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Bill O'Reilly is just an Uber-Rich Con Artist

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UPDATE (October 12, 2015)

"Garbage, Total B.S." -- Reagan aides and biographers blast Chronic Fabricator Bill O'Reilly over his new book.

Killing Media Matters: Bill O’Reilly throws tantrum after his ‘BS’ book is exposed.

UPDATE (May 2015)

"Bill O'Reilly doesn't think the Rich are Rich Enough" (With a comment about Bruce Bartlett's new report on Fox News)

Watch David Corn Discuss Threats From Bill O'Reilly With Rachel Maddow—Thu Feb. 26, 2015 

CBS Has Released the Falklands Protest Footage Bill O'Reilly Asked For. It Doesn't Support His Claims: The Fox News host says he was in a "war zone" where police gunned down civilians. The video doesn't show that.—By David Corn and Daniel Schulman Mon Feb. 23, 2015 

These Are the Questions Bill O'Reilly Won't Answer: Why won't the Fox News host address the evidence he mischaracterized his wartime reporting experience?—By David Corn Fri Feb. 20, 2015 

Bill O'Reilly Has His Own Brian Williams Problem: The Fox News host has said he was in a "war zone" that apparently no American correspondent reached.—By David Corn and Daniel Schulman Thu Feb. 19, 2015

I wonder if Bill O'Reilly is a vain man. Does he have someone on his staff Google his name every day, just to see what other people might be saying about him? If so, then I suppose he's also aware of another post I did about him - and he also knows about the book I published about his employer and the thugs he affiliates with. And besides this post, I'm sure O'Reilly has also heard about Jon Stewart's latest diatribe.

Jon Stewart recently mocked Bill O'Reilly (and rightly so) in this very funny video posted at the Huffington Post, for his now-infamous threat to quit his show (The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News which is owned by News Corp) if Obama were ever to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires.

I don't know why good ole Bill (the guy that's just "lookin' out for you") is always whining like a stuck pig when it comes to taxing billionaires....when I would only like to tax Bill O'Reilly the same as me, someone whose only income last year was from 6 months of unemployment benefits. Wouldn't that be "fair and balanced"? Or would that be considered "class warfare"? Tax HIM at the same effective tax rate as ME for federal income taxes - whether it be 10%, 25%, or even 50% of all our TOTAL personal annual income. Just tax us the same percent. Is that too much to ask from good ole Bill?

If 20% of the whole population has 80% of all the wealth, then it only stands to reason that they should also be paying 80% of all the taxes. It only makes sense.

Bill O'Reilly has been constantly complaining that the "Liberal Left" is waging "class warfare" by asking our government to raise taxes - just a little more - on JUST the uber-rich. But in reality, it's the majority of everyone on both sides of the political isle that wants to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires; so that they're all paying AT LEAST the same effective tax rate as everybody else. Wouldn't that be "fair and balanced"? Or would that be considered "class warfare"?

And Bill O'Reilly wouldn't be alone. We'd be taxing other wealthy people too, such as: Paul Ryan, Sean Hannity, Eric Cantor, Glenn Beck, Rick Santorum, Rupert Murdoch, the Koch bothers, Michele Bachmann, Paul Rand, Nikki Haley, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, and all the rest of those greedy and hypocritical liars. (That's odd. All the same people who are condemning raising taxes on millionaires!)

Bill O'Reilly, being a multi-millionaire himself (with a net worth of $50 million) is nothing more than a fox at Fox News in the hen house. Of course Bill O'Reilly doesn't want to see HIS taxes go higher (as if he already doesn't have too much.)

Who's lookin' out for you? Is it a nice, friendly, pleasant, and kindly old man who could be your uncle - and who has no personal ulterior motives at all? Or is he nothing more than a greedy, jealous, and petty rich bully, and a perverted sexual predator, who defends the rich at the expense of the poor - and lies to the general public to keep from paying his own fair share of taxes, and all at the expense of our national debt and budget shortfalls? I think the latter.

Isn't Bill O'Reilly really just a big mouth who always talks over other people and bullies his guests (except for Jon Stewart), and always slants his opinions to deceitfully mislead the general public based on his own selfish and ideological views? Does he really "report", or just blather and pontificate like an egoistical fool?

I report, you decide. Bud Meyers, Blogster-at-Large, discusses "Fair and Balanced".

Now let's go back 15 years....

Bill O'Reilly was hired by Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of the then startup Fox News Channel, to anchor The O'Reilly Report in October, 1996. (The show was later renamed The O'Reilly Factor).

