Sunday, August 28, 2016

Clinton Foundation, Postcode Lotteries, Creepy Cult Atmosphere

A writer for the New Yorker magazine, stated that there is a "real creepy vibe" at the Clinton Foundation. Personally, after watching some videos, it reminded me a little of the Walmart cult.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, sustained by millions of dollars from Postcode Lotteries, will never be brought down by FBI. The Foundation would thrive and go on because investigating authorities do not know where to go to turn off the Foundation’s free-running, borderless taps.

Chelsea Clinton is VERY creepy!

Look to the Netherlands for Clinton Foundation’s ongoing source of cash -

The Dutch government, the Clinton Foundation and the postcode lottery - Mathijs Koenraadt

New Yorker writer slams ‘creepy vibe' at Clinton Foundation events (PODCAST) -

* More videos of these creepy lottery galas...

IMPORTANT!!! >>> The liink below to Daily Motion was Michael Trimm's last broadcast LIVE on YouTube on August 16, 2016 >>> "October Surprise, Clinton Foundation. FBI, Seth Rich, DNC Leaks" >>> It aired just one day AFTER he got married. The very next day his YouTube videos and Twitter account mysteriously disappeared. He and his new wife supposedly went on a honeymoon to Venice, Italy.

Even most of unwilling pro-Hillary media has enough to convict the Clintons, so why doesn't the FBI and Justice Department?

Clinton Foundation official requests State Dept lunch invitation, special seating for foundation donors, emails show - ABC News

VIDEO: New emails show coordination between Clinton Foundation and State Department - ABC News

Clinton allies play defense over Foundation accusations -

DNC chair Donna Brazile defends Hillary Clinton's meetings with Clinton Foundation donors - CBS News

VIDEO: DNC chair Brazile totally dodges questions about links between State Department, Clinton Foundation - ABC News

VIDEO: 'She sold out our country': Giuliani rips Hillary for alleged ‘pay-to-play' - Fox News

VIDEO: Trump campaign manager Conway hits Clinton over 'revolving door' at State Department - Fox News

US: Clinton calendars won't be released until after election - AP

Trump, GOP calls on Clinton to have full State Dept schedule released before Election Day - Fox News

Statement: Rigged: State Department hides Clinton's schedule - Donald J Trump for President

Seven ways the Clinton Foundation failed to meet its transparency promises - The Hill

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