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The U.S. Government Declares War on the Unemployed!

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Anybody who's read my previous posts from my old web site knows I follow the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics job numbers very closely. I have emailed and called them on various occasions to bicker with them about their obsolete and antiquated (and inaccurate) CPS household survey when collecting data for their unemployment numbers.

So I was just a little peeved when I saw the numbers today. Who in hell do they think they're kidding anyway? The government's lies are almost becoming a bad joke...I can even envision 5-year-olds giggling on the playground, it's that absurd.

Today the U.S. government reported that the unemployment rate has fallen by eight-tenths of a percentage point in the past two months. That's the steepest two-month drop in nearly 53 years!

They're saying today that the unemployment rate (U-3) is now only 9 percent. That's odd, where did everybody go? Was I the last one to leave the party? Did I pass out on the couch in an alcoholic stupor and miss something? Did I miss a job interview?

Today it was reported in the Huffington Post: "You won't find their photos on the backs of milk cartons. The Coast Guard isn't out looking for them. No missing-persons reports have been filed. These are jobless Americans who have grown so discouraged by their unsuccessful searches for work that they have simply given up the hunt. They are no longer counted among the 14.5 million Americans officially considered unemployed as of the end of last year, according to the Department of Labor."

Of course, I begged to differ somewhat.

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Only 39,000 jobs were created in America since the last jobs report was released last month. That's 100,000 less that is needed just to break even with natural population growth and new people entering the work force for the first time. So how did the unemployment rate go DOWN?

First, the government denied extending UI benefits to 6.4 million jobless "exhaustees" (including the 99ers) the government is denying that they (real people) don't even exist!

The U.S. government is BLATANTLY sweeping 6.4 million long-term unemployed Americans (and growing) under the rug! It's easier for the government to SAY they're not looking for jobs - when they damn well know that there are no jobs to look for (at least, not in THIS country, but maybe there are in China).

So, the U.S. government thinks that it can just magically reduce the unemployment rate on their say-so alone, just to paint a rosier picture of the economy. But a vast number of the working-class and middle-aged in America were wiped out in this recession, while only corporate stocks (and CEO and bankster's salaries/bonuses) have fared well.

At this rate of government reported "job gains" we should see an unemployment rate of 4.2% by this time next year. Well Hallelujah! Maybe we WON'T have 10 million people still unemployed that have exhausted all their unemployment insurance benefits by this time next year!

And maybe there really IS a Tooth Fairy, an Easter Bunny, and a Santa Claus too!

  9.0 - current U-3 rate (last month reported 9.4% minus today's reported 9.0% = .4%)
- 4.8 - (.4% X 12 months = 4.8%)
  4.2% - the new U.S. government reported forecast for the unemployment rate in February 2012?

This coming Wednesday (February 9, 2011) a group of 99ers are to be present in Washington D.C. for a press conference related to a proposed bill that will be pending for an extension of 14 weeks of federal benefits to be added to the EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) "Tier I" - - - a life-saver for many "exhaustees" and "99ers" who have not yet fallen into the Abyss.

Read: Rep. Barbara Lee to Reintroduce 99er Unemployment Benefits Extension Legislation. But for many others (such as this blogger) even if this bill gets passed, it will be much too little, and far too late to have saved my IRA, all my savings, most of my possessions, and my car.

Elaine, one of 2 million actual 99ers (who really did qualify for the maximum weeks allowed in one of only 18 States), had a great idea: "While in DC last October, I seriously wanted to purchase crime scene tape and wrap the capitol in it with resumes attached."

But I doubt there's enough "crime scene" tape in the world for what would be needed in D.C.

Our own country (led by a Democratic President) has taken the Fox News position (and the GOP and Tea Party's) that the long-term jobless are just lazy hobos, have stopped looking for work, and should therefore no longer be counted or receive any additional help. The U.S. government has declared war on the jobless.

I'm so pissed - - - it's a good thing I don't have access to any serious military weaponry - I wouldn't even know where to begin my counter-offensive!

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