Friday, April 6, 2012

AARP vs. Social Security (Two Easy Polls)

Even if you're not retired or a member of AARP (or are just now starting out in the workforce), Paul Ryan's proposed budget was adopted by ALL Republican candidates, and it affects us all...young and old alike...whether you're middle-class or poor.

From everything I've researched going back three years, I've come to the unmistakable conclusion that AARP does NOT always represent the best interests of the elderly and retirees, but profits from advertising insurance supplements to Medicare.

While although AARP appears to be against Paul Ryan's plan considering cuts in Medicare, AARP seems reluctant to fully support the Democrat's provisions that are necessary to improve Social Security....such as taxing the rich (like taxing capital gains, dividends and SWAG investments as "regular wages") to close the loops holes to fully fund Social Security.

A survey accompanying AARP’s “You’ve Earned a Say” listening tour does not provide its members with an adequate opportunity to truly voice their opinions on the future of their Social Security and Medicare benefits.

If you’re an AARP member, it’s obvious why this is a problem; but if you’re not a member, consider the fact that AARP is the nation’s largest elderly advocate with over 40 million properly informed members.

AARP is supposed to be a non-profit advocacy group for the elderly, but AARP’s insurance arm rakes in billions each year, and they do quite well off kickbacks from business partners. AARP routinely meets with the Washington elite, many of whom support Social Security benefit cuts. AARP spent $15 million on lobbyists in 2011 alone – a particularly ‘light’ year for them if you look at their history. Read more...

A group (working with CREDO, the National Organization for Women and others) has contacted over 50,000 current AARP members with their own survey – and they’re also running Facebook and Google ads targeted at AARP members to get as many people as possible to take their survey.

When it comes time for AARP to choose sides, this group will compare the results, and let us know what they found. (I'll post their results with an UPDATE to this page.)

Please take these 2 quick and easy polls:

Here's the first quick and easy survey (where you provide your email and zip code, and answer just 8 multiple choice questions )

I have also created my own quick and easy survey with only 4 "yes" or "no" questions. No email and zip code is required for my poll. (Below are the four questions that I ask on the actual survey).

  1. Would you like to remove the $110,100 annual income "cap" so that EVERYBODY pays the 6.20% Social Security tax on 100% of their earnings every year to make the Social Security program solvent?

  2. The maximum monthly Social Security benefit is $2,513 month. Would you like to deny those who earn $1 million a year in other income to receive any Social Security benefits at all (except for qualifying for Medicare)?

  3. Would you like to see an increase in annual COLAS based on the ACTUAL cost-of-living (healthcare premiums, housing, food and electricity)?

  4. Data shows that it's usually the very wealthy who are living longer. (Google "rich living longer") Would like to re-set ALL retirement ages, no matter when one was born, to age 65 for Social Security and not raise the age to qualify?

Click here to take my survey

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