Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Will the Democrats take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill... you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

You take the blue pill, the story ends.

An Open Letter to the Race-Baiting "Progressive" Democrats: Progressives such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and others drove many Independents to Trump with their false claims of racism.

I don't recall if FDR (who won 4 consecutive elections by overwhelming landslides) had ever used the political and divisive strategy of racism, bigotry, misogyny, Islamaphobia and xenophobia against any of his political opponents. But I'm sure that if he did, we might have known about it. But wait! Wasn't he the one who also interned Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor was bombed? Yes, it was one of the many stains on American history — just like slavery, Manifest Destiny, the fire bombings in Germany, the nuclear Holocaust in Japan and the Democrat's opposition to the Civil Rights Movement — Southern Democrats who became Dixiecrats and now exist in the "alt-right" of the GOP (just as we also have racists in the "alt-left").

But I digress...

People such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and other "progressives" (that I used support when Bernie was running against Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee) are in cahoots within the corrupt Democratic "Clinton" Party (which is really a moderate/Centrist and Third Way political party cult) — and have been in agreement with one another on immigration and the vetting of migrants — just as the "liberal mainstream media" such as CNN (Time Warner) and MSNBC (Comcast) in pushing the false narrative regarding President-elect Trump and his policies by slanderously labeling most of his ideas as either racist, misogynist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic or bigoted. It's totally disgusting.

But last November 8th, the electoral college rejected all their false and amoral claims. Hillary Clinton won more popular votes only because of the large population centers in the San Francisco/Bay Area, L.A. and San Diego in California — and in New York City — which doesn't hardly represent the rest of the country (aka "Flyover Country"). Clinton also won more popular votes in 2008 against Obama when the KKK was supporting her — but Obama became our President anyway after millions of White people voted for him, not once, but twice (again in 2012).

But this time, many of these "racists" in a "White Lash" went to Trump. Was it the KKK's fault? The Democrats and their media accused Trump of not denouncing his KKK supporters fast enough, even though Clinton didn't either (even though some in Congress were actually members of the KKK --- people that Trump's pick for AG Jeff Sessions had prosecuted). It was the Democrat's race-baiting and divisive tactics that drove me to Trump (that, and Trump's polices on trade — which I liked better than Bernie's).

Flyover Country


Senator Bernie Sanders used to be my hero (as can be attested to in my previous blog posts and videos at YouTube), until he endorsed Hillary Clinton. He had the chance to run with Dr. Jill Stein in the Green Party after learning he got screwed by the DNC. Worse case scenario for the Democrats: If he had stuck to his principals — and lost — the end result might still be the same: President Trump. But if Sanders had not had this obsessive and visceral fear of Trump, history could have been changed. He recently blamed the Democrat's embarrassing election failure on "identity politics". But he should have gone a step further and denounced the false accusations of racism, bigotry, misogyny, Islamaphobia and xenophobia made against Trump — and the false allegations of misogyny, sexism and Bernie Bros against his previous supporters. He let US down, we didn't let HIM down. Don't just believe me, read the viewer's comments for the video embedded below.

Extreme Vetting: Foreign nationals who are living outside the United States DO NOT have U.S. Constitutional Rights, and can legally be subjected to any type of humane profiling that we feel is necessary to vet them before immigrating into America. The U.S. once vetted foreign citizens at Ellis Island. Profiling people from ISIS-infested regions of the world is not racist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic or bigoted -- it's common sense. Elderly White women with the last name of "Smith" are not usually trying to mass murder American citizens and legal immigrants living inside the U.S. -- it's usually young men from Muslim countries. You know it, I know it, and the whole world knows it. We are not demonizing Muslim-American citizens. So stop with the false dichotomy of comparing sensible profiling with racism and other hysterical hyperbole. It's the Democrats and their media with their racist hyperbole that puts Muslims at risk, causes them fear, and drives any anti-Muslim sentiment. But even still, many Muslims rejected their nasty fear-mongering and voted for Trump. Even if Independent voters didn't totally agree with the entire GOP agenda, we weren't going to vote for a party who thought we were all either ignorant, deplorable, homophobic, racist or White trash. If the Democrats use this twisted strategy in 2020 (baring Trump is not a total and complete failure) we will vote to re-elect him.

