Friday, August 19, 2011

Tell Christine O'Donnell : "Jesus Died for Gay People too."

"I'm not a witch. I'm just like you straight people."

Earlier this week Tea Party witch former political candidate Christine O'Donnell walked off the set of CNN's Piers Morgan's show, upset with his questions regarding her stance on gay marriage (even though she herself has said she discusses it in her book, the one that she was trying to promote on his show that night).

To put this issue in some perspective, let's first go back to the era of Cro-Magnon man, who has only been around for the last 50,000 years...not near as long as the Neanderthals. Yet modern men once believed that according to the scriptures in the Bible, the Earth was only 8,000 years old. Now scientists tells us it's 4.5 billion years old. So if some people misinterpreted the Bible on this fact, how can we say for sure that the Bible defined marriage as only being between a man and a woman? What else has the Holy Bible been very inaccurate about - - or was it always so misunderstood? The Bible never mentioned dinosaurs either, or did it?

Some argue that it's only "natural" to have marriage between and man and woman, because it takes a male and female to procreate. But some living organisms impregnate themselves, and some need not have intercourse at all to reproduce themselves. Single-celled organisms simply divide and multiply. How did the Virgin Mary become pregnant with Jesus? Yes, that was a miracle! That's what Christians have been taught. I think it would be very pompous for a mere mortal human to interpret what God meant to say, when I would think He would be very capable of saying very well what He actually means. I don't need someone like Christine O'Donnell to dictate my moral principals and beliefs to me. Does she think she's superior to me when the Constitution clearly states that my rights were endowed by my Creator?

The Bible also says that we shouldn't judge others. I myself believe in "live and let live", so long as other people's actions don't harm others. So long as a gay person (or a religious zealot or a violent terrorist) doesn't try to force or impose their lifestyles or beliefs on to me or others...such as Christine O'Donnell and the far right-wing "socially conservative" evangelists - - those who are the most radical and self-righteous of the Tea Party bigots.

And don't you think for one minute that I don't see the sinful and ruthless ambition in those politician's lying eyes - - they only lust for power, to dominate others, just enrich themselves, which is sin.

I believe in God, and that God created the Universe. Gay people are made from the same stardust as are straight people. The people who try to tell us what God actually said, or what God actually meant, can no better interpret the words of Jesus from 2,000 years ago than can our Supreme Court interpret the Constitution from only 200 years ago.

If someone is gay, I believe they no more choose to be gay than I made a conscience choice to be straight. We are what we are. I didn't have a choice as to the color of my skin either. Some may have sub-consciously transitioned into gaydom during their adolescent years, or some may have been molded by their environment (such as the homosexual activities that some people first initiate while in prison). And who knows...maybe certain genes in our DNA decides this. Why are some creatures bi-sexual or asexual? If homosexuality doesn't promote pedophilia or violent rape, or turns them into sadistic serial killers, then why should anyone condemn gaydom if it doesn't harm them or their loved ones?

But the far-right Republicans think that homosexuality is like a "gateway drug", leading to more perverted sexual marijuana leads to heroine. I once smoke pot for six years, and not once did I have any desire to stick a needle in my arm. Just the opposite. I got bored with pot and went on to harder drug called alcohol. I drank beer for most my life.

Homosexuality has been around since the dawn of mankind. When God created Adam and Eve, which one was gay? Or was it Cain or Abel who first put this Satanic scourge upon us? Or if we evolved from another species or genus over millions of years of evolution, where did the first gay guy come from? Did the devil make him do it?

The Tea Party says they want "smaller government", but then wants to pass laws dictating social and legal living arrangements between two consenting adults. They ridiculously argue that: "That's the slippery slope we're headed for....where does it all end? Fifteen wives? Ménage à trois? Married children? Marriage between a man and a donkey?" Get real man! Stop drinking the damn tea! I'll bet there are a lot more gay people than there are Tea Party people.

If a gay man told me he thought I was "cute", winked at me, and grabbed my ass, I would construe that as sexual harassment; and that might be one reason why some people might feel hostile. I wouldn't want an unsolicited sexual advance put upon me either. But if someone were to just tell me that someone else was gay, I would only shrug my shoulders and say "So what." If I passed two big burly macho construction workers walking down the sidewalk holding hands together, despite whether I'm comfortable with it or not, or if it just looks plain silly to me, I don't have the right to make it illegal. Live and let live. Just because I might not agree with something, or feel exactly as someone else does about a moral issue, it doesn't make me "right". I've been wrong about many other things before.

I believe that it's cruel and ungodly to discriminate against others because they are different from me, whether it be their color, religious beliefs, or sexual preference. In America we have a democracy and freedoms of choice. By imposing laws against gay people (or withholding rights that straight people enjoy) is mixing church and state, and therefore is unconstitutional.

How many gay soldiers have already died in wars for the politicians and people who thought they didn't have the same rights as straight people? I've heard that the majority of our soldiers today in Iraq and Afghanistan don't have an issue with gay soldiers. The generals might, those same ones who once believed that African-Americans weren't fit to serve in the military either (such as the Tuskegee Airmen). Our young soldiers bond in boot camp, become a band of brothers, who watch each others back...and they die protecting their comrades-in-arms, even the gay ones. What could someone like Christine O'Donnell possibly know about this?

