Monday, May 16, 2011

Republican's Plan A, Plan B & Master Plan

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This post isn't for the benefit of liberals, progressives, Democrats, the Coffee Party, or other well-informed and rational American people. I wrote it for the benefit of un-informed Republicans, radical Tea Party members, undecided Independents, and rabid Fox News viewers. I know, I used to be one.

It should be noted that whenever a Republican says they don't want to raise taxes, they mean taxes on the rich, because they claim that just by HAVING lots of money means someone will create jobs. Republicans say people with lots of money are "job creators", as though the more money millionaires and billionaires possess and the more off-shore bank accounts they have (i.e. the bigger their stack of gold coins), the more people they will hire...the more jobs they will create. But in the REAL world, rich people don't create jobs, we do.

And people with lots of money are consumers too, but someone with far less money will always be spending a greater percentage of their money "consuming" - if for no other reason than just for living expenses (i.e. shelter, heat, clothing, and food). If there is ever anything left over, they might rent some movies or buy a 6-pack of beer for "entertainment". Someone collecting unemployment benefits or Social Security disability benefits will almost put their entire income right back into the economy...just to survive.

A truly "middle-class" person will spend more: Invest in a home (30-year mortgage), put children through college (2nd mortgage or savings), go on vacations, contribute to an IRA for retirement, and buy "discretionary items" like flat-screen TVs and new cars every three years.

An uber wealthy person may buy a second or third mansion, yacht, and/or private jet...but they won't spend 50% of their wealth on these things. For many, these are "discretionary items". They might hire housekeepers, gardeners, cooks, chauffeurs, pilots, and sailors from income they derive from their personal wealth, that may or may not be generated through investments or from the interest on idle cash sitting in a bank.

CEOs of companies don't hire that many people from their private wealth, they hire people with money from their corporate treasuries as part of the operating expenses for running the company that generates their private personal wealth. They don't want to hire people, they want to earn profits. People are the necessary evils they must sometimes endure if they can't automate or robotize. If it's cost-effective, and they can pay lower wages elsewhere, they will. They aren't "community leaders", they're profiteers (robber barons); they aren't real people, they're chartered entities. And CEOs are just stuffing as much cash into their pockets as they possibly can, any way they can, and believe that they have no moral or community or patriotic obligations at all. But they have Public Relations departments telling you otherwise.

Republicans say the markets need "certainty", as though there should be no risks involved in investment, as though all aspects about an economy should somehow be guaranteed for wealthy investment bankers. And that raising taxes on the rich will stop the wealthy from attempting to make more money...that they should pay LESS taxes so they will have "certainty" in the market and create more jobs.

Republicans deliberately fail to remind us that if it were not for taxes and government, we wouldn't have things like the Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam, or our national highway system because these are not profitable enterprises that CEOs (or wealthy people like Lady Gaga or Paris Hilton) would invest in. These things can only be profitable for the companies the government hires to accomplish these feats.

Paying someone for labor is creating a job, no matter who pays. If the government collects money from the uber-wealthy by raising their capital gains taxes from 15% to 20%, then takes that money and hires people to build roads and bridges, then "big government" is creating jobs by paying Americans to do something good for the country - creating something that EVERYONE benefits from.

Would the CEOs of multi-national corporations who outsource jobs overseas, then hire an army of lawyers to avoid paying ANY corporate income taxes at all, just voluntarily "donate" a portion of their record profits to pay for much needed improvements in our infrastructure? Would any banker? I DON'T THINK SO! I have as yet seen one offer.

"Discretionary spending" in the federal budget includes programs that regular Americans need when they are too old and sick and can no longer work (i.e. Medicare and Social Security). A person working all their life at McDonalds can not afford to buy comprehensive healthcare coverage or save enough money for retirement. But rich Republicans (i.e. the Koch brothers) don't care about regular working-class Americans. Glenn Beck thinks unemployed ones are actually "un-American". And with the way this economy is headed, most of us will all be working low-paying we've already been under-paid for the last 40 years while our corporate masters have amassed enormous wealth.

