Friday, April 13, 2012

Allen West: "The Russians Are Coming!"

In 1949 the United States Secretary of Defense James Forrestal warned, "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!" Forrestal allegedly uttered those words while suffering from mental illness, not long before purportedly committing suicide.

When Allen West calls fellow members of Congress "communists" it's reminiscent of the days when Joe McCarthy divided Americans with name-calling and modern-day witch hunts - - and doesn’t advance policies to benefit people’s lives.

Allen West says he's not naming names, but that it was all the members of the Democratic Progressive Caucus.

McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. But Allen West isn't the only one, and most in the Tea Party use the same tactics.

Once Michele Bachmann also said that the House Democrats were anti-American and ought to be investigated. 

Jim Graves, Michele Bachmann's latest would-be challenger, says:

"We need a level playing field and I believe very strongly, I mean really strongly, that the middle class, and affordable health care, and livable wages, and good education, that is the core ingredient to the future of this country. So that's another thing, that's probably the fundamental thing I really believe in. You need people to have dignity, you need people to have cash flow and their families, to be able to be part of the society and contribute."

He also says he supports gay marriage and abortion rights, and he thinks it was a mistake to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act that separated investment banking from retail banking.

I guess Michele Bachmann will be running against a "communist" next time.

On the other hand, Allen West and his Tea Party want to repeal ObamaCare, Social Security, and Medicare...and want a compliant, poorly educated, low-wage workforce, with as few labor, workplace safety, health care, and environmental regulations as possible.

So I'll suppose that makes them the REAL and more patriotic Americans.

The vice-chairman of the real Communist Party (Libero Della Piana) confirmed that no members of Congress were members of the Communist Party.

Personally, I think people like Michele Bachmann and Allen West (and many others in the Tea Party) are really just mentally ill.


  1. Allen West and Michele Bachmann are so far out on the crazy right wing of the Republican Party that anybody sane and reasonable or centrist seem like Communists. Even Mitt Romney is too left wing for them.

  2. Allen West (R-Florida) was ousted from a NAACP event over his recent remarks about 80 House Democrats of the Congressional Progressive Caucus as being members of the Communist Party.