Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mitt and Ann Romney are Full of Horse Manure!

The Romneys like "dressage" horses, such as Missouri Fox Trotters and Austrian Warmbloods. When asked what was the best present her husband ever bought her, Ann Romney responded, "The best gift was a horse. That gift is the gift that keeps on giving. Some people have lovers in every port; I have horses in every port."

Romney's financial disclosure forms show that their horses are worth between $250,000 and $500,000. It cost them about as much to care for each horse as 50% of all working Americans earn in a whole year.

Last year 50% of all U.S. workers earned less than $26,364 a year - - and the poverty level for a family of four is considered to be $22,350 a year (which is a very low government assessment). But the Republicans say that 99% of us own a refrigerator, and most of us also have a color TV, and so therefore, aren't living in poverty. Yes Ann, even most working moms who are raising five kids can own a refrigerator.

Don't get me wrong, I love horses. And I think that anyone that can afford to buy and raise one should, if they want long as they pay the same tax rate as those that can't afford to buy a horse.

Mitt and Ann Romney don't think they should pay more than 15% on their income, because they're "job creators", but that everybody else should have to pay more, while having they're own tax rate either remain the same, or even made lower. Why? Do they need another horse?

It's cynical for the conservative advocacy group, the Heritage Fountain, to falsely claim that half of all Americans don't pay their fair share of federal income taxes when a married couple, who each earn only $20,000 a year while raising two children, can barely live as it is.

It's cruel, misleading, and selfish for the Republicans to parrot these false allegations and then say "they need to put more skin in the game", and then say that if you raise taxes on the rich, tax evasion will increase, bringing in less tax revenues.

And what if only one parent were working, such as a single mom earning $20,000 a year? What kind of healthcare plan could she afford for herself and children after paying for rent and food? Healthcare insurance premiums averaged $414 per month last year, so how much more skin should a real working woman put into the "game"?

It's mean and disingenuous for the GOP to falsely claim that a single mom with children is on the "government tit from the cradle to the grave", when receiving welfare benefits (TANF) when this federal program only has a four year life-time span, and is barely enough to subsist on, let alone buy a new Cadillac.

It's an out-right lie for the Republicans to falsely claim that 18 million Americans (who at one time or anther during the Great Recession, received federal extended benefits) were "gaming the system", and that immediately after their benefits expired, most all of them found jobs. Total B.S..

It's also vindictive and deceitful, and divisive for the Republicans to falsely claim that the unemployed had a higher rate of alcohol and drug use, and so therefore, need be tested - - unlike the politicians who are making these laws, who are also on the government dole. How many of them have been arrested on drug charges? How many times has Rush Limbaugh?

The Republicans use a handful of stories that are contrary to the facts, and use them as anecdotal evidence, and then rail about Obama turning this country into a welfare state - - and more like a European country. It's total B.S.

It's really just the opposite. Give everyone a job paying more than unemployment benefits and welfare and they will work. But the Republicans don't want to raise the minimum age and corporations don't want to pay a "living wage" to Americans, that's why they bust labor unions and outsource jobs overseas (or move to Southern states where wages were kept lower).

Groups like the Heritage Fountain and the Republicans falsely label these CEOs and their wealthy heirs as "job creators", and say we can't raise their taxes or they won't create jobs. But all the jobs were lost WITH the Bush tax cuts over the last ten years.

With CEOs earning multi-million-dollar annual salaries (year after year), and with over $2.5 trillion hoarded away in corporate treasuries, how can these CEOs and the Republicans claim that taxes are too high? Especially when, in truth, they are now historically low in most categories.

The GOP falsely claims that food stamps, unemployment benefits, and welfare is part of "big government" and is also at the root of our budget though the poor were somehow taking from you to live "high on the hog", while they lounged around like lazy bums in hammocks. Total B.S.

A member of congress makes almost 9 times more than that single mom earning only $20,000 a year. Should we tax her more to pay that congressional salary, or tax members of congress more to reduce the national debt?

Does Ann Romney, who's raising five sons, work harder than a woman earning a measly $20,000 a year (or is taking in less on welfare) who is also raising five sons? Who, between these two women, needs a tax cut - - and who needs their taxes raised?

Congress has always written the tax code to benefit themselves and the very wealthy, especially since 1921 when the preferential treatment of capital gains was first introduced. The rich have enjoyed paying a disproportionately lower tax rate than the middle-class has for a very long time, and one reason why we have so much inequity in income and such a disparity in wealth.

So now, who really needs a tax cut, and who needs a tax increase? If you ask the Heritage Fountain or the Republicans, they will tell you to raise taxes on the poorest and cut taxes for the richest.

The Republicans and the Romneys claim they're "job creators", when we all know that's just plain horse manure, but that's their story, and they're stickin' to it.

It's not envy or class's math. The Romneys, and everyone else in the top 1%, should pay a higher tax rate than the poor...not a lower tax rate. For them to say otherwise in un-American and greedy...and just shows they have no class at all. I guess it's true, money can't buy class.

(Below) A typical stay-at-home mom and job creator, working hard to raise five kids, and who is now working hard by campaigning to be our First Lady.

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