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Bill O'Reilly Fears "Left Wing Loons" Rioting in America

He compares half of the American population to those with having the potential to be like violent anarchists in Greece if they are denied a "government hand-out".

Ellen at News Hounds writes: Bill O’Reilly sounded a lot like Glenn Beck this week (6/16/11) when he discussed the riots in Vancouver and Greece, and then he jumped to the conclusion that:

  • a) it was all about the far left (Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, labor unions, government workers),
  • b) it was fostered by a climate of government dependence (the elderly and disabled on Social Security, the unemployed collecting UI benefits, and the poor with Medicaid and food stamps),
  • c) and this has set the table for the same kind of violence to happen here (as is in North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and all across Europe).


Near the end of his show O’Reilly brought up the riots that erupted in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. Rather than offer any kind of real discussion about the cause, O'Reilly announced that “far-left loons” had taken to the streets. He never explained how he knew their politics – was any polling done? Or does O’Reilly just “know” who did it? The answer seems to be the latter because he continued by saying, “As you may know, Vancouver’s a very permissive town, similar to San Francisco and there’s a hard-core anarchist group that lives there. They are responsible for the carnage. It had nothing to do with the game.”

It’s funny, FoxNews said nothing about the politics of anyone involved in the Vancouver riots in its AP article on the subject – other than to quote the mayor who said the inciters were “organized hoodlums bent on creating chaos.” The article went on to note that, “While police said it was mostly young people responsible for the mayhem, an equally young crew turned up in jeans and rubber gloves, some with Canucks jerseys, ready to help clean up.” It must have been the "far-left loons" doing the rioting, the "right-wingers" doing the cleaning up, while the "liberal media" (AP) missed that important distinction, eh?

But O’Reilly continued,

"The question is, could this kind of thing happen in America and the answer is, Yes. About half the population here now believes income redistribution is the right thing to do. We’re setting the table for violence in this country. Once people start depending on the government for their livelihood, for essentials, then those essentials are taken away, you’re gonna have violence. Also, the more far-left loons there are, the more potential for violence there is. Those anarchists want to burn down everything. So we can watch the stuff in Vancouver and Greece but we shouldn’t think it can’t happen here. The pinheads in America are mounting."

So, if I'm translating correcting: Bill O'Reilly is saying that in America we have 50% of the population who are hard-core anarchists that might burn everything down if we tax the uber-rich fairly (because we believe in income redistribution) to help pay for the essentials that old people, sick people, disabled people, unemployed people, and poor people rely on? And all these people are pinheads? And if you take away their "dependence on government" they will all engage in violence?

OMG! I can almost envision grandma in Harlem, throw Molotov cocktails at the police because her Social Security checks were abruptly cut off, as was her Medicare. But if it happened, I wouldn't blame her. And tax breaks for the rich didn't create jobs for 15 million Americans either, so if they joined grandma, I wouldn't blame them either. And if a Vietnam Vet had his disability payments squashed because the rich wanted MORE tax cuts, he should throw Molotov cocktails too - - - myself, I would throw one at Bill O'Reilly  ;)

It’s worth noting that what O’Reilly fears is not people losing or never getting “essentials”, but his belief that their rioting over the loss of what they should not get without “earning” it in the first place. OK, everyone is entitled to their own opinion – even if it’s an “I got mine, too bad if you didn’t get yours” attitude like O’Reilly’s.

But who made O’Reilly God to sit in judgment of all these "left wing loons"?

What’s inexcusable is his paranoid, incendiary, and unsupported contention that the half of Americans who disagree with him are “pinheads” and “setting the table for violence.”

Bill O'Reilly puts himself on his book cover as "the equal" or counter to the President of the United States...thinking that we've forgotten he is a sexual predator and a bully to defenseless women.

But Bill O'Reilly is just another greedy and selfish multi-millionaire who doesn't want to pay any more taxes on the books that he pimps and promotes on the Fox News propaganda channel. 

Bill pays a capital gains tax on his book royalties, and the tax rate is lower than what a person drawing unemployment benefits has to pay. Bill O'Reilly already "got his" so he doesn't really give a damn about the "folks" he says he's looking after...including most ordinary people who will most likely need unemployment benefits, Medicare, food stamps, or Social Security at some time in their life. Rich people like Bill just don't want to pay their share of taxes for these programs because they themselves no longer personally need them. (Funny how they change their mind after becoming rich). Glenn Beck, who hates unions, once belonged to a union himself. AFTRA (the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). But now that Glenn Beck is also rich, he hates unions now. (Funny how they change their mind after becoming rich.)

The globe has never had more wealth than at any other time in history, it's just that it has all accumulated at the top (or as Bill O'Reilly would say, it's been redistributed.) and that's why "austerity" measures are being implemented all across Europe, and why America is being threatened with this. Governments don't have the cash because all the banks and the richest 3% have hoarded the money supply. 

Why does America have a budget crisis? Low taxes equals low revenues, an increasing population, the aging "baby boomers", Wall Street and corporate greed, our corrupt politicians who receive corporate campaign contributions, and lying pinheads like Bill O'Reilly.

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