Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Do Rich Republicans Always Whine?

They do! It's almost as though they were all suffering horribly! They're like big cry babies! They're like sniveling rich spoiled brats, the privileged ones, who always feel entitled!

  • When we ask our Congress to end oil entitlements subsidies, they whine, "You can't take away our oil subsidies, that's un-American!"
  • When we ask large profitable corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, they whine, "You can't tax us, we're the job creators!"
  • When we ask Fox News millionaires like Bill O'Reilly for a little more, they whine, "If you raise my taxes, I'll have to quit my job!"
  • When we ask that the Bush tax cuts be allowed to expire so we can balance the national budget, they whine, "That's class warfare!"

It's no wonder the Republican ex-Senator Phil Gramm from Texas once called us "a nation of whiners". Maybe he's right. Every time I hear these rich Republicans bitch and moan and groan and whine, I always feel obligated to post a "counter-whine" in my blog.


Maybe it's not really the poor "left-wing liberals" who are the victims, but it's really the wealthy Republican presidential candidates who are the true victims.

Since the Bush tax cuts 10 years ago, how many jobs did corporations send overseas? How many jobs did these rich people create? And how much cash did they hoard away in off-shore bank accounts? (52,000 U.S. citizens had secret Swiss accounts at banking giant UBS, violating American tax laws.)

Since the Bush tax cuts 10 years ago, how many more jobs did movie stars, pro athletes, Rock stars, Hollywood celebrities, best-selling novelists, hedge fund managers, talk radio show hosts, Fox News commentators, pampered heirs and heiresses, organized crimes bosses, the thieves at Goldman Sachs, rich Republican members of Congress, and homicidal drug dealers create -- just BECAUSE of the Bush tax cuts?

Since 2008, how many more jobs did the banks slash? How many more jobs did corporations send overseas? How many more construction jobs were lost since the collapse of the housing industry?

Does taxing these supposed "job creators" really cause unemployment? It seems more like by NOT taxing them has caused 30 million people to lose jobs since the Bush tax cuts from 2001 to the present.

Bill O'Reilly bought a $3 million beachfront mansion BEFORE the Bush tax cuts, but says he might have to quit his job if we allow his current tax breaks to expire next year. In 2008 he told Obama he'd be willing to have his capital gains tax rate go back to the "Pre-Bush Tax Cut Era", but only because he feared that Obama might raise them even higher. Now he's whining if Obama only allows the Bust tax cuts to expire without actually raising them at all! (Flip-flop, flip-flop!)

SINCE the Bush tax cuts, how many more jobs did rich Republican and Tea Party millionaires like Bill O'Reilly, Paul Ryan, Sean Hannity, Eric Cantor, Glenn Beck, Rick Santorum, Rupert Murdoch, the Koch bothers, Michele Bachmann, Paul Rand, Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, and Mitt Romney create? (If I've omitted your name, please forgive me...there's just too many to list in my little blog.)

And why are they all whining? That's odd...those are all the very same people that say we need MORE tax cuts to create jobs! Go figure.

That's very odd...because most of these people also have corporations too, and they all want lower corporate taxes as well! What an uncanny coincidence! Who would have thought?! Un-frigging-believable!

But at the same time, they also want to deny Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, welfare, healthcare, and food stamps to old, poor, and sick people. Why is that? They have millions of dollars in their bank accounts, so how will paying a measly 3% more in federal income taxes (or raising their capital gains taxes back to 20% from 15%) harm any of them? Will they have to worry about paying for rent, electricity, and food like the rest of do?

How will paying the unemployed 99ers extended jobless benefits affect the wealthy Republican candidates' privileged and luxurious way of life? How much less would the bottom line be for a millionaire if the government allowed the 99ers food stamps to eat? Would those Republican millionaires have to drastically cut back in their own personal household budgets to accommodate the less fortunate in this country? If so, by how much? 1¢?

Or is it that "enough" can never be enough for people like that? Hmmmmm...let me think about that for a second... NOPE! I think greed begets greed. And that greed is much more addictive than unemployment benefits! (sarcasm). "Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Wasn't it poor people who elected these rich politicians into public office, giving them HUGE government salaries, government healthcare, generous allowances, and government pensions? Who's REALLY on the government tit?

