Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Register to Vote AND Vote Online

Every single member in both houses of Congress can easily have a list of memorandums and referendums posted on their web sites, and have a consensus voted on by their constituents in polls on every major issue introduced into congressional legislation. This way registered voters can make their opinions and positions be known to their elected representatives in Congress. And if members of Congress vote against their constituents' wishes on any particular issue, they could post their reasons for doing so. At least that way, we'd know where they stand and how to vote in the next election.

And also, why not register to vote and vote for all our political candidates online from the safety and comfort of our homes? Shouldn't we be doing this rather than making it much more difficult to vote like the Republicans have been doing in several states?

With the technology we have today, there's no reason why we can't do this. We already do our banking online, do stock trading online, change our addresses and register our cars at the DMV online, shop online, have our paychecks and Social Security payments directly deposited online, go to school and get grades online, file our tax returns online, apply for jobs (and get rejected) online, sign for weekly unemployment benefits online, and just about everything else online.

And this information could simply be done through SSL (secured socket layered) web sites with security-encrypted web pages on their official gov web sites.

Example of things we already do online

The DMV, IRS, ICE, FBI, and the Social Security administration already has all of our personal information already. Why can't we sign up and register to vote and vote online too?

We could have every state set up a web site for all local elections by county. And we could have one federal election web site for all congressional and presidential elections. It could be at www.vote.gov If anybody knows of anything in the works, please let me know. Thanks.

Voter Referendum on HR-1-2012

Should we tax the rich their fair share, and raise Bill O'Reilly's taxes to make him whine like a stuck pig?

1. Oh hell yes!

2. I beg you, please don't!

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  1. Would just give them an easier way to rig the elections.