Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who Needs Bridges and Schools? I Don't.

To Hell with Bridges and Schools...I Don't Need Them.

Retiring baby-boomers, massive flooding, failing infrastructure, earthquakes, budget shortfalls, tornadoes, 16% real unemployment, and hurricanes. The country is falling apart, literally falling to pieces. But the Republicans absolutely refuse to raise taxes on the uber-rich or corporations to help get this country out of trouble.

Nor will the Republicans reform the tax code or eliminate tax loop-holes & government subsidies for large profitable corporations. The Republicans always say that NOW isn't a good time to raise taxes on "anyone" (as though corporations were real people, and the ultra-rich were just "anyone" you or me.)

So then, WHEN will be a good time to raise taxes? Tomorrow? Next year? Ten years from now? Or would ten years ago have been a good time to raise taxes...instead of lowering them with the Bush tax cuts?

It's just the same old Republican lie,* because for the Republicans, "NEVER" has ALWAYS been a good time to NEVER raise taxes for billionaires or multi-national corporations. The Republicans say we need more "certainty" in the market place. Another Republican lie.* And the Republicans want less government regulation too. They say it "stymies" business. Another Republican lie.*

* PolitiFact assigns false ratings to 39 percent of Republican statements compared to just 12 percent for Democrats since January 2010.

Are there any big corporations going out of business and claiming bankruptcy because of government regulations? Is Ford going broke because we want safe cars on the road? Are the airlines going broke because we want an FCC and air traffic controllers to keep us from falling out of the sky? Is the food industry going broke because we want an FDA to keep us from being poisoned? Are the toy manufacturers going broke because we don't want our kids swallowing sharp objects or suffocating to death? How exactly is government regulation stymieing business? I do know what happens when government doesn't regulate....just look at what the banks did (and continues to do).

Do you need worry about CO2 emissions from heating your home? All you have to do is just pass a smog test for your car. A small price to pay for clean air. Have you ever seen and smelled the smog in China? I certainly remember how bad it used to be in L.A. - - - 'bout burned my eyes out!

The Republicans want less regulation because it means less overhead for big businesses and banks, which equates to larger profits. It gives free reign to big businesses to do whatever they want in the name of corporate profits, no matter who gets physically hurt or financially swindled. Republicans want to remove and deny YOU protections from evil and greedy people.

Corporate America isn't patriotic. Despite what Mitt Romney says, they're only robber barons and profiteers...and the Republicans are their political enablers. Mitt Romney just said that America isn't safe anymore because of an emerging world power...China. Corporate America and the Republicans financially enabled China to become an emerging world power. (Read my Op-Ed piece The Enemy Within)

Republican front men like Eric Cantor says that before the government can dole out federal disaster relief, spending cuts should have to be made elsewhere. And where do you think he and the Republicans would like to make these spending cuts? 

Can we cut spending from the two wars we have? Can we cut spending from the government contracts the defense industry enjoys? Can we cut spending from corporate subsidies for the most profitable industries? Can we cut spending from Eric Cantor's generous congressional salary ($193,400), healthcare coverage, or retirement plan?

In a Or as John Boehner would say, "Hell no you can't!"

Instead, the Republicans want to cut YOUR salary, YOUR healthcare coverage, and YOUR retirement plan (and my food stamps). Corporations and their political lap dogs get to keep most of their money, but you have to lose most of yours.

It's that simple. The Republicans always want more tax breaks and less regulations for the rich and large corporations, while mercilessly hacking away at Social Security and Medicare for us. Case closed. This is "WE THE PEOPLE" being represented by their elected Republican officials in the United States of America.

Maybe we should eliminate ALL taxes and eliminate ALL spending. Would THAT make the Republicans happy? To hell with bridges, schools, or disaster relief...let them all go to hell! Let the whole damn country fall into utter ruin and decay. Who gives a damn anyway? The Republicans and their corporate masters certainly don't, so why should we?

If you're like the Republican Abraham Lincoln, and you do want a functioning government that looks out for the interests of the people, by the people, and for the people, then I would say, tax the uber-rich and multi-national corporate tax cheats.

If someone were paid by the hour (an hourly wage) instead of a six-figure salary with stock options, why would they ever vote for a Republican?

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