And all those years they told you how beneficial it would be for you to be a part of "the team" or the corporate "family". Of course most of us have learned that this is all nonsense. They would just as soon dump you into a garbage dumpster (as they did to millions of people during the Great Recession) if they could save a precious corporate buck. Company loyally is a very antiquated and very foolish philosophy.

I once naively believed all that crap too, that the richest among us who live in this country (as our community and business leaders) have a moral obligation to this country and it's people because as the caretakers of our monetary wealth and as the captains of our economy, their decisions affect all of us. It was the PEOPLE who created the political environment in which for them to operate. Outsourcing jobs is "un-American" and a slap in the face to all those who died in wars before them to preserve Democracy. But almost every damn CEO today does this.

Plain and simple: the Republicans want nothing more than to make the rich richer at the expense of making the poor poorer. PERIOD. So why would anyone ever vote for a Republican if they weren't rich (or had a very good chance of getting rich in the future)?

Many working-class Republicans still believe all the crap they hear on Fox News (like I once did), and I almost feel pity for many of them...but I feel outrage at Fox for all the lies and propaganda they spew. The word "news" shouldn't be included in their name because (as is common knowledge) the majority of their programming is very ideologically slanted commentary, with the Fox talking-heads carefully groomed and selected. Any dissenting opinionaters that are invited onto their shows (Fox pretending to be "fair and balanced") are either out numbered on the discussion panels, or they choose the weaker (or more controversial) debaters to represent the opposing view, or the Fox talking-heads will just bully them and speak over them like Bill O'Reilly often does.

So what is the Republican's true plan? Is is really about prosperity for all Americans? Is is really about restoring America's "middle-class"? Is it really about putting Americans back to work? Is it really about preserving the American Dream? Or is it really about preserving (and exceeding) the wealth, power, and control of the uber-rich?

I know what the Republican's plan might be. I can easily imagine this country (or the whole "global market") one hundred years from now, all of us living underground like Morlocks and slaving at ancient machines in factories to produce goods for all the rich Republicans living above-ground  in the sunlight, enjoying the fruits of our labors. A whole bunch of old white men, all wearing white Togo robes - each with two young blond women, one under each arm...offering them up wine and feast and "favors". The rest of us, subterranean creatures, dirty and sweating and breaking our backs in the stale and damp underground air...constantly cold, hungry, tired, and miserably suffering. All while the rich Republicans are high up above us, demanding that we work much harder - and much faster - for far less rewards.

Or I can imagine the Republican's "PLAN-B", and it's the year 2022. The population has grown three-fold, most housing is dilapidated and overcrowded, and the homeless fill the streets and line the fire escapes and stairways of buildings. Food as we once knew it is now a very rare and expensive commodity. There are often food riots. Most of the world's population survives on processed rations produced by the massive multi-national conglomerate called the Soylent Corporation (who NEVER paid corporate taxes). But first, The Republicans start by eliminating Medicare and Social Security...then beginning  with the elderly, most of us become Soylent Green.

Or is THIS, the Republican's real "Master Plan"?

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (and Alex Jones) - FEMA CAMPS in a POLICE STATE 

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Glenn Beck was threatened by the New World Order over FEMA CAMP story. Beck was going to debunk the story as just another silly conspiracy theory, but said he and his researchers couldn't do that...because it's true. (Google "Bill H.R. 645")


  1. "Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) steadfastly insists that he will vote against any debt-limit deal if it does not include long-term cuts to entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, adding that he would not support tax increases as part of the deal. Boehner has also ruled out tax increases as part of a deal for grappling with the long-term deficit, despite appeals by Democrats to use revenue-increasing measures to avoid some program cuts."

    They Republicans won't close corporate tax loopholes or end corporate welfare (subsidies) either. This in itself shows that the Republicans care not for the working-class or the poor, but only for the rich.

  2. Bud, have you seen this story? It is sad.