And why are gays being discriminated against and face recriminations JUST for openly admitting to being gay. People of color never had to openly admit to being black or Hispanic to be discriminated against.

Not only does the government (state or federal) NOT have the right to sanction or condone ANY marriage for consenting adults of legal age, it also doesn't have the right to withhold other rights and services from gay couples that straight couples otherwise enjoy - - - couples who are committed to each other monogamously and love one another. The divorce rate for gay couples in no higher than that for straight couples. Gay parents don't abuse children any more than straight or single parents either. So what's their argument? Because THEY don't think it's "natural"?

If your religious beliefs convinced you to believe that being gay is sinful, that's your personal business; but your beliefs should not be imposed on me (who is straight) or on gay people. My religious beliefs convinced me that being gay is not sinful. Does your religion or belief in your god have superiority over my religion and belief in my God? Whose god mediates between us?

I neither condone nor condemn gaydom. Judging is not my job, that's far above my job classification. I myself am not gay, and I don't promote gaydom, but I have friends and family members who are gay, so therefore I'm not going to deny them anything that I might have a right to. Especially since, as decent human beings, they are far better people than I am. Being "straight" does not make me superior or more entitled. Democracies are supposed to protect and represent the minorities too. Gay is a minority status.

I would tell those in the Tea Party that ten percent of their organization could statistically be gay, and statistically ten percent of the women may have had abortions. I believe hypocrisy is just as evil as dishonesty, maybe more so, in that their two-faced actions hurt and punish others for things that they themselves engage in, but yet advocate against.

But even then, God would still love THEM. “God must love poor people because He made so many of them." - Abraham Lincoln. So if ten percent of the population is gay, then God must also love gay people, because He made so many of them too.

People who live in small worlds are more bigoted than those who expand their horizons. Bigots say homosexually isn't "natural", as thought only THEY had the moral superiority to define what is natural (made by God) and what is not (created by Satan?)

While yes, in our society, we do "traditionally" think of marriage as being between a man and a woman. And I'll admit, I do feel uncomfortable when I see two men kissing each other in public. But I could care less what they do in the privacy of their own home, no more than I care what straight people do. So long as they aren't building bombs to blow me up.

Sometimes people are taught to hate by their parents when they're just small children, and they grow up firmly believing what they've learn as young impressionable children. But then they're expected to one day grow up and mature, and to stop believing in Santa Claus. Just as they must eventually learn that the Earth isn't flat, Iraq didn't not have a nuclear bomb, and gay people aren't evil. So get over it already. I would be more concerned about what people like the Koch brothers are striving to do...such as ending Medicare and Social Security.

Banning same-sex marriage is like banning alcohol during the prohibition can outlaw it, turning law abiding people into criminals, but it won't change them. And God will still love them either way, no matter what you might think or say.

Was Mary Magdalene really Jesus' lover/wife/prophet/apostle, or was Jesus really gay? We can never really know for sure. But it doesn't really matter because, if Jesus had died on the cross for your sins, then he died for gay people too.

As an aside: On Piers Morgan's show Christine O'Donnell also said [paraphrased] "when family households are over extended with debt, they don't continue going to the country club...they cut back on their frivolous expenses.

First of all, most families don't belong to a country club, and their "frivolous" expenses (such as rent and food) can't be cut back on if their only source of income is Socially Security...which is what the Republicans think is unnecessary and frivolous spending.

Is rent and food and heat for poor people really just "frivolous", or is it just something that Republicans, rich people, and Christine O'Donnell don't want to contribute to (i.g. Social Security and Medicare) because THEY might not need it when THEY get old. Is that the Christian thing to do? Would Jesus say, "Let the old and poor people go without shelter, food, and healthcare. Allow them to go hungry and to live in squalor. They are a drag on God's economy, so they must be abandoned so that others may prosper more."

Yet, for Republicans, cutting a few million dollars from the budget by eliminating the NPR is more important than taxing things such as corporate jets, which the Republicans argue will only save a few lousy billion dollars (as opposed to a few measly million dollars with NPR?)

Tea Party sinner Christine O'Donnell has just a good of chance of going to hell as me or any of my gay friends and family members. She and her ilk are no more morally superior than we are. Maybe less so, because they pass judgment, and that's God's job.

And speaking of jobs, shouldn't we be more focused on that issue rather than on Christine O'Donnell and all the Tea Party's radical sideshows? Rather than spending all their time and energy on reversing the decision on "Don't ask, don't tell", or repealing healthcare-for-all, or aggressively going after labor unions and worker's rights, or trying to make it more difficult for minorities to vote, shouldn't Christine O'Donnell and the Republicans be more focused on putting 14 million unemployed Americans back to full-time work paying a living wage, instead of bashing gays, cutting food stamps for poor people, and coddling the uber-wealthy like the billionaire Koch brothers?

I don't want BIG GOVERNMENT telling me who I can marry and who I can't. I'll believe in my God, you believe in your gods.

I think I'm qualified to speak on this topic. I had a very diverse military upbringing. I've dated women "of color" on a couple of occasions, my best friend was not only black but also gay, and I have family members who are also gay (one was married). I loved them all. You see, Jesus didn't just die on the cross for me, he died for nice compassionate gay people and mean ambitious witches too.

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