Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Tea Party Anarchists: "Shut it down!"

The Republicans will split on the debt ceiling, but more of them are likely to side with the Tea Party. We are headed directly for another fiscal-cliff confrontation – and this one could be much more damaging to our country.

The Republicans, whose ideology is now dominated by the Koch brother's Tea Party, wants no government regulation, no taxes, and no government spending. Shutting down the government could not please them more, many have already publicly stated this, shouting "Shut it down!"

The Tea Party anarchists accuse President Obama of having a credit card and doing all the government spending, when it's Congress that actually writes and passes all our spending bills. During 8 years under George W. Bush, Congress ran up the first $10 trillion in debt on our national credit card (without any regard at all to the "crushing debt on our children and grand-children").

The Tea Party anarchists in our Congress are not swayed by public opinion or the will of the majority in a democracy; they are on a ideological mission, much like a Kamikaze pilot or suicide bomber. They are driven, not by what's best for the country as a whole, but by their own personal vision of how they want America to be. But they claim they are only representing their constituents (yes, in their gerrymandered congressional districts; and they are also doing the will of their financial backers -- and to get themselves re-elected.)

In a country ruled by the Tea Party anarchists there would be no Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, TANF (welfare), SNAP (food stamps), unemployment benefits, college Pell grants, disability compensation, or any other program to assist the poor, the unemployed, or the disadvantaged. Everyone in America would essentially be completely on their own.

The Tea Party anarchists were financed by billionaires such as the Koch brothers and promoted by the multi-millionaire TV and radio host Glenn Beck (and supported by other anti-government radicals such as Bret Breitbart and multi-millionaire Rush Limbaugh -- and by another multi-billionaire, Rupert Murdoch of Fox News).

The Tea Party anarchists would reduce government spending to such a point as to eliminate almost every government institution in existence today --- the EPA, the DOE, the FCC, the FAA, the FDA, (etc.) --- and eliminate every worker protection we have as well: the National Labor Relations Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (etc.)

It's still unclear what "government spending" (if any at all) the Tea Party anarchists would be willing to do. Schools and colleges? Roads, bridges, and other infrastructure? Defense and national intelligence? Dams, aqueducts and other water projects? The power grid and other utilities? NASA and other space related programs? Research and development?

The Tea Party anarchists' philosophy is based on a 1957 fictional novel written by Russian immigrant and philosopher Ayn Rand. It's a mythical story called "Atlas Shrugged". Ayn Rand rejected faith and religion and opposed collectivism, but instead supported limited government and laissez-faire capitalism, which she believed was the only social system that protected individual rights.

The Tea Party anarchists think that "government" is not "us", but "them" (e.g. men in black helicopters spying on them and trying to take away their guns and religion, IRS agents stealing their hard-earned money and homes, FBI agents shooting innocent women and children, Union thugs protecting lazy and over-paid government workers, and black people on welfare and food stamps, etc.) when really the government is all of us, together, collectively.

And the Tea Party anarchists are also part of government, and are inside the halls of Congress that governs government, and the Tea Party anarchists in Congress take government salaries (and are also over-paid) and the Tea Party anarchists get government entitlements (hand outs) such as healthcare and pensions.

It's just everybody else that these Tea Party anarchists don't want to help and protect (such as the poor, the disabled, the elderly, and the sick). Tea Party anarchists would rather end food stamps for children rather than tax billionaires like the Koch brothers...the people who keep the Tea Party anarchists financed and in office.

Regarding the debt ceiling: I propose that first the Republicans draft a bill specifying EXACTLY what the Republicans want in government cuts and by EXACTLY how much and when. And then have the House of Representatives make a straight up-and-down vote on their bill. Then after it fails to pass the Senate, the president should then use his constitutionally granted powers to honor the full faith and credit of the United States (The14th Amendment says that the debt of the United States will always be paid).

And IF by chance the government is temporary or partially shut down, I suggest the government spending cuts start first with Republican Congressional salaries and their government benefits -- to set a patriotic example for the American people and to make a "shared sacrifice" for the good of the country (so far, only the poor, the under-paid and unemployed have been the ones to make any sacrifices.)

In the 112th Congress, of 435 Representatives and 100 Senators, the Tea Party anarchists had 61 members. All were Republicans, all were obstructionists, and all were anti-government. The great majority were from Southern Confederate States* (the 18 exceptions are listed below).

* In 1948, determined to protect what they portrayed as their Southern way of life and what they felt was oppressive federal government, the Dixiecrats were born. They opposed racial integration and wanted to retain Jim Crow laws and white supremacy in the face of possible federal intervention. States rights has always dominated their politics, especially because of slavery, the economic issue that led to the American Civil War.

Michele Bachmann, Minnesota (Leader of the Tea Party Anarchists)
Rob Bishop, Utah
Mike Lee, Utah (Senate)
Gary Miller, California
Ed Royce, California
Tom McClintock, California
Wally Herger, California
Tim Huelskamp, Kansas
Lynn Jenkins, Kansas
Jerry Moran, Kansas (Senate)
Doug Lamborn, Colorado
Mike Coffman, Colorado
Steve King, Iowa
Trent Franks, Arizona
Steve Pearce, New Mexico
Adrian Smith, Nebraska
Tim Walberg, Michigan
Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming

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  1. If Jesse Ventura is correct in asserting that the U.S. government is in the process of building FEMA camps to intern Americans after a massive uprising, I suggest we start first with locking up the Tea Party anarchists.

  2. The Budget Control Act of 2011 automatically triggers spending cuts in both domestic and military spending. The Tea Party anarchists will hold the county's debt hostage again unless they get large cuts to such programs as Medicare for grandma. The Obama administration would probably break the debt ceiling and take its case to the Supreme Court. But there are Tea Party anarchists in the highest court as well.