Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hey 99ers, the Jobs are Everywhere!

(Originally posted on August 14, 2011 by Henry Shivley)

With My Edits: Wages are on the rise, help wanted signs are everywhere, and employers are offering additional benefits in an effort to entice employees. Of course it’s not here. We are talking about China. You know, those people across the ocean enjoying what used to be our economy. You know, the ones manufacturing our raw resources. Yeah, that’s them.

And what does this mean to us in America? Well our Chinese Christmas is going to cost more this year in paying the Chinese factory worker more. In fact, way more; because you see, our dollar is also continuing its decline. But not to worry, despite the massive declines in the stock market, the international businesses based in the United States continue to make record profits.

Who are all these people out there talking about change - Ron Paul, a Progressive like Bernie Sanders* (my edit) and some revolution? Crazy talk, that is what it is. Why would we want to change anything when the international corporations are richer than ever? Must be those lazy ass 99ers kicking back in their swimming pools and bitching on their cell phones because their welfare check is late.

Thank God Rick Perry is coming to save us from this madness. With the kind of money his Super PAC is wielding he can either buy the 2012 election, or probably cheaper yet, have Ron Paul a Progressive like Bernie Sanders* (my edit) killed with a predator drone strike.

And wouldn’t Michele Bachmann make a fine Vice President? The people obviously support her as she won the Iowa Straw Poll.

Just one little problem – Rick Perry is an international elitist Bilderberger who wants to help his international bankster backers enslave what was, and some of what still is, our middle class. And Michele Bachmann won that straw poll in an election that required a $30 per voter poll tax.

Maybe that is how they intend to take this next election. If a $30, hell no, $30,000 poll tax could be enacted as the law of the land they could actually buy one more election. That is the only way they could possibly win because the only poor or middle class person of any age that would vote for anyone but Ron Paul a Progressive like Bernie Sanders* (my edit) would have to be a damn fool. And all the damn fools have been separated from the rest of us.

They are pathetic, and this whole circus is pathetic. I just wonder what is going to happen when they realize that we all see them for what they are, and that we all know that not a damn one of them, except for Paul a Progressive like Bernie Sanders* (my edit) has any intension of lifting a finger to help we the people. The whole field, including Obama, is nothing more or less than a pack of corporate lapdogs waiting at the feet of their masters to be tossed another bone.

Oh what a day it will be when we are watching Ron Paul’s a Progressive like Bernie Sanders'* (my edit) inauguration, and oh the days that will follow with the Commander in Chief of our Army ordering the absolute enforcement of our Constitution.

Oh what a day when we will behold justice as the innocent are removed from our prisons and replaced with the guilty. Then we will see all the old Republican (my edit) crew again, all linked together with shovels in their hands working on a chain gang - out in the middle of Arizona would be fitting. I hope it is co-ed so I can see Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann staring at one another as I drive by, burning the gas that I will be able to afford again, headed to a home I own as compensation for all that has been stolen from me. And from that day forth the word "99er" will be synonymous with Rick Perry-and-company as it will equate to the average prison sentence these bastards receive - 99 years without parole! (my edit)

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

Re: HR 589 Unemployment Extension

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