Friday, August 19, 2011


Imagine a game of Monopoly, where the entire world economy is represented by properties on the game board, and the U.S. is Boardwalk.

And just like a game of Monopoly, there is a finite money supply. After someone buys up all the properties and aquires all the cash that was once in the bank, they're declared the winner.

In real life, after the corporations and banks win all the properties and cash from us, the Federal Reserve has to print more money so we have a money supply, which devalues the existing money (causing inflation) because there's so much money in circulation (even though it's not actually being "circulated", but being hoarded by the corporations and banks).

This could easily be rectified if we had fairer rules and taxed the corporations and banks more, thereby collecting the necessary revenues needed  to run the government. But because the corporations and banks literally own the politicians, congress won't pass laws to tax them...even though we all want them to.

The Republicans call this Socialism and Marxism. They say this is "redistributing the wealth", but not as in circulating the money supply, but as in stealing from the rich, all their hard earned money. boo-hoo!

The Democrats call this social justice and fair taxation by taxing the richest at the same rate as the government taxes the poorest. The way it is now, it's more like a reverse Robin Hood economy, the corporations and banks keep stealing from the poor (us) to pay the rich (CEOs).

If we protest the growing inequity and disparity between the rich and poor, we don't pass "go", but go directly to jail. The bankers and CEOs rob us with "financial instruments" and charge us unfair fines and petty fees, nickel-and-diming us to death in fine print on the back of their "legalese" contracts and invoices - even breaking many laws to do this. The corporations and banks are forever trying to squeeze every penny they can get from us. The cost of housing, healthcare, energy, and food is going through the roof. Our standard of living is in a steady decline. Every time we get a meager raise of 1%, the rent goes up 10%.

But the bankers and CEOs always get away with this because they hold all the "Get out of Jail Free" cards, and their corporations have legal rights like real people; and the CEOs are allowed to operate under the protections of "limited liability", while we are being bankrupted one by one, tossed to the street, and denied jobs and food stamps. Corporations and banks aren't people, they feel no empathy for human beings, and they never want to share.

It's a fixed game, the bankers and CEOs always win while we always lose. We don't self-govern, the bankers and corporations rule us through their bought-and-paid-for political henchmen. And there's not a damn thing we can do about it because they own and control the FBI, the police, the National Guard, and the U.S. military.

Welcome to Corporate America and the Corporate American Dream, where the rich get richer and the poor always gets fucked.

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