As an aside: And when Obama was in Peru, it was also very disingenuous (to be "politically correct") for Obama to say that he was very proud that his administration had no scandals while he was in office. WTF? ("The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!") The American people were insulted both BEFORE and AFTER the election by the Democrats and their media for playing us like damn morons.

The Democrats and the "progressives" have done very little to quell the loathing, fear, violence and riots in America. Some made feeble "gestures", but that was all. They and their media have done the exact opposite by pounding the meme (24/7) of racism, bigotry, misogyny, Islamaphobia, sexism and xenophobia against Trump, his supporters and his potential cabinet members both BEFORE and AFTER the election. Obama said that if he only watched Fox News, he wouldn't vote for him either. And if I only watched CNN and MSNBC, I wouldn't haven't voted for Trump either.

The "liberal" mainstream media is pushing much more propaganda than those "fake news" websites that President Obama referred to (without mentioning #Wikileaks) when he was in Euope on his "Denial Tour" in Greece — while at the same time, still pushing for the horrible "globalist" TPP trade agreement (written by bankers and lobbyists — Clinton's and Obama's major donors).

Every time I watch CNN or MSNBC, their over-paid and out-of-touch pundits are always pounding on the "racist" narrative like an angry drum — forcing me to watch more Fox News that I usually do. Fox was the only cable news show who fairly reported on the primary election being stolen from Bernie Sanders (Of course I know they are biased against the Democrats and think he's Socialist; but Democrats on CNN and MSNBC were also calling Bernie a Socialist too.)

Legal Immigration: When arguing for sensible immigration reform, by comparing the deportation of violent criminals to "ripping families apart" is extremely dishonest. If an illegal immigrant breaks the law and was worried about his or her family, they wouldn't break our laws; and the family of the lawbreaker doesn't have to be "ripped apart", they can voluntarily leave with the deportee if they choose to do so. Personally, I think all "Dreamers" should be given INSTANT and full U.S. citizenship. But sanctuary cities that harbor criminals (those who break laws) are not only un-Constitutional and break federal law, but they are also anti-American. The mayors of these cities took an oath to abide by and enforce the laws of the United Sates of America. Their actions could be considered and/or interpreted as acts of treason.

As an Aside: Hypothetically speaking, if President Trump can get the funding for building his wall to better secure the southern border, what American citizen would be harmed by such an endeavor — especially if a huge infrastructure project like that could boost businesses and put a lot of people to work. Trump said that the wall would also include "a big beautiful door" to allow for LEGAL immigration. He and his supporters are NOT "anti-immigrant" — and the Democrats and media know this, but push the open borders agenda.

Globalism vs. Nationalism: No one is suggesting that we put American citizens into a national registry, deport all law-abiding immigrants to their home country, or lock up American citizens in concentration camps. Not all "nationalists" are #KKK or White Supremacists, but most KKK and White Supremacists might be nationalists. Hitler was a nationalist, who was also anti-Semite. Trump isn't Hitler (or anti-Muslim) and the Republicans aren't Nazis. The GOP is no more or less racist than the Democrats, but the GOP doesn't use "race" as an ugly political weapon to shame people. Most of us are not "anti-Muslim". The Democrat's and the media's fear-mongering drives fear, loathing, violence, discord, protests, riots, chaos and anarchy — and is very divisive and not conducive to unifying the country. (They nefariously use the school system to indoctrinate our young people.) Nationalism (without the pro-adjective of "White") also means patriotism to country, and a belief and an adherence to U.S. Constitutional principals and maintaining America as a sovereign nation — and doesn't subscribe to George Soros's, Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's idea of globalism and open borders (the so-called #PurpleRevolution). Sharia Law is anti-American, so opposing it is NOT anti-Muslim or Islamaphobic. To say otherwise is just a plain lie (or extreme ignorance.)

