Sunday, May 26, 2013

DOJ's First Arrests in Wall Street Housing Collapse

Recently "occupiers", allies and community members from across the country came together in front of the Department of Justice to demand that Attorney General Eric Holder arrest the bankers responsible for upending the international economy through the housing crisis.

Five years after the greed and recklessness of Wall Street criminals crashed our economy, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is finally making some arrests. But it’s not Wall Street bankers sitting in jail. Nope, it’s 27 struggling homeowners and foreclosure victims who went to DC to demand the end of Too Big to Jail.

President Obama’s Attorney General and his Justice Department have failed to file a single criminal charge against a banker, letting the banks have a free pass on money laundering for drug cartels, violating Securities Laws, the nationwide AG settlement on foreclosure fraud, and so much more.

2 million underwater homeowners can't wait any longer, and neither can the 7 million families going through some part of the foreclosure process since the housing crisis started.

We put 1,200 bankers in jail after the Savings and Loan crisis during the Reagan Administration, but not a single bank or banker has had to answer for their crimes under Obama. Demand that Attorney General Eric Holder #EndTooBigToJail and arrest the bankers responsible.

(I'd love to have Eliot Spitzer head our Department of Justice to prosecute the big banks and the federal regulators overseeing them.)

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