Wasn't it poor people who made rich people rich, who watched their movies, went to their ball games, bought their books, went to their concerts, watched their TV shows, and bought all their widgets and trinkets, that made them all so rich to begin with? The American public gave them all fame, power, and wealth...now they want all the credit for themselves, and they don't even want to share a little in the form of better infrastructure for the country or food stamps for the poor. A pity. A shame. A real national shame.

Does anyone remember a single one of these rich Republican millionaires making any of these promises while they were campaigning last year?

"Elect me and I promise to..."

  • shut down our government.
  • "reform" your Social Security.
  • replace your Medicare with a voucher.
  • outlaw abortions.
  • eliminate collective bargaining.
  • vote "NO" on any and all jobs bills.
  • never raise taxes on the richest people.
  • give large profitable corporations more tax breaks.
  • cut your teachers, firefighters, and police.
  • cut jobless benefits if you're laid off.
  • cut food stamps if you're laid off.
  • cur Medicaid if you're laid off.
  • de-regulate the banks that foreclosed on you.
  • repeal ObamaCare™ (Medicare for all)

OK, maybe those rich Republican congress-people made ONE of those promises. But when they promised to "cut spending", I thought they meant "wasteful" government spending...such as $400 hammers, $500 toilet seats, or $16 muffins. Or maybe oil and tobacco subsidies (and other corporate welfare). Or one less war or aircraft carrier. Or maybe even congressional salaries and their other expensive perks. I didn't think they wanted to cut stuff that regular working folks might need. After all, with all the bailouts and lost jobs, I figured they'd already done their fair share of sacrificing.

Did all those rich Republican candidates REALLY make all those campaign promises? The reason I ask is, every time I see one of the aforementioned above on Fox News, they keep telling me with a straight face: "That's what the American people want. That's what they voted for."

But did they? Did they really? I doubt it, but I guess we'll all see in the next round of elections.

I just wish those uber-rich Republicans would just stop whining and walk in a poor man's shoes for one day. I'd tell them to watch the Eddie Murphy movie Trading Places. In real life Eddie Murphy is worth about $75 million. I'm sure if he had to pay a little more in his taxes he wouldn't have to sell his mansion in Beverly Hills. He wouldn't have to take a second job. And unlike Bill O'Reilly, I doubt he'd quit his Hollywood gig either.

Eddie might not like it, but he wouldn't whine either...he'd be a good patriot, just like Warren Buffett, and take it like a man. I'd hate to think that Eddie would act like a greedy slob and a greasy wimp -- like Bill O'Reilly and the rest of his ilk with secret Swiss bank accounts. I'd like to think that Eddie Murphy has much more class than the rest of those other stingy creeps.

All those tears, cry me a river of tears, as you're crying all the way to the bank. But why won't you ever shed a tear for me?

Let's Compare: Who whines, and who doesn't.

The richest Republican in Congress: ($300 million+) California Representative Darrell Issa was once a CEO and voted on continuing reduced tax rates of 15% and 5% on capital gains and dividends - and voted YES on making the Bush tax cuts permanent. (Whiner)

The richest Democrat in Congress: Senator John Kerry (MA) is one of the most senior members of the Debt Super Committee and is seen as an advocate for raising taxes on the rich, echoing the Obama administration. Kerry and his wife Teresa's Heinz has at least a $1 billion net worth which was inherited from Teresa's previous husband, H. John Heinz when he died in 1991. Heinz® Tomato Ketchup is a "job creator". (non-Whiner)

John Kerry's Enigma: The CEO of Heinz is a fiscal conservative who had donated to Republican political committees last year. He said he will not be hiring any Americans this year. The reason he gave was echoing Republican Speaker John Boehner's excuse of "uncertainty" that was produced by the "inability" of the government to decide on really important things, such as the tax rate his business will have pay. (I would just tax him higher, and then he'll know for "certain" what he'll have to pay in taxes.) (The usual Whiner)

Here's who the Republican presidential candidates represent, not you...and certainly not me!

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