Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trump's Immigrant Ban vs. FDR's Internment Camps

Trump and FDR

After the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in 1941 (when the U.S. population was 131 million) FDR's Executive Order 9066 sent 70,000 Japanese-American citizens to internment camps. It was legal then and it would still be legal today in 2017 (if so ordered).

If there was an actual country named "ISIS" where it was legal to behead Christians and blow up innocent people with suicide bombs, would placing a travel/immigrant/migrant ban on people from the country of ISIS be "racist", "bigoted" or "Islamophobic"? The Democrats, illegal immigrants in the U.S., the Clinton cult, the ACLU, the Black Caucus and the Alt-Left would think so.

Executive Order 9066 was a presidential executive order signed and issued during World War II by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942. This order authorized the Secretary of War to prescribe certain areas as military zones, clearing the way for the internment of Japanese-Americans, German-Americans and Italian-Americans in the United States.

During World War II thousands of American citizens were held in internment camps (not Nazi concentration camps or Russian gulags). They were not tortured or used for forced labor — and may have been more humane than Sheriff Joe Arpaio's tent city in Phoenix, Arizona.

The "evacuees" detained in these "camps" held up to 18,000 people. They were small cities that had medical care, food and education provided by the government. Adults were offered camp jobs with wages of $12 to $19 per month. Some camp services such as medical care and education were provided by the "inmates" themselves. About 120,000 people of Japanese ethnicity were interned*, and almost 70,000 of them were American citizens.

* The internment was the forced removal and confinement of approximately 120,000 Japanese-Americans from the West Coast of the United States during World War II (the entire Pacific coast region, including all of California and most of Oregon and Washington). After the bombing of Pearl Harbor some 5,500 Japanese-American men were arrested by the FBI and sent directly to internment camps run by the Department of Justice; and approximately 5,000 others were able to "voluntarily" relocate to other parts of the country before forced evacuations began. The remainder (roughly 110,000 men, women and children) were sent to "relocation centers," hastily constructed camps in remote portions of the nation's interior, run by the War Relocation Authority.

Americans of Italian and German ancestry were also targeted by restrictions in FDR's order, including internment — about 11,000 people of German ancestry were interned, as were 3,000 people of Italian ancestry, along with some Jewish refugees. The interned Jewish refugees came from Germany, as the U.S. government did not differentiate between ethnic Jews and ethnic Germans (the term "Jewish" was defined as a religious practice, not an ethnicity). Like the Japanese internees, these smaller groups also had American-born citizens in their numbers (but is not widely publicized).

During the war in 1944, the U.S. Supreme Court heard two cases challenging the constitutionality of the exclusion, removal, and detention in FDR's Executive Order 9066, upholding it both times — and that it was permissible to curtail the civil rights of a racial group when there is a "pressing public necessity."

In December 1944, President Roosevelt "suspended" Executive Order 9066. Internees were then released, often to resettlement facilities and temporary housing, and the internment camps were shut down by 1946.

On February 19, 1976 (on the 34-year anniversary of FDR's order), President Gerald Ford issued a proclamation titled "An American Promise" that rescinded FDR's Executive Order 9066 — which in part, says:

"The Executive order that was issued on February 19, 1942, was for the sole purpose of prosecuting the war with the Axis Powers [Japanese, Italian and German], and ceased to be effective with the end of those hostilities. Because there was no formal statement of its termination, however, there is concern among many Japanese-Americans that there may yet be some life in that obsolete document. I think it appropriate, in this our Bicentennial Year, to remove all doubts on that matter, and to make clear our commitment in the future."

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter signed legislation to create the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) to conduct an official governmental study of FDR's Executive Order 9066.

On August 10, 1988, the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, based on Carter's CWRIC recommendations, was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. It consisted of an official government apology and reparations payments of $20,000 (inflation-adjusted to $40,000 in 2016 dollars) to each of the Japanese-American* survivors or their descendants.

* German-Americans and Italian-Americans were not mentioned because they were "White" and the official apology and the reparations were more about self-punishment for engaging in racism. So why not also the "indigenous people" of the U.S. — American Indians with Manifest Destiny — or African-Americans because of slavery — or Mexican-Americans after the U.S. took the territory of California and other southwest regions? The U.S. wasn't very nice to the Chinese immigrants (railroad builders, etc.) either. We can base all those horrific acts in American history as "racism" as well, even though racism has been practiced by all races to some degree all throughout human history.