Less than a month later that same year Bill O'Reilly married the much younger Maureen E. McPhilmy, a public relations (PR) executive, on November 2, 1996.

Bill O'Reilly and his young wife had met four years earlier and their wedding took place in St. Brigid Parish of Westbury. Two years later they had a daughter, Madeline (born 1998) -  and then later a son, Spencer (born 2003). Bill O'Reilly currently resides ALONE in his suburban Manhasset, New York* mansion (more on this below).

* Manhasset is a hamlet and neighborhood in Nassau County, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island (As of ten years ago the population was only 8,362). In 2005, a Wall Street Journal article ranked Manhasset as the best town for raising a family in the New York metropolitan area. The Manhasset neighborhood is served by the Long Island Rail Road, which provides a direct and convenient access to Fox News (News Corp) in mid-town Manhattan in New York City.

A year after Bill O'Reilly's son Spencer was born, a woman named Andrea Mackris (33), who was a former producer for The O'Reilly Factor, sued O'Reilly (then 55) for sexual harassment on October 13, 2004, seeking $60 million in damages. In her lawsuit with the Supreme Court of the State of New York, she produced quotations from alleged explicit phone conversations between herself and O’Reilly in which he "advised her to use a vibrator and told her about sexual fantasies involving her". According to several published reports, as part of the settlement O'Reilly likely paid Mackris millions of dollars, but the terms of the agreement are confidential. Bill O'Reilly settled the sexual harassment lawsuit without taking personal responsibility for his actions an apology.

The following year in 2005 O'Reilly began to periodically denounce George Tiller, a Kansas-based physician who performed abortions, referring to him as "Tiller the baby killer". Later Tiller was murdered on May 31, 2009 by an anti-abortion activist.

Some media watchdog organizations such as Media Matters and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting have criticized O'Reilly's reporting on a variety of issues, accusing him of distorting facts and using misleading or erroneous statistics.

Using analysis techniques developed in the 1930s by the Institute for Propaganda Analysis, a study concluded that O'Reilly used propaganda, frequently engaged in name calling, and consistently cast non-Americans as threats.

O'Reilly has long said that he does not identify with any political party, but on December 6, 2000, The Daily News in New York reported that he had been registered as a Republican in the state of New York since 1994.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, O'Reilly accused the United Way of America and American Red Cross of failing to deliver millions of dollars in donated money to the families of those killed in the attacks. Actor George Clooney accused O'Reilly of misstating facts and harming the relief effort by inciting "panic" among potential donors.

In 2007 "Bill O'Reilly threatened on national radio to come to my house and 'surprise me' ."

In 2008 amidst reports of a scuffle breaking out, in this video Bill O'Reilly tells Fox News Brian Wilson what happened at a Barack Obama rally: "I had to gently remove someone from blocking our camera shot...I might have called him an SOB [son-of-a-bitch] one on this Earth is going to block a shot on the O'Reilly Factor!"

On October 14, 2010 on The View O'Reilly said: "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

That same year in 2010 Bill O'Reilly's wife Maureen McPhilmy purchased a new house, just down the street from the Long Island home she'd once shared with "Bill-O" since 2002.

O'Reilly still owns the old one (pictured below). And Fox News isn't saying whether they still live together. "Maureen O'Reilly" bought a five bedroom, 5,282 square foot home in Manhasset, NY, in May of last year for $2.5 million. The new house is less than half a mile from the waterfront Manhasset mansion she and O'Reilly have lived in with their kids for nearly a decade. She's listed, under her maiden name ("Maureen McPhilmy") as its sole owner. Bill O'Reilly, on the other hand, continues to be listed as the sole owner of the old place.

Bill's "old" place (He's just one of your "regular folks".)

Greedy Rich Liar!

Bill O'Reilly purchased this 5-bedroom, 4,631 sq ft estate BEFORE the Bush tax cuts in 2000 for exactly $3 million (according to public records). So AFTER the proposed Obama tax hikes in 2011, will poor Bill O'Reilly then be forced to sell his cozy little house?

As of this post Roger Ailes of Fox News is now saying Bill O'Reilly "hates" Sean Hannity because he's jealous of his radio success (and thus confirming years of rumors about the animosity between the two). Like "penis envy", one millionaire envying another millionaire....while 21 million Americans are jobless, as 10 million might be without unemployment benefits 4 months from today, as 45 million Americans depend on food stamps to survive, and 15% of the nation is now living in poverty.

But Bill O'Reilly cries like a baby if his taxes go up just a little bit. And he wants all his viewers to feel sympathy for him. He wants everyone to think that "the left" and Obama and 80% of the nation wants to unfairly "redistribute" his wealth. Poor, poor, Bill O'Reilly! And he's one of those who wants to "reform" Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps. Is he evil or what?

