Thursday, December 5, 2013

Escaping the 99%

The Proposed New "Freedom Ship"
Freedom Ship International

Some people will do anything --- and spend untold amounts of wealth --- to rid themselves of the scum known as "humanity".

They will spend great sums of money to escape taxation. They will sacrifice their country's citizenship to escape having to pay their fair share of taxes for the Social Security retirements of those who made them so wealthy.

There are plans to build a mammoth vessel (a floating platform) named "Freedom Ship International" which will include 17,000 condo units and 3,000 commercial properties. One-bedroom condos will will range up to $7 million for luxury units.

The one-mile-long and 25-story-high ship would circle the Earth every two years, spending roughly 70 percent of its time moored outside major cities and ports.

Because the floating platform will be too large to dock in most ports, residents can fly to and from other private airports on shore directly from the Freedom Ship's onboard airport. The elitist residents can then enter a waiting limo and drive directly to one of their many beachfront mansions -- completely bypassing the masses (with the exception of the pilots and limo drivers).

The floating behemoth would have its own economy, with tens of thousands of people working in shops, bars, and other businesses --- and the residents on board would pay a maintenance fee to support infrastructure, such as security services and fire fighters (one can only guess how much these employees would be paid, and what their working conditions might be like).

CNBC's Roger Gooch points out that the floating city might also be considered an offshore tax haven.

But when London developer Peter Beckwith signed on back in 1997 to buy a $2 million apartment on the 10th deck of an exclusive cruise ship named "The World", he too expected the height of luxury. But soon after the ship first set sail from Oslo in March 2002, Beckwith and other luxury apartment owners ran into something they hadn't bargained for: tourists.

Residents, who bought their apartments with the idea of traveling the world from the comfort of home, paid annual maintenance fees of more than $100,000, plus thousands of dollars a month for amenities. Many didn't like the idea that tourists could pay as little as $300 a day for suites and enjoy owners' perks as well as free meals, caviar and all the champagne they could drink.

Most likely the entitled condo owners on Freedom Ship International won't have those pesky tourists (the 99%) to deal with, but they will still have those scumbags to deal with (known as "employees"). Maybe by the time the Freedom Ship is competed, the elitist condo owners will have found a way to replace those heathen with robots.

Then maybe the top 0.01% will have finally found what they've been looking for...the final move in their "End Game".

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