On November 21, 1989, President George H. W. Bush signed an appropriation bill authorizing the aforementioned payments to be paid out between 1990 and 1998. In 1990, surviving internees began to receive individual redress payments and a letter of apology from the U.S. government. This bill applied to the Japanese-Americans and to members of the Aleut people inhabiting the strategic Aleutian islands in Alaska who were also relocated.

In President Donald J. Trump's executive order (currently being challenged by the courts), he wants to temporarily suspend people from traveling into the U.S. (but it now excludes legal visa holders and medical emergencies) from 7 countries that are rated high on terrorist watch lists (that are mostly populated by people of the Muslim faith) until such a time (within 120 days) when the vetting procedures can be more thoroughly reviewed. Trump didn't order "a ban on all Muslims" from entering the U.S. (although, if he wanted to, he could have legally done so). And exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

President Trump didn't order any Muslim-Americans (or any people with national heritage to those 7 countries) to be locked up in internment camps. A few people who were caught up at airports were inconvenienced — but it was not a "life and death" matter regarding migrants from foreign countries (with no U.S. Constitutional rights) fleeing war-torn nations . Americans accept migrants based on a variety of humanitarian reasons. But NOBODY has any legal "RIGHT" to migrate/immigrate/travel to the United States. American citizens (via the President/Congress) determine when and if foreign nationals are permitted to move and live here — either temporarily or permanently as a "privilege", not a "right".

American citizens usually don't illegally migrate/immigrate/travel to a foreign country, then disrespectfully wave the American flag while on foreign soil and publicly protest and DEMAND that they have a legal right to live there. But yet we have American politicians, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, breaking that oath of office and treasonously running "sanctuary cities" to harbor illegal immigrants who break U.S. federal and States laws (some, very serious and violent violations). President Trump can also legally lock up those people as well (the politicians, for breaking the law, but not just for "having a different political view".)

"Human rights" and "U.S. Constitutional rights" are two completely different things (apples and oranges). Slavery was inhumane but it was legal. The Republicans made slavery illegal when the Democrats didn't believe in human rights. Now Democrats support human rights, illegal immigration, reckless migration, open borders and sanctuary cities because it means votes and power for those within the Democratic political party elite.

The Democrats would sell out the country for the power to force their will on the rest of us; and for them, "the end justifies the means" (indoctrinated college students; a flooded labor market; stacking the State and federal courts; media propaganda; outright lies and deception; Clinton Foundation, super-delegates, George Soros, United Nations; globalist trade agreements; etc.). The Democrats will collude with the media and cheat in debates and suppress the Independent vote and rig elections to get their way. Not very "democratic" for a "Democrat".

Trump only wants to make America great again (and safer). But if you disagree with a formerly pro-slavery Democrat, they will destroy you if they can (because they ARE evil!) by wrongfully labeling you as a racist, a sexist, a bigot, a misogynist, an Islamophobe, a xenophobe, a homophobe, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-trade, a White supremacist, a White nationalist, a Nazi and a fascist. And members of their alt-left movement will use violence, riots and destruction to intimidate and bully you. That is the REAL "fascism", not Trump.

In psychology the word "projection" is similar to the Democrat's strategy of pointing their finger at others and blaming others for what THEY THEMSELVES are guilty of ... "fascism".


  1. CNN (owned by Time-Warner) and MSNBC (owned by Comcast) are anti-American propaganda media outlets.

  2. * If you disagree with the liberal propagandist trans-national corporate media, the sleazy race-baiting establishment Democrats, the alt-left rioting anarchists, the American flag-burning illegal immigrant protesters (who think they are ENTITLED to be here), the rich and pampered self-gratifying Hollywood elites (that never threaten to move to Mexico), the dangerously crazed Clinton cult members, the un-patriotic and losing NFL players, and the extremely visceral anti-American United Nations, then according to all them, you must be a racist, a sexist, a bigot, a misogynist, an Islamophobe, a xenophobe, a homophobe, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-trade, a White supremacist, a White nationalist, a Nazi and a fascist — and you should immediately die — because they righteously and pompously believe that only THEY are "right" and that you are very, very wrong. They don't believe in American sovereignty and will do anything to beat you down, including the use of violence, rigging elections and limiting free speech. That's what they call "diversity", "tolerance" and "all inclusiveness".