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The FBI Director sure sounded like a weasel!

There's a lot of new stuff to unpack from the latest hearing on Hillary Clinton and the FBI director James Comey's testimony on 9/28/16 before the House Judiciary Committee.

FBI director James Comey'

I watched the entire hearing — 3 times — once while recording, twice while editing, and a third time while reviewing the final cut (and all in one sitting, so boy am I tired!) But now I'm thoroughly convinced that President Obama put the fix in for Clinton. There's no doubt in my mind now.

The 4 hours of testimony was edited down to two separate 1-hour clips (for you) for easier viewing, because it excludes the Democrats, who asked no questions at all regarding Clinton's email server, or about her perjury before Congress, or about the FBI's immunity deals for her staff, attorneys and IT people. They reminded me of ostriches with their heads in the sand (or like Hill-bots with their heads up their asses.)

The hearing / PART ONE  -- OR  -- OR

The hearing / PART TWO  --OR  -- OR

The hearing could not be edited down to a short 15-minute "highlights" clip of relevant sound bites (I tried), because there's just too darn much new information, of which very little (so far) has been seen on cable news. Fox News reported the most, but there was very little on CNN and MSNBC (Turner Broadcasting and Comcast), who donated to Clinton's campaign and helped influence the primary election against Bernie Sanders (who now supports Clinton because of his obsessive fear of Trump, and why I can no longer believe what Bernie says.)


Towards the end, while James Comey was being questioned by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) came to Comey's defense as though she were his private attorney! It was almost laughable!

If you have the time, and if you want to hear the Democrat's obfuscation and deflection (and heaping lots praise on James Comey), the full 4 hour video of the hearing is here at C-SPAN:

Besides not recording Clinton's FBI "interview", I also wondered why the FBI didn't put wire taps on Clinton's and her accomplices phones. And like me, you'll have many more questions after watching this hearing.

This FBI investigation, as you will see, was a sham from the start — and was probably the most rigged investigation in the history of the FBI. James Comey IS a weasel . . . a lying frigging weasel. While his people might be honest and hard-working, he is as corrupt as any establishment Democrat — unless his family was also threatened (If you ask me, those guys sitting directly behind him at the hearing could have been Clinton hitmen.)

Later in the day, Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Fox and Friends that he believes that once Obama saw Trump leading in the polls during the GOP primary, he put out the word that no one would be prosecuted because he did not want Trump to succeed him as President under any circumstances. (So watch for Obama to issue a lot of pardons if Trump is elected).

Democrats on the House committee tried to deflect from Clinton's illegal email server during the hearing by asking questions about Donald Trump, Russian hackers, gun control and many other subjects --- all EXCEPT Clinton's violations of the law and the risking of national security. The Democrats claimed the hearing was partisan, when in fact it's not JUST the Republicans, but it's also most Independents who are also concerned about Clinton's email server --- and they also believe she has been dishonest. Hill-bots don't want the truth, because they can't handle the truth.

After some House Committee members made certain allegations, FBI Director James Comey was invited to respond to them if he wished to, but he had declined on several occasions. Also, sometimes he had Hillary Clinton's problem of not being able to remember things. How convenient.

After watching this hearing, I became even more convinced of just how corrupt the Democratic party (our current government) really is, and despite my strong opposition to many GOP policies, the Democrats must not be rewarded for the way they have treated the American people. It is THEY who are the "deplorables" and who are "irredeemable". Clinton was the pot calling the kettle black. Now I can't believe anything Obama or any of them say anymore.

I will vote for Trump to punish Crooked Hillary and the Democrats for the next 4 years, and then see if they can purge some of the corruption from within their cancer-ridden party (I doubt it though). But if not, I will vote for President Trump for another 4 years.

This is House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte's (R-Va.) statement prior to the hearing: "Many members of the House Judiciary Committee continue to have unanswered questions about the FBI’s investigation, Director Comey’s public statements on the matter, and the Justice Department’s decision to not prosecute Secretary Clinton for mishandling classified information through private email servers. It defies logic and the law that she faces no consequences for jeopardizing national security. It also appears that Secretary Clinton may have perjured herself and made false statements to Congress under oath. I’ve called on the Justice Department to investigate her for perjury and am interested to hear from Director Comey on the matter.”

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* Technical note: I posted this video at Daily Motion rather than YouTube because I didn't verify my YouTube account with a phone number, so I'm limited to 15-minute clips.

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  1. Bud i agree with your whole argument except that you can no longer believe Bernie. I don't care whether Trump or Hillary wins, don't give a shit. But as far as Bernie goes, i think he would be the first to admit that there was no way the 3rd way DEMS would let him win. He knew that from the beginning. That it was rigged against him, he knew that going into it. I still believe he's the most honest politician (if there is such a thing) of this time and will do what he can as a senator from Vermont to promote a progressive agenda.

    In short i don't believe Bernie intentionally duped any of his supporters. The best offer was to go green but where would that have left him? The greens can't seem to get their act together. But he's old and wants to effect whatever influence he can at this time and i think staying in the senate was the right move. IF by chance Killary wins, and the corporate DEMS regain the senate he might be able to have some influence.

    I don't buy that Bernie was dishonest. It was the 3rd way DEMS that were so so corrupt. I'm no longer a registered democrat. Maybe this was the year a 3rd party with Bernie at the top of the ticket for the greens could have pulled off an upset. But even then, every policy proposal would be facing a battle with both corporate parties. I think he made the only rational choice he could after being "DEFEATED???" by KIllary.

    best rgs,


    1. In a previous post, I also said I couldn't believe Bernie anymore...

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