Saturday, January 5, 2013

More on Job Creators

An American ceo can earn $20 million every year by paying a Chinese worker $1 an hour, so how can asking that same ceo to instead earn $5 million every year and pay an American worker $15 an hour be construed as "class warfare"?

That same ceo is now obligated to pay 20% in federal income taxes on their capital gains earned from their stock options (the bulk of their salary), and pays no Social Security or Medicare taxes on those capital gains, yet....

...a teacher, firefighter, or law enforcement officer earning $50,000 a year is obligated to pay 25% in federal income taxes and also pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on 100% of their earnings.

How can asking that ceo to pay the same tax rate (or higher) and the same taxes as a teacher, firefighter, or law enforcement officer be construed as unfairly "redistributing the wealth"?

Even when ceos fail and/or do a bad job they are rewarded with huge bonuses and severance packages, while sub-standard performances and even the least little offense can cost their employees their livelihood?

Why do the Republicans think that by giving huge tax breaks and deductions to wealthy ceos, while at the same time paying workers sub-standard wages and cutting Social Security and Medicare, is NOT waging a class war on middle-class workers or the working poor?

Why is it that billionaires earning millions of dollars every year, while avoiding paying their fair share of income taxes, are always accusing the poorest of the poor for wanting to "punish the job creators for their success" just because they are unemployed or under-paid and need food stamps to eat?

Why is it that someone can bust their ass for 40 or 50 years to help make a job creator very rich, but when that person gets too old and/or sick to work any longer, the job creators don't want to help support that worker with Social Security, disability, or Medicare?

Why do the Republicans, in the modern era of technology, believe that Americans should work longer and harder and for much less before retiring they drop dead?

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