Friday, September 9, 2016

UPDATES on Hillary Clinton Emails Sept 9, 2016

Russian Spy?

DOJ reportedly granted immunity to computer expert Combetta who deleted Clinton emails - Fox News

Server was wiped with BleachBit by Combetta after a conference call with Bill Clinton's aides - The Daily Caller

Timeline leading up to Combetta wiping Hillary's server - Zero Hedge

Invoice shows Clintons paying for Combetta’s travel and legal assistance, it raises the question of how independent his cooperation with the FBI was - Complete Colorado

House Oversight panel zeroes in on deletion of Clinton emails, is on track to hold three hearings in five days - TheHill

Committee chairs want DOJ interviews with Clinton's server IT team - POLITICO

Trump, Gowdy hit reported immunity deal connected to Clinton email controversy - POLITICO

Trump Statement on the immunity granted to the IT worker who deleted Clinton emails while they were under a preservation order from Congress - Donald J Trump for President

Editorial: A fishy story in Platte River Networks' purge of Clinton e-mails - Denver Post

Obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence haunt Hillary’s future - National Review

The FBI’s blind Clinton trust, Comey’s agents were forgiving about some incriminating evidence - WSJ

VIDEO: FBI ignored key evidence in its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server - WSJ

How the FBI went easy on Hillary Clinton - New York Post

Did the FBI botch the Clinton email investigation? - Fox News

FBI managers instructed to exonerate Hillary Clinton - Washington Times
Was the FBI handcuffed from doing a credible full-fledged transparent national security investigation on Clinton emails? - Forbes

VIDEO: Fox’s Judge Napolitano just flat out accused FBI of corruption - YouTube

FBI Director Comey defends decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton over email servers - CBS News

Hill Republicans: Clinton investigations won’t stop if she wins - POLITICO

Clinton email had 'multiple' classified markings, challenging her claim to FBI - Fox News

Clinton comes up with ANOTHER new email excuse - AEI

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  1. We live in a sham democracy. We all know that Hillary is a crook. She should be in jail. Instead she is most likely to be the next president of the United States, and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

  2. ////////////////////////// UPDATES ///////////////////////

    DOJ and FBI agreed to destroy laptops of Clinton aides with immunity deal: Lawmaker - Fox News

    DOJ and FBI agreed to limit search of Clinton aides' laptops to documents created before Jan. 31, 2015 but not after - Daily Caller

    Letter from the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte (R - Virginia) to Attorney General Lynch -

    Analysis: FBI made ‘side deals' to destroy top Clinton aides' laptops - Townhall

    Republicans file complaint to DC Bar on Cheryl Mills, say she violated rule by serving as Clinton’s attorney during the FBI’s probe - Bloomberg

    Complaint of the Republican National Committee with the District of Columbia Bar against Cheryl Mills - GOP

    FBI Director Comey wants a ‘fresh look’ at Clinton emails after the election, but Trey Gowdy wants one now (VIDEO) - BizPac Review

    It's time to impeach FBI Director Comey - GOPUSA

    Ex-DOJ official: ‘Comey has to go’, Insiders say FBI director's errors in handling Clinton email case 'embarrassed' agency - WND #CrookkHillary #FBIImminityFive #ClintonFoundation

    VIDEO: Trump says he'll reform the Justice Department's whose integrity has been 'severely questioned,’ just like ‘after Watergate' - YouTube

    Questions raised about Clinton's computer technician, FBI’s notes from most recent interview with Combetta do not make reference to crucial March 31, 2015 conference call with Mills - Daily Caller

    Judicial Watch: FBI used redacted documents to question Clinton aides -

    FBI Docs: Hillary deleted nearly 1,000 emails with David Petraeus - PJ Media

    State Department admits it ‘lost' Clinton Foundation email - Breibart

    It's alive: FBI files reveal how Clinton server was created in K Street lab - Fox News

    VIDEO ARCHIVE: Watch FBI Director James Comey say I dont know 20 times at the Congressional hearing on Hillary Clinton email investigation - YouTube

    ARCHIVE: The case against James Comey, Not since Hoover has an FBI director shown such a lack of accountability - POLITICO