Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Entitlements on the Rise

The housing market and stock market crashed BEFORE Obama was elected. Mass layoffs began BEFORE Obama was elected. But the Republicans have been complaining that since Obama took office, "entitlements" (UI benefits, Social Security, disability, Medicaid, and food stamps) have all skyrocketed. 

Yes, during the AFTERMATH of the economic collapse (because of Republican policies under Bush) "entitlements" HAVE gone up. The Republicans have made my point for me. 

So stop the corporate subsidies, raise taxes on the rich, stop outsourcing jobs, and regulate the banks, the oil companies, the commodities markets, and the insurance companies. Maybe more people would find a job paying a "living wage" and won't NEED as many "entitlements" just to survive. 

But instead, the Republicans want LESS government regulation, oversight, and taxes. The Republicans want us to believe that Obama created a welfare state when it was the Republicans who created all the economic destruction. Obama was left with the litter...the millions of ordinary Americans who are just trying to get by. But the Republicans want us to believe that Obama single-handedly created 40 million lazy people who want nothing more than a government hand-out/entitlement. 

Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck also wants you to believe that me and 40 million others might burn down the country if these "entitlements" are taken away from us in exchange for more tax cuts for the rich. If they are correct, will anybody join me? It's time to roll.


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  2. I think we should just burn Glenn Beck and O'Reilly at the stake.

  3. I am more than ready to roll...let me know where and when!

  4. I am also tired of all of this chaos and blame being dumped on Obama. I certainly don't idolize Obama, of which I have been accused, and I believe that the Great Recession, the Great Inequality, and all of the rest have complex causes.. and more complex solutions. But to pile blame on the Dems is absurd when I do feel that more blame should be laid at the feet of the right-wingers and the Republicans all the way back to Reagan. Not to mention the constant obstruction by the Repubs to efforts by Obama and the Dems to get things back in order.

    I'm particularly disturbed because many unemployed people seem to be blaming Obama. Come on, people... Would you really give the keys of the bus back to the guys who drove it off the cliff? Get real. Obama is not a god, and never was.

    Thanks for mentioning this!