Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Top One Percent's "END GAME"

During World War II, the people of the world couldn't believe it --- the idea had sounded so preposterous. It wasn't until after the war did the occupying soldiers finally confirm the full extent of the utter horror, that once, had only been a rumor --- that millions of people had been brutally extinguished in the German's death camps.

As it was then, it would almost impossible to believe that something like that could happen today. But humanity, all throughout its history, has participated in mass genocide. And it can happen again. Mankind, in this respect, is no more "civilized" today than it was then...only the technology has changed.

And "the innocents" today, unbeknownst to them, are still being led to slaughter like lambs.

The End Game

What would the END GAME (the final solution) for the 99% be for the super-rich today? To reduce all of humanity (7 billion human beings) to scavenging animals, while they lived in the lap of luxury?

Or would they prefer that all 7 billion of us just perish, and have their uber-rich brethren account for the total population of the planet?

Would that be the END GAME? To have all the money while everybody else is dead?

Who would be around to lick their feet or shine their shoes? What happens after the richest 0.01% has hoarded 99.99% of all available wealth in world? Who will work and who will buy things?

Will we all be living (or buried) underground by that time? Is that what the super-rich eventually thinks Utopia will be? Will they finally be content after slaughtering the rest us in their class war. Will that be their END GAME?

This isn't just about the grabbing and taking by the top one percent. This is about cash flow. They grabbed and took the wealth of nations and choked off their cash flow.

Businesses can't hire because they can't get loans, which means they have to lay off employees, which means people stop buying their goods and services and stop paying their debts. That means they lose their homes and the real estate market crashes --- and States and Nations appear to go broke, because our cash reserves go to "bail out" these rich people and their crooked corporations, rather than make our pensions whole. Then they use their ill-gotten gains to buy each other's banks and companies in a consolidation game (just like in a real life game of Monopoly), instead of using it to start lending to smaller businesses again. 

If we were able to rebalance the wealth and get the cash flow moving again, instead of having it stagnating in the hands of a few, most of the economic problems we are suffering today would vanish in months. Businesses could hire, people could get jobs, buy goods and services, and tax revenues would rise. But the "job creators" (the top 0.01%) has another plan, which has already been revealed to be a big lie --- a myth that even the Pope has recently debunked.

Virgil Bierschwale at www.KeepAmericaAtWork.com  "As they destroy the middle-class of every country, the cost of living will continue to go up as they buy the homes and land (and everything else) that we formerly occupied. They will control all the food and water. And wages will continue to decline as the cost of living keeps rising --- just as they planned. So even though there will be 7 billion consumers out there, they will not be able to afford to buy a used piece of toilet paper (even if they wanted it), which will decimate those who are making payments on all of their investments. In other words…Fool’s Gold…followed by the latest Marie Antoinette rendition."

The END GAME. But the super-rich must not have thought that far ahead, because there is no life of luxury when you have to grow your own food...unless the top 0.01% brings back slavery.

Maybe the 99% will all become "Scraps", like in the movie Demolition Man; the resistance fighters, living in the underground ruins beneath a city called San Angeles. The super-rich might be chemically suspended in cryogenic storage to expand their lives --- but then again, as Spartan described, the ordeal of humane sleep was more like watching a 36-year nightmare completely awake.

Near the end of the top one percent's END GAME, all of us might be living underground like Morlocks and slaving at ancient machines in factories to produce goods for all the rich, who are living above-ground and enjoying the fruits of our labors. Maybe the super-rich will all be wearing white Togo robes.

The rest of us, subterranean creatures, dirty and sweating and breaking our backs in the stale and damp underground air --- are constantly cold, hungry, tired and miserably suffering. All while the super rich are high up above us --- basking in the sunlight, while demanding that we work much harder and much faster, but for lesser and lesser rewards.

Maybe the final move in the top one percent's END GAME will be after the current population has grown by three-fold, when most of all the housing is dilapidated and overcrowded, and the homeless have filled the streets and lined the fire escapes --- sleeping in the stairways of old dilapidated buildings. Food, as we once knew it, is now a very rare and expensive commodity. There are often food riots. Most of the world's population survives on processed rations called Soylent Green, a green wafer that's advertised to contain "high-energy plankton", and is produced by a massive global conglomerate called the Soylent Corporation.

Soylent Green is people!

Detective Thorn: "It's people! Soylent Green is made out of people! They're making our food out of people! Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food! You've gotta tell them! You've gotta tell them!"

Will the elderly (anyone over 30 years old) become Soylent Green in the top one percent's "final solution" for the 99 percent? Michael Hudson, the Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at UMKC, says:

"The oligarchy is running things. They would rather annul the bottom ninety percent's right to live than to annul the money that's due to them. They would rather strip the planet, and shrink the population, and be paid, rather than give up their claims. That's the political fight of the twenty-first century."

For the New World Order, their world government is just beginning. Once in place, they can finalize their plan to exterminate most of the world's population, while enabling the "elites" to live forever with the aid of their advanced technology. Their secret plan for humanity's extermination has already been revealed in the documentary Operation ENDGAME.

* Also see this historical 8 minute video below called Surviving Oligarchy, a short clip from the documentary Surviving Progress (And here is Michael Hudson's latest book on the structures enhancing oligarchy.)

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  1. Eventually, the 1% will have to start eating its own -- since they will have consumed the other 99%