Monday, May 16, 2011

FCC Allows Comcast's Acquisition of NBC Universal

More Government corruption: Just business as usual.

What a rancid smell!

A government regulator was bribed to allow another major corporation to expand its monopoly [Washington Post]. The government regulator is being rewarded for her vote by being hired by that same corporation. [story continued]. 

Meredith Attwell Baker:
Another corporate hack

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The cable company will soon rule the world...

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  1. "Usage-based billing." It sounds so innocent! Kind of like paying for what you use, right? Don’t be fooled.

    The usage-based billing playbook was developed by the mobile wireless industry, which itself is nothing more than a duopoly (Verizon Wireless and AT&T) with a fringe of a few other firms with similar business models. I’ve been predicting for years that usage-based billing will be used as a sledgehammer by other internet access providers like Comcast. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve been proven right.

    The sledgehammer (as employed by the mobile carriers) is a part of a complex scheme designed to hijack the development of a fast, cheap, competitive, unlimited-capacity data communications systems — like the one our country should have.