Sunday, May 26, 2013

Should we export our drinking water too?

According to the New York Times, very soon United States crude oil production will surpass imports for the first time since 1995.

But to hear Republicans tell it, domestic oil production has fallen off a cliff, when in fact, it is at a 21-year high (despite cutbacks in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil spill). But it does not mean that America has reached energy independence --- not for a country that uses one-fifth of the world’s oil, while possessing little more than one-fiftieth of its reserves.

The Republicans have frantically tried to open up huge swaths of America’s public land (both onshore and offshore) to drilling. One of their bills would essentially establish energy development as "the primary use" of the public lands.

Recently the full House approved a bill giving Congress the power to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada. It was an essentially meaningless vote, but it advanced the argument for the pipeline, saying that it's essential to America’s energy independence --- and thus its security. It is the very same argument that the Republicans have made to justify their proposed pillage of federal lands.

American oil is exported to China to fuel Chinese cars and for American factories that are used to displace American workers. American taxpayers pay for the military used to defend these trade routes and oil facilities for exported American oil...while the cost of energy skyrockets for low-paid and unemployed American consumers, all while American oil executives are making record profits and record salaries.

We need to nationalize the entire energy industry, and put an end all exports of oil and natural gas (America's natural resources). 

Or should we also export all our drinking water too...just to profit a few? 

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