Can you trust Bill O'Reilly's criticism of taxing millionaires when HE HIMSELF is an uber-rich multi-millionaire?

Besides his radio show (and his gig at Fox News which pays him $10 million a year) Bill O'Reilly has authored ten books, and is making a ton on book royalties, which should be reported to the IRS on a Schedule C form, and is subject the self-employment tax rate of 15.3% (minus a ton of deductions).

Hey Bill...are you really lookin' out for me, or just for yourself?

How Fox News wants to promote job growth.

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  1. The richest family in America? That remains the clan of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton. The six Walton heirs on the latest Forbes 400 list released last week hold a combined fortune of $93 billion. If that $93 billion all sat in an investment returning 3 percent, the six would average $465 million each this year in income. An assistant Wal-Mart store manager would have to work 10,764 years to match that total.

    * * * Bill O'Reilly (and his ilk) doesn't think they should pay any corporate taxes or any capital gains taxes!

  2. This week President Obama said the obvious: that wealthy Americans, many of whom pay remarkably little in taxes, should bear part of the cost of reducing the long-run budget deficit. And Republicans like Representative Paul Ryan responded with shrieks of “class warfare.”

  3. "I don't believe people should be getting money for doing nothing." - Newt Gingrich, commenting at a GOP debate about extended unemployment benefits. (APPLAUSE! - THE CROWD ROARS!)

    For 3 years no "job creators" have even interviewed me, let alone hire me for "doing nothing." So what should we all do Sir Gingrich, just roll over and die? And what if we did get unemployment benefits, how much would that make you and Bill O'Reilly suffer?

  4. This video I made (with Pink Floyd's "Money") perfectly defines the America we live in today.

  5. Why should Warren Buffett be the only one paying more taxes? If just he paid more, it wouldn't help all that much...he's asking that the government tax all of them. Only THEN could it really make a difference.

  6. Un-bow-weave-able!

    Our rich politicians are just dumb and dumber: I'm beginning to think that the Kings and Queens really have no clue as to what the peasants think or what the peons need. With their wealth, they are so above the fray that they have absolutely no idea at all what poor people think or what real hunger is. But they always seem to know what's best for us...better than we do ourselves. As though we're just animals, like pets, living on instinct, and we need more intelligent beings to decide things for us.

  7. Damn. How do you find the stuff? Your blog is awesome. If only more people knew about it NOBODY would vote republican!

  8. Jon Stewart just had Mister O'Reilly on his show tonight (Bill was pimping his new book). Poor Jon didn't hear about the $16 muffin? Too bad. I would have jumped all over that.

  9. I'm not jealous of his wealth, or of his character...nor am I envious either. But I would be a liar to say that I wouldn't appreciate the financial security that his wealth could bring. But if I were a multi-millionaire, I wouldn't be wasting my time bad-mouthing the poor either.

  10. //////////////////////////

    The Gospel According to Bill O’Reilly’s New Book ‘Killing Jesus’

    The basic argument of the book is that Jesus died because he interfered with the taxation-heavy Roman revenue stream. The reason the Jews eagerly anticipated the Messiah, writes O’Reilly, is, “When that moment arrives, Rome will be defeated and their lives will be free of taxation and want.”

    The Fox News anchor explains in an interview on CBS' "60 Minutes" that one night he awoke with the title of the book in his head. He says he believes he got that message from the Holy Spirit.

    I am not aware of any other books that claim that the messages of the New Testament were not to feed the poor and help the sick, but that tax rates on the ultrs-rich (like Bill O'Reilly) should be zero point zero percent.


  11. Fake War STory -- Fake War Corespondent

    It appears that a young Bill O'Reilly, while working for CBS at the time (and pretending to be brave and heroic journalist) indirectly attempted to cover up a massacre for the Reagan administration.

    The massacre that took place in El Mozote (El Salvador) on December 11, 1981, was carried out by the US-trained Atlacatl Battalion — which was not just trained, but created by the United States as a rapid response unit to fight El Salvador’s fast-spreading FMLN insurgency. The killing was savage beyond belief: between 733 and 900 villagers were slaughtered, decapitated, impaled and burned alive.

    The story of the massacre was broken on the front page of The New York Times and in The Washington Post ; both stories were published on January 27, 1982, and accompanied by photographs. (The Reagan administration then tried to deny the massacre.)

  12. UPDATE -- Feb. 22, 2015

    Bill O'Reilly -- another @ss who lies about being heroic while in a war zone.