bernie's supporters to vote for Clinton, they'll screw them over again like they did during the primary season. The Democrats have proven that they can not be trusted. Right now the Democrats and the media are using the same tactics on Trump that they used on Bernie.

Worse case scenario, Trump can be impeached like Bill Clinton was. He can't unilaterally launch nuclear missiles like Hillary Clinton claims. She doesn't give a crap about us, she just wants to "make history".

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  1. The idea of Trump's wall is totally absurd, and Congress would never approve the funding ... but hypothetically, if it was built, how would building a wall “trample on the principles of religious and civil liberty” of people who don’t live in this country? Is it their “right” to migrate here? (I suppose GOD would say so.) I’d like to retire in Mexico, where the cost of living is much lower, but I can’t just cross the border at will and wave the American flag (or burn the Mexican flag). I have an aunt born in Mexico (that legally immigrated to the U.S.) and cousins of Mexican heritage. I had close friends who I once worked with who migrated from Mexico (on green cards). They still believe everything west of the Mississippi is rightfully a part of Mexico, and that we (the White people) are inhabiting their land. I suppose the native Americans feel the same way. It’s weird, because it was White people from Spain who conquered the indigenous people of Mexico (native Indians). I don’t believe we should deport 11 million “undocumented” people from Mexico -- or to even give them a “path to citizenship”. Just grant them a full amnesty across the board right now, and be done with it (they’re already living here and integrated into American society); but at the same time, let's also start enforcing the current immigration laws we have (for real this time, but Democrats use these people for votes). It’s ridiculous that some repeat offenders of serious crimes are allowed to have safe harbor in “sanctuary cities”. The “job creators” who send jobs to Mexico also welcome these immigrants here for the same reason – for cheap labor, not because of any “humanitarian” reasons. When “undocumented” people from Mexico flood the U.S. labor market, they also hurt Mexican-Americans already living here. The pie is only so big, and the more people there are, the smaller the slices become because so many jobs have already left this country. The powers that be (including the Clintons) says we can’t legislate jobs from leaving the U.S. because “globalization is the reality of the day” .... which is total bullshit, because globalization isn’t a natural occurrence or a normal extension or evolution of things past; it’s a deliberately man-made situation to concentrate wealth to the top by squeezing everybody else. Open borders is why Europe is having so many problems and one reason why the people of England voted for #Briexit. Lots of people (with much help from media propaganda) falsely framed the argument as racism, when even Popular Resistance (which is as about as LEFT as one can go) said it was not about racism at all, but about globalization. Sure, Trump makes his ties in China (like Apple makes iPhones in China)...because BOTH parties in Congress allows him to without charging him a tariff to import them here. It’s the same with taxes: nobody is going to pay more than they have to. You don’t set an example by sending the government a check to prove your point when no one else is going to. That wouldn’t accomplish anything and would be very foolish. Congress has to change the tax code so that EVERYONE has to send a check. As President, Trump says his priorities will change, because he won’t be wearing the hat of TRUMP CEO, but the hat of POTUS with different goals. And Trump re-stated his comments of banning all Muslims to the U.S. to just people migrating from territory held by ISIS until they can be better vetted. I know Trump comes across as being very racist and bigoted, but I think less so than most people believe. And of those who don't believe he is racist at all, some will still get others to believe he is for political and economic reasons. The media, as always, will do it for ratings.