Friday, July 1, 2016

Trust Sanders or Trump on TPP, not Clinton or Obama

TPP - Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton Donald Trump

Trump amps up trade war with Clinton in Manchester, NH - Bloomberg Politics

Trump highlights N.H. factories closed thanks to Hillary Clinton trade agenda

Donald Trump on TPP: We should seek a guarantee from Hillary Clinton that she won't sign it in any form - Breitbart

VIDEO: Trump: There is no way to fix Trans-Pacific Partnership - YouTube

VIDEO: Trump: TPP greatest danger yet to U.S. manufacturing - News Planet

Donald Trump: Americans should 'pay a little bit more' for U.S.-made products to save jobs - LA Times

VIDEO: Full Speech: Donald Trump delivers remarks on trade in Manchester, NH - YouTube

Trump attacks Hillary’s support for NAFTA and other trade agreements in Monessen, PA - Reclaim Our Republic

Trump vows to scrap NAFTA if Mexico and Canada don’t renegotiate - The Yucatan Times

TRANSCRIPT: Donald Trump's trade and jobs speech in Monessen, PA - POLITICO

Trump: Sanders and I know the trade deals are terrible - Washington Examiner

VIDEO: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders sound alike on trade - CNN

Chamber of Commerce, business groups blast Trump over trade - CBS News

Trump’s trade policies would make America recession-bound again - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Donald Trump slams Chamber of Commerce ‘sinister' trade agenda: They ‘don’t care’ about working Americans

VIDEO: Trump: Chamber of Commerce controlled by special interests that don't care about you - RealClearPolitics

Bush's top NAFTA negotiator bashes Trump, says she will vote for Clinton - Forbes

Top GOP donor and hedge fund executive warns Trump trade policies would cause global depression

Here’s the growing list of big-name Republicans supporting Hillary Clinton - The Washington Post

POLL: Polls find Republicans voters shifting into the anti-trade party -

Bernie Sanders pushes Democratic Party to oppose Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal -

Backers of Sanders mobilize to overthrow DNC platform's pro-TPP stance - Common Dreams

Democrats and Republicans poised to clash on trade at Conventions

Environmental groups deliver more than 500,000 anti-TPP petitions to congress -

Wealthiest U.S. senator backs Clinton, supports TPP -

In Canada, Obama rebukes Trump on trade - TheHill

White House to Trump: We already overhauled NAFTA during the talks on the Trans Pacific Partnership - Washington Examiner

Keystone Pipeline company demands $15B to US government under NAFTA deal - Common Dreams

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  1. the democratic party needs to be blown to hell or we need a viable third party

    hopefully bernie can lead the way...

    i hope he never fully endorses clinton

    1. I don't see how Bernie could EVER endorse her. I'm pinning my hopes on the FBI to recommend an indictment (even if she isn't actually indicted).

      YouTube: "Joe Biden Falsely Claims Bernie Sanders Will Soon Be Endorsing Hillary Clinton"