Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tell Michele Bachmann: The Earth is not Flat

Michele Bachmann asserted, "There is a controversy among scientists about whether evolution is a fact ... hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel prizes, believe in intelligent design."

The welfare queen never stops lying.

The leading proponents of Intelligent Design are associated with the Discovery Institute, a politically conservative think tank. The intelligent design movement is a direct outgrowth of the creationism of the 1980s. The goal of intelligent design is to cast creationism as merely a scientific concept.

The intelligent design movement claims that there is a debate among scientists about whether life evolved. The movement stresses the importance of recognizing the existence of this supposed debate, seeking to convince the public, politicians, and cultural leaders that schools should "Teach the Controversy". In fact, there is no such controversy in the scientific community; the scientific consensus is that life evolved.

Intelligent design is NOT accepted by most scientists: "Intelligent design (ID) parallels but is not identical to creation science, the view that there is scientific evidence to support the Genesis account of the creation of the earth and of life. ID and creation science share the belief that the mainstream scientific discipline of evolution is largely incorrect. Both involve an intervening deity, but ID is more vague about what happened and when. Indeed, ID proponents are tactically silent on an alternative to common descent. Teachers exhorted to teach intelligent design, then, are left with little to teach other than "evolution didn't happen." 

As the bankruptcy of creation "science" becomes increasingly recognized, the new catch phrase, "intelligent design", has been adopted by those who persist in their attempts to inject creationism into the science curriculum. Intelligent design is a more subtle term than creation science, one that has far broader implications than the genesis of life on a minor planet in the corner of a minor galaxy. The argument that the material universe resulted from conscious action outside itself can sound convincing, even to those who accept biological evolution as established fact. Many who agree that biblical creation is not an appropriate part of the science curriculum, because it is not science, may not object to including material that argues with greater sophistication that the universe as a whole shows evidence for "intelligent design".

A high school student named Zack Kopplin challenges Congresswoman Bachmann, "I see your 'hundreds' of scientists, and raise you millions of scientists. For the next hand, I raise you 43 Nobel Laureate scientists. That's right: 43 Nobel Laureate scientists have endorsed our effort to repeal Louisiana's creationism law. Congresswoman Bachmann, you claim that Nobel Laureates support creationism. Show me your hand. If you want to be taken seriously by voters while you run for President, back up your claims with facts. Can you match 43 Nobel Laureates, or do you fold?"

Is part of Michele Bachmann's political and social agenda* to bypass the religious teachings of parents by indoctrinating small children in school with her own radical ideas about creation, science, and God? What ever happened to separation of state and church, and why are Christian evangelists (those in the political arena today) so determined to impose their beliefs and values on everyone else?

Even the Pope agrees there's room for science and creationism to co-exist; and DNA testing and carbon dating has proved that the Earth is more than 8,000 years old, otherwise humans would have co-existed with dinosaurs.

And no Michele, the Earth is not flat no, I would not vote for you to manage anything, let alone our country.

* Short Bio: After graduating from high school, Michele Bachmann lived in a commune in Israel. She later received a degree from the Oral Roberts University and then earned a degree in tax law. From 1988 to 1993 Michele Bachmann was an attorney for the Internal Revenue Service - working for "big government". In 2000 she entered politics and later became the founder of the Tea Party Caucus while a member of the House of Representatives - working for "big government".  She wants to eliminate healthcare for everyone else, except for those like her, who work for "big government".  It's rather odd that she bitches about "big government" all the time. Maybe she should pray for more guidance.


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  1. OK, she lived in Israel, believes in "Intelligent Design", and considers herself to be a "socially conservative Christian".

    Acccording to this article she had an on-again off-again relationship with Olive Tree Ministries (which she founded in 1982), an evangelical Christian organization dedicated to "interpreting current events from a Biblical perspective."

    "According to Shalom Goldman, a professor of Middle East studies at Emory University who specializes in Christian zionism, Bachmann's views on Israel and Biblical prophecy are hardly unique among evangelical Christians."

    So what exactly is her mixed bag of beliefs and her connection to Israel if she is a "socially conservative Christian" or a Christian Zionist or a Lutheran? I'm confused.