Fair Trade vs. Free Trade: Obama wants to convince us that the "Genie is out of the bottle" with global supply chains, and that we can't stuff it back inside — or bring manufacturing jobs back to America. He believes that globalism is a natural State of World Order and that it is irreversible. Not true. Trump wants to bring our jobs back to the U.S. and stop the race to the bottom caused by these multi-national corporations who offshore our jobs to low wage countries with the false narrative that they must do so to be "globally competitive". It's not a "lack of skills" that we lack, it's a "lack of jobs". If everyone in the U.S. had a PhD, we'd have people with PhDs working at McDonalds and Wal-Mart. Companies like NIKE were using child labor to make their products in Vietnam. Are they smarter than we are? The "working-class" (which the Democrats have ignored for years) is much more than just non-college educated White men. Stop the disingenuous meme that Trump's supporters don't believe in any trade at all (Hillary Clinton used that argument against Bernie Sanders.) There's a BIG difference between "fair" trade and the Clinton-Democrat's idea of "free" trade. Being against "open" trade isn't being racist either. So stop with the obsessive and false claims of racism, xenophobia, Islamaphobia and bigotry. It's very disgusting. We also say NO to #TPP, #TTIP and #TiSA — and want Trump to re-negotiate our current trade deals. That's not "racist" or "protectionist" -- it's common sense.

In Closing: Even as I wrote this post, both CNN and MSNBC were driving the narrative of "White Nationalism" and "White Supremacy" like Van Jones did with his #WhiteLash comment on #CNN. What about the #BlackLash against Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? The media is so damn corrupt and dishonest -- and they are driving the downfall of American sovereignty. The American media is like a malignant and fatal cancer within our political system. It's no wonder Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and most Americans don't trust the "mainstream" media anymore (And we don't buy the Russian hackers lie about Wikileaks either). But even knowing all this, the BIG SIX MEDIA (supported by the big institutional investors in the financial industry) continues with their evil agenda of pushing for more globalism . . . and they don't give a damn how divided we are among ourselves.

IMHO: In a perfect world, I would like a hybrid President of both Trump and Sanders --- Trump for his aggressive position on trade and LEGAL immigration and migration (which IS NOT RACIST); and Sanders for his positions on the big banks, taxes, Social Security and the minimum wage. But Clinton's supporters voted against me, so I had to compromise with Trump, because he didn't race bait or insult Clinton's supporters. He only called out "crooked Hillary" for who she really is — a corrupt liar, with the FULL SUPPORT of the current Democratic Party. (That alone was enough for me to lean towards Trump.) Bernie Sanders tried, but failed to stand up, because he was not strong enough to face down the powerful Clinton machine. Trump was the only person in America who could (and did). But instead of taking the blame, the Democrats have been making lame excuses, finger-pointing and remaining in denial while trying to pass the buck. And guess what? The buck stopped at Donald. J. Trump.

As an aside: The Democrat's and the media's claim about Trump mocking the disabled was totally fabricated by the Democrats and the media -- and another reason why I voted for Trump.

So allow me to reiterate: If the Democrats keep up their horrible race-baiting strategy to shame us into voting for them in the mid-terms or in 2020, we may vote the opposite. Cry "wolf" too many times and the real victims of racism and racist polices might suffer — because we will have stopped listening and believing in you.

But in the meantime, let's try to work together to unify the country and make America great again — instead on making other countries greater with our jobs, tax revenues and dominate influence in global manufacturing. (PICTURED BELOW: Shanghai from 1985 to the present ... built with American jobs, but not made in America.)

One Final Thought: If President Trump and the GOP Congress tries to cut Social Security or Medicare in any way (which is funded by payroll taxes, and not by federal income taxes, so they are not "handouts"), I will vehemently and ferociously turn against them and damn them all to Hell — because while on the campaign trail, Trump had promised us that he wouldn't do that. It's only the "working-class" (those that pay in) who greatly depend on these programs.

Shanghai from1980 to the present.

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* Tell all those Hollywood celebrities that it is THEY who are the real racists for threatening to move to Canada instead of Mexico if Trump was ever elected. Well, he was, and they're not moving anywhere, because they are all full of pompous crap. Besides, Canada doesn't want them either.


