Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can the Republicans really take back our country?

If the Republicans and the Tea Party Patriots ruled America, could they really "shut it down" and "take our country back"?

If the Republicans achieved everything they set out to do, to become a country with only one political party, populated primarily with good Christian Southern evangelicals, and eliminated the liberal Democratic party completely, what kind of nation would this be?

If the Republicans could eliminate public education and privatize all the schools (who charges tuition fees), would the children of America become better skilled, better educated, and better able to compete in the global market?

If the Republicans built a 50-foot-high electrified fence (with a moat) across our entire southern border, would we be safe from drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and thieves? Would we be safe from all the rouge gardeners, housemaids, and migrant farm workers too? Would we be safe to go to the local car wash again? Could the problem with "illegals" finally be resolved?

If the Republicans had their way, would they increase "defense" spending? Would they fund more fancy defense programs by giving generous no-bid government contracts to corporate military contractors who'll outsource more jobs overseas to generate even higher profits? And then use the U.S. Army to protect their corporate assets our "vital national interests" on the ground?

If the Republicans had their way, could they really reduce our BIG GOVERNMENT (that grew from 200 million people in 1970 to over 300 million by 2011) by slashing our annual budget by 50%, but still allow for the biggest waste, fraud, and corruption in the defense industry? (After all, America already has half its population living near the poverty line and we must protect them from any possible Russian or Chinese invasion before they all become homeless!)

If the Republicans got all their wishes, and eliminated all corporate taxes, lowered the highest income tax bracket to 9% (as with Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan), and ended the capital gains tax completely (as Newt Gingrich wants to do with his tax plan), what could we ever fund? Could we keep the DMV open? Even if the Republicans completely dismembered Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, National Public Radio, Planned Parenthood, welfare, and food stamps...could we still fix a road or bridge once in a while? Could this country survive without sanitation workers, firefighters, and social workers? Or airports and public libraries (except for those named after Republican presidents)?

If the Republicans and multi-national corporations had everything they wanted, and closed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the National Labor Relations Board, would that make them happy? If they outlawed labor unions, and rolled back all the safety and child labor laws, and lowered the federal minimum wage to $1 an hour, would they finally be satisfied?

If the Republicans insisted that everyone invest in the stock market all their life (after eliminating the Securities and Exchange Commission and depleting the Social Security Trust Fund for defense spending) and they convinced everyone to save every dime they ever earned (after first paying for food, healthcare, clothing, and housing), would they ever be able to afford to finally retire after 50 years after breaking their backs for $1 an hour?

If the Republicans did away with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Aviation Administration (and all those other "burdensome" regulatory agencies), would that be their vision of success in obtaining a "business friendly climate" for huge multi-national corporate conglomerates?

If the Republicans had their way, and got "tort reform" (so injured people couldn't sue for unsafe and defective products with their "frivolous" lawsuits), would this country be a much "kinder and gentler nation"? Would Ralph Nader be branded an enemy of the state? Wouldn't that leave a lot of high-priced trial layers unemployed if they had no one to sue?

If the Republicans ruled the nation, and if they didn't dismantle the Federal Communication Commission, but instead had them ban CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS, would we all be much better off if all we had was Fox News and conservative talk radio as our only sources for news? Would it also be more informative if we could just watch old re-runs of Red Eye three or four times a day?

If the Republicans ran the Supreme Court, Congress and the Oval Office, couldn't they also pass laws to have all Liberals and Progressives labeled as "enemies of the state", and then have them all sent to prison (or FEMA camps) for crimes against democracy? (After all, they're all Communists and Socialists, right?)

If the Republicans got everything they wanted, less taxes, less regulation, and less government, would that catapult the nation into the greatness it once was back in America's heyday during the Fabulous Fifties? Could millions of Americans then be able to pursue life, liberty, happiness, and the great American Dream?

If the Republicans outlawed abortions and the teachings of evolution, deported all non-believers, and banned all religious beliefs (with the exception of Southern Baptists), would America once again have a morally superior and almighty righteous nation? Would that save the Ten Commandments, the Pledge of Allegiance, our national motto, and Christmas?

If the Republicans allowed all the big corporations and all the big banks to have free reign, and permitted them to do whatever they wanted (while claiming these "job creators" would create millions of great jobs that pay a "living wage"), would it really promote the rebirth of a healthy and vibrant middle-class society, chalk-full of prosperity for everyone? Would the trickle down theory finally come true, lifting all boats on a rising tide in a free-market economic system?

