Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why I Hate Republicans: And the Fox News Channel (Media Release)

Why I Hate Republicans: And the Fox News Channel (by Bud Meyers*)



To the best of my knowledge I know of no one else who has dedicated an entire 800 page book on the subject. I feature the "99ers" (those who are the long-term unemployed), those who the GOP and Fox News has deliberately misled the public about...turning public sentiment against them. They depicted the jobless as lazy and "gaming the system", except when it was politically expedient for them to use the jobless numbers to discredit the Obama administration.

I monitored everything they said about the unemployed (many times with names, times, and dates), and read the articles posted on their websites; and read what others like Media Matters and Newshounds were saying.I wrote counter-arguments to the GOP's and Fox News' false claims...as it was the only thing I could do, besides just screaming at my TV set. (they never once replied to over 100 emails I sent them, and I tried using various email addresses too.)

As one of those unemployed that the Republicans and Fox "News" falsely and maliciously misrepresented, I took it very personally, because after exhausting all my unemployment benefits, I almost took my own life earlier this year.Ali Velshi on CNN acknowledged me on his show one day just 3 weeks away from my last day on earth. (Someone alerted his producer of a blog post I wrote) A stranger saw Ali's show, and a newspaper article about me, and emailed me through my Facebook page, and offered me a place to stay.

No thanks to the GOP and Fox News, I'm alive today to have written this book and my blog.

* I authored, edited, proof-read, formatted, and self-published the entire book, as well as designed the book cover and added a few photos inside. I take full credit (or full blame) for everything contained therein; all the information is based on my own personal experience. I also wrote for the Fox News Wall of Shame which is not maintained nor updated...an orphaned project.

Why I Hate Republicans

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