  1. Nice post, Bud. I especially liked what you wrote about "Extreme Vetting" and how the US Constitutional rights to not apply to foreign nationals outside of the US. Most people don't know the history of how Ellis Island (and other ports-of-entry) worked -- especially the medical checks (TB and other diseases were rampant overseas in the mid-to-late 19th century); in fact, not only were the medical wards huge (they held people who had already passed the rest of the vetting procedure for up to a year, treating them and giving them a chance to heal), but the whole shebang was paid for by the US government! It didn't cost the immigrants a dime. How about that.

    1. Thanks. They used to delouse them too --- not that THAT was a "bad" thing. If I had a problem with lice, I wouldn't have minded ;)

  2. ///////////// UPDATE! ////////////////


    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today released the results of its 2016 Muslim Voters Presidential Election Exit Poll.

    CAIR's exit poll of more than 2,000 registered Muslim voters indicated a high Muslim turnout with 90 percent reporting that they voted in the election - 74 percent voting for Hillary Clinton and 13 percent for now President-elect Donald Trump.

    "Muslim were more energized and engaged this election than ever before, turning out in record numbers," said CAIR Director of Government Affairs Department Robert McCaw.

    Compared to the 2012 elections, in which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney received a single digit percentage of the Muslim vote, Trump received nearly twice that amount of support.


  3. From the New Republic

    So far, most of the Democrats’ election post-mortems have focused on one particular group that gave Trump his Electoral College edge: white working class voters who backed Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 but went for Trump by more than two-to-one.

    Sanders is among those calling for overhauling the party and its leadership to win back those voters. Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio, whose district is full of blue-collar voters who supported Obama but cast ballots for Trump this year, is challenging Nancy Pelosi—the ultimate “coastal liberal”—for House Minority Leader.

    [Bill Clinton's] “New Democrat” strategy helped him win blue-collar voters (and the White House) in 1992 and 1996. But the play didn’t end up benefiting many Democrats other than the president. The Southern whites it was supposed to keep in the fold kept going Republican, and the centrist, pro-business positioning and cultural pandering to white conservatives diluted the party’s progressive economic message. In the process, Democrats took nonwhite voters for granted.

    Steve Jarding ... agrees that Democrats need to make more of an effort to speak to blue-collar whites, but says it’s time for the party to be more progressive and populist in the mold of Sanders.

    What’s tricky, of course, is finding an economic message that resonates both with blue-collar whites and the “emerging majority” of nonwhites and Millennials. Jarding believes the Democrats should look at what they failed to do in 2016 as they look toward the future. The party said, “Should’ve been telling these Rust Belt voters you are getting screwed, but it isn’t the people of color screwing you. It’s the damn corporations and the politicians they bought off.”


    1. "What’s tricky, of course, is finding an economic message that resonates both with blue-collar whites and the “emerging majority” of nonwhites and Millennials."

      There is such a message -- and it's not a new one, either; it's an integral part of the Socialist Equality Party's platform, and has been, for years. Of course, some of the other "planks" in their platform are deal-breakers for most Americans: an end to national identity and borders, for starters; but probably the biggest obstacle is repudiating Greed -- whom among us doesn't want more (lots more)? OK, many Americans don't; but "clothes make the man", "every kiss begins with 'K'", and all the rest are the "red pills" that most people swallow without hesitation... like vitamins.

      And yes, I voted for their P/VP candidates in the 2016 general election (write-in); but, to do so I had to close my eyes and pinch my nose regarding the SEP's virulent anti-Zionist/Israel/Semitic claptrap.

    2. We need a "Hybrid" candidate ;)

  4. Washington Post:

    Rust Belt Dems broke for Trump because they thought Clinton cared more about bathrooms than jobs


  5. Dr. Jill Stein:

    While Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote, she lost critical support, and ultimately the election, because her campaign represented the elite neoliberal establishment in a year when voters were clamoring for change. Working people hurt by the hollowing out of the U.S. economy saw her as more interested in serving Wall Street than helping Main Street. Her campaign failed to dispel widespread feelings that the Clintons were awash in cronyism, corruption and dishonesty. To many Americans across the political spectrum, she came to symbolize everything that is wrong with Washington DC.

    Nefarious strategy within the Democratic National Committee also contributed to the Democrats’ loss, including the secret promotion of Donald Trump to give Clinton a supposedly beatable extremist opponent, and the sabotage of Bernie Sanders, who by all indications would have handily beaten Donald Trump.

