Friday, September 30, 2011

America's Pandora's Box

We've seen the corporate evil, Supreme Court corruption, political bribery, money laundering with Super PACs, white-collar greed, and learned of Citizens United. Can Stephen Colbert save America?

With the massive growth of cable TV news and high-spend internet over the past 15 years, average Americans have become much more privy to the workings of government and our elected politician's unholy alliances to corporations. People who were previously unaware of the corruption, are now learning (at lightening speed) just how badly they've been getting ripped off. They are finally waking up to realize just why they've busted their asses for the last 30 years and weren't getting anywhere...and younger Americans, who are just graduating from school, are aware as well. (Google: Occupy Wall Street)

America's Pandora's Box has been opened. According to Greek mythology, when Pandora opened the jar, all its contents except for one item were released into the world. The one remaining item was Hope. Today, opening Pandora's box means to create evil that cannot be undone. Is is too late for American citizens to undo the evil that's be unleashed against us?

Government corruption begins at the top. The Supreme Court allowed BIG MONEY to influence our politics, corrupting the election process, and calling corporations real people in upholding Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. If we have corruption in the Supreme Court, how can THE PEOPLE have a fair and representative form of democratic government?

Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas failed to report hundreds of thousands of dollars on annual financial disclosure forms, and there's a call for his investigation.

His wife Virginia Thomas lobbied for the Tea Party, which promotes "free trade" but not "fair trade", which allows for the outsourcing of millions of American jobs to countries for cheap "sweatshop" wages.

Virginia Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, pictured at an event sponsored my NewsMax, a conservative American news media organization.

See my post America's Race to the Bottom, about how American CEOs use slave labor to enrich themselves at the cost of American jobs. See my post about how BIG businesses and the Republicans want "more of the same" of these trade practices in other countries as well. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is one of a few at the top that has allowed this by allowing BIG BUSINESS to influence our elections.

Where did all our jobs go? American CEOs keep saying taxes, government regulations, and a lack worker job skills are the reasons why they won't hire. Bullshit! The #1 reason for our jobless economy is that jobs have been going overseas for lower wages. And Canadian corporations do this too! The clothing store GAP pays under-aged girls 28¢ an hour to produce jeans that costs us $26.95 to buy in our malls across America.

New York Times: "Modern communications technology has enabled multinationals to profit from low-cost global sourcing of labor."

New York Times: "At the top of this list is a trade policy that was designed to put manufacturing workers in direct competition with low-paid workers in the developing world."

New York Times: "Starting in the late 1970s, the middle class began to weaken...started to undermine any American job that could be automated or done more cheaply abroad."

And: "Businesses are not leaving the United States to escape high taxes or regulations. They are leaving to low wage countries."

That's how all the CEOs began getting HUGE multi-million-dollar salaries! Taking money out of our pockets and stuffing it in theirs! That's why we've had all the wage and wealth disparity in America over the last 40 years (besides just unfair tax laws favoring the rich). That's why our "jobless recovery" exists today - - - stocks and CEOs bonuses are up, but without creating any good paying jobs in America, to put money in the pockets of average working-class Americans to buy things.

If we can't get the Supreme Court to rule in favor of REAL people, instead of just Republican interests that represent corporations (and not really REAL people), then we can never fix the underlying problem that's at the very core of this vast disparity in wealth.

GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS and hold all the Supreme Court Justices accountable to ethnics laws, and put term limits on their jobs, instead of nominating them to life-time positions. The damage they do can take generations to fix while millions of citizens suffer the ramifications of their corrupted decisions.

Read: Dylan Ratigan's (of MSNBC) piece at the Huffington Post: "Building a Digital Wave to Get Money Out".

Also: Sign the petition at "It's Time to GET MONEY OUT of politics."

That's why comedian Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report started his own Super Pac, to mock the ridiculousness of this BIG MONEY laundering scheme. Super PACs can raise unlimited sums from corporations, unions and other groups, as well as individuals. Made possible by two court rulings that lifted many spending and contribution limits, Super PACs can also mount direct attacks on candidates that weren't allowed in the past.

In the 1980 Presidential election, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan received all their campaign funding from that little box we checked on our federal income tax returns. No Super PAC money was used.

Pandora's Box is now WIDE OPEN....we've seen the evil that was released upon us; now it's up to us to "right the wrong" that's been perpetrated upon us by our elected officials and the corporations.

Visit the Stephen Colbert Super Pac

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  1. For too many years they have pulled the wool over our eyes. Now they've been exposed for the corrupted thieves that they all are. The young will rise up and take back what rightfully belongs to them.