Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bud Meyers at Twitter @BudMeyers99 - A 99er in Las Vegas


My new Twitter account is here

In May of last year I opened a Twitter account at!/BudMeyers but I no longer have access to the email I used so as to retrieve the password and log in to change the email and password (Catch-22). I contacted Twitter support but I only received an auto-generated email telling me to contact my service provider. But I was the service provider, and my domain name had expired, and the email service is no longer in business.

So I opened a new account and any and all variations of the name Bud Meyers was taken without having to use any other combination of alpha-numeral characters. So I settled with this!/blogsteratlarge (BlogsterAtLarge) yesterday. But I had a problem logging several times, and Twitter kept referring me to a "create an account" page. So after having this happening several times, I just decided to go ahead and open a new account, instead of just changing the user-name in the other account.

So I ended up with this!/BudMeyers99 (BudMeyers99) and now I "follow" myself. Hey, I'm no rocket scientist...I'm just trying to figure this stuff out. But I thought, if a teenager can do this, then so can I.

And then I thought again...they can hack the White House website, and I wouldn't now the first thing about that. I just wished they still made 8-track tape players. I sure do miss the old days.

My research and writing has been put on hold for a while as I played with this, and made some fliers for the 99ers at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

While you're here, please sign our White House petition to extend UI benefits for the 99ers and all "exhaustees". (Thanks)

If you get bored, or have something juicy to report, Tweet me, "follow me", or just ignore me. I'll keep doing what I'm doing regardless. Take care, and be very careful of those CEOs, the Republicans, and Fox News...they'll hurt you bad!!!


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