    [So far, so good. But then she goes on ... and this is the sort of BS that I disagree with]

    The rise of Keith Ellison to head the DNC is an important rebuff to Islamophobia, and a step in the right direction in general.

    In the first week of the Trump transition, we’ve seen enough to give warning that many of his worst promises will be fulfilled. His appointments and leading contenders, including white nationalist Steven Bannon, anti-democratic Rudy Giuliani, neocon John Bolton, gun-toting Sarah Palin, and climate denier Myron Ebell, give all the notice needed that it’s time to begin mobilizing now for the world we deserve. All the more so, because Donald Trump’s ascendancy is part of a global proto-fascist movement growing out of the economic misery from neoliberalism and end stage capitalism: financial deregulation, abusive corporate trade agreements, obscene economic disparities, endless war, climate catastrophe and the growing refugee crises.

    A registry of Muslims should be seen as an attack on the human rights and civil liberties of us all. One fitting response would be for all people of conscience to self-register as Muslim. We should also declare safe zones and sanctuaries in schools, on campuses, and in cities and towns of conscience. We should not wait for a response from the establishment. Our government has already, in fact, been creating and using internment camps for undocumented immigrants over the past several years. The Democrats have been leading the charge on this assault, so they will not be the party of resistance.


  6. Poll: 59 percent of voters are optimistic about Trump


  7. False accusations against Trump:

    Racism: Against who, African-Americans? Trump has had many Black friends and supporters over the years, and Blacks on the campaign trail with him, and Black surrogates speaking on his behalf. So far he has nominated Dr. Ben Carson for his cabinet as the head of HUD (even though I don't think Carson is qualified, because he knows nothing about housing).

    Misogyny: Maybe he was an adulterer and a womanizer in his younger years, but I don't think he hates or beats women; and I'm sure he loves and respects his wife and daughter. He's hired many women and promoted them within his organization and on his campaign staff — and nominated two for his cabinet already. They called Bernie Sanders's supporters misogynists too.

    Islampahbia: He's not anti-Muslim, and has strong Muslim supporters; and many more voted for him than Mitt Romney. He doesn't want "extreme vetting" for all Muslims, just for all "people" who want to immigrate to America from countries with an ISIS problem. He "misspoke" and is not a "politically correct" politician, and has since amended his earlier statement of "banning all Muslims" -- but the media and the Democrats keep pounding this dishonest meme. Law-abiding Muslim-American citizens (like all other law-abiding citizens) in the U.S. have nothing to fear from him.

    Homophobia: He has a personal opinion about gay marriage (as do many Democrats and Independents), but has always supported civil unions so they would be entitled to federal benefits like Social Security death benefits; but he has already said the Supreme Court has already resolved this issue. Sometimes, based on religious beliefs, many people are uncomfortable with gay marriage, but wouldn't deny others. He's not "going after" the LGBTQ community (even though it was THEY who laughed at that fundraiser when Hillary Clinton called half his supporters "deplorable".)

    Anti-Semite: His son-in-law is Jewish, who he trusts and respects deeply. Didn't his daughter convert to Judaism -- and aren't his grandchildren also Jewish? I'm sure he's also has many Jewish friends and supporters over the years. He was warmly received by AIPAC and always said he was a strong supporter of Israel.

    Xenophobia: Maybe he's against (and fearful of) Clinton's Alt-Left "Purple Revolution" (aka George Soros Democrats who want open borders that threaten national sovereignty), even though he once was a Democrat himself. I hate the corrupt Clintons, so maybe I'm a xenophobe and a "hater" too.

    Bigotry: Against who? Mexicans? Why? Just because he wants to build a wall (with a door for LEGAL immigration)? And who EXACTLY would a wall hurt?He wants to deport ILLEGAL immigrants (of all nationalities) who commit serious crimes...so. He wants to de-fund ILLEGAL sanctuary cities that harbor criminals...so. Does that make Trump bigoted, just because he's against law-breakers? If that's playing the "Bigot Card", then deal me in. (My aunt is from Mexico. She legally immigrated to the U.S.)