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Jason Chaffetz blasts Trump's Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

August 7, 2017 - On Fox News former House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz blasted Trump's Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein for saying he'd arrest leakers but not Clintons.


Bill and Hillary Clinton (in solidarity with George Soros and the Purple Revolution) during her bitter concession speech.

Since sorely losing the 2016 presidential election, the humiliated Clintons and the "open borders" billionaire George Soros have launched their "Purple Revolution" of "resist" — which also includes former Obama holdovers within the Deep State (intelligence agencies) who have leaked classified information to the "liberal" pro-Democrat media to deliberately sabotage President Trump, his administration and the political agenda he campaigned on — even if it meant risking national security and hampering Trump's ability to communicate with other world leaders in a secure setting.

AG Jeff Sessions says he has launched several investigations with regards to the leakers — and that the media's right to publish classified government material was not "unlimited"; but Jason Chaffetz is skeptical that anyone associated with Obama or Clinton will ever be placed in handcuffs.

And all this is happening while Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein chose Bob Mueller, a former head of the FBI and good friends with James Comey*, who is the last FBI director who (despite tons of evidence), refused to recommend the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and her associates after Bill Clinton had just met with Obama's former AG Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Arizona, which had happened just days before exonerating Hillary Clinton after her FBI interrogation / "interview" at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.

The talking point that Loretta Lynch had instructed James Comey to publicly use was not "investigation" but "matter". And redacted FBI talking points via a FOIA request would also probably show "security review" as another one*, which Hillary Clinton and her criminals cartel also used.

* James Comey now has a book deal, profiting from his "service to the people" while employed by the government, taking taxpayer dollars and then leaking classified material to the media. He should be denied any federal pension or other government benefits.

The entire scenario was corrupt and fixed from the very beginning ... long before Trump was later falsely accused by the Clinton underground criminal network for "collision" (which isn't a crime) with the Russians for "meddling" in the election when there was not ONE shred of evidence. Trump later said at a rally in West Virginia on August 3, 2017 that it wasn't the Russians who had elected him, but the American people. Trump's remarks on Russia >

Trump's AG Jeff Sessions was pressured by the Democrats and anti-Trump establishment grand-standing media-hound Republicans (such as Senator John McCain) to recuse himself from any investigation regarding Russia; then Trump's Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein chose Bob Mueller (one day after Mueller interviewed with Trump for the job of FBI director) to lead a special investigation on Russian "collusion" and any possible "meddling" by members of the Trump campaign. Now, like a fishing expedition LOOKING for a crime (when no evidence of a crime exists), it has expanded to include all of Trump's financial transactions.

Now a couple of anti-Trump Republican grand-standers in Congress (such as Senator Lindsey Graham) has proposed a bill preventing Trump from ever firing Bob Mueller for wasting taxpayer dollars on a political "witch hunt".

* Redacted: DOJ Blocks Out Talking Points Used to Defend Secret Meeting Between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz blasts hold-over Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

FULL DISCLOSURE: I disagree with most of the GOP's proposals for healthcare and tax "reform", but I fully support President Trump because of the Democrat's (Clintonite's) twisted and corrupt political tactics. The Clintons committed more crimes in their lifetimes than we can count (many, very serious infractions of the law.) The most that Trump might ever get nailed on is "greasing the wheels" during some business deal or another --- something ALL the billionaires in America are guilty of. If they hadn't, they wouldn't be billionaires. But because Trump is America's first billionaire president, he is a very big target for his enemies.

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