If the Republicans ruled the nation, would all Americans be living an American Utopian Dream?

If the Republicans nominated someone like Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain for President of the United States (and if they were elected), would the people of the world respect America? Or would they hate us as they did under George W. Bush and Halliburton Dick Cheney?

If the Republicans could somehow manage to eliminate all taxes, all regulations, all immigrants, all poor people, all sick people, all gay people, all liberals, and all people like me, could multi-millionaires such as Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck finally stop whining and start sleeping peacefully at night without worrying about someone trying to live off their wallets? (But then, who could they hate? The Canadians? Their Chinese employees?)

If the Republicans succeeded in accomplishing everything they set out to do for the last 40 years, and acquired an all-white nation with "smaller government" (less people), who all lived in beach-front mansions, and wore pin-strip suits to work at one big massive mega-corporation that did nothing at all but manage their factories overseas that built weapons to sell to foreign countries, so that they too could kill all their poor people, would all those good, righteous, and God-fearing Christian Republicans finally find happiness and contentment in their privileged lives? (Even if no one were left in America to even shine their shoes?)

If the Republicans repealed ObamaCare® and de-funded Medicare and Medicaid for the poor, how could the very profitable pharmaceutical and medical companies remain in business if they can't first practice on the masses before using their expertise, drugs, and medical devices to comfort and save the lives of the wealthiest among us? If poor people got sick and couldn't afford the expense of healthcare, wouldn't that put a lot of very educated people out of work? Wouldn't many doctors have to relocate to China to practice their chosen professions, or change careers because they lacked the necessary skills to be hired in America?

If the Republicans won't legislate major corporations to give Americans decent jobs that pay a living wage (or tax them to hire government workers) how can most Americans purchase any of their products or use their services? Would Americans have to wait until all the markets overseas were finally over-saturated; and would everyone in China (and elsewhere) have to first buy an iPhone before Apple would give them a job so that they might afford to buy one also?

If the Republicans had won the presidential election in 2008, and John McCain and Sarah Palin had been elected, would America be back to 4% unemployment today? Would the housing market have recovered? Would there have been a lot less home foreclosures? Would we still have a "debt crisis"? Would the banks have self-reformed themselves? Would America be safer? Would our children and great-grandchildren been left with less debt? Would the Republicans be patting themselves on the back today for fixing all problems that the previous administration had left in their wake? And if not, who would they blame? Bill Clinton, Lyndon B. Johnson, or FDR?

If the Republicans had their way, would the 99% all be living in shantytowns segregated from the wealthiest 1% who'd be living in their gleaming modern cities, separated by a high electrified-fence to keep out the poor people crazy criminals? Would the Republicans even allow the poor to pitch a tent in the middle of a desert, but yet far enough away so as to not be an eyesore to them? Or would they send in their police force armed with tasers, pepper spray, and mace to break up their pathetic encampments?

If the Republicans and Tea Party Patriots ruled America, could they really "shut it down" and "take our country back"? And if so, how? By force? And take it back from who? Me? Or for what? A corporation? Or to when? 1492, when America was once an "emerging market" and only native American Indians had first populated the continent? When the Pilgrims were the only people in America with good Christian morals and family values?

Low Corporate Taxes = Excessive CEO Salaries

It doesn't matter what a corporation pays in taxes as compared to GDP, or how it's compared to any other index of measure (to skew the numbers), it's what they actually pay to the U.S. Treasury after loopholes (aka "deductions") that matters most. And for the last 25 years corporations have actually paid historically low taxes.

While today some corporations may have paid the maximum rate of 35% (when it was over 50% in the 1950s), many others paid ZERO, with the average being only 18%.

The same can be said for their CEOs and other high-income earners. While although the top bracket is also almost historically low (at 35%, when it was once over 90%), what they actually pay is nearer to 15% because the majority of their income is earned through capital gains.

And because corporations have been paying a low effective corporate tax rate for decades, that didn't keep them from outsourcing jobs overseas for cheap labor, but rather, it did enable them to pay very excessive CEO salaries...who only mostly pay 15% in federal income taxes on their capital gains.

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  1. Bud, I don't think anyone could possibly have said it better. Only the people who take Steven Colbert seriously wouldn't get it. This post should be mandatory reading for all Americans.