Monday, August 10, 2015

Clinton, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson

Politicians will promise ANYTHING to get elected ... and borrow other people's ideas when they realize how popular they are...

Hillary Clinton’s new education plan will make community colleges free for 4 years — and ensure that those with student loans wouldn’t be required to pay more than 10 percent of their income in debt payments. The plan would be paid for by limiting the value of itemized tax deductions for the wealthiest taxpayers, and increasing unspecified taxes [capital gains?]

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s first bill as a senator had called for reducing the interest rates that government charges student borrowers. Warren announced her plan to set student loan interest rates at the same level big banks receive from the Federal Reserve (which is near ZERO percent and much lower than Clinton's plan).

Last May Senator Bernie Sanders had already officially introduced a bill that would eliminate undergraduate tuition, which would eliminate tuition costs at all 4-year public colleges and universities. Is Hillary using Bernie's idea? Boston Globe:

"Clinton remains the formidable front-runner in the Democratic presidential contest, but during the summer she’s seen her poll numbers — particularly in New Hampshire — slip as Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has drawn huge crowds with his liberal message. One of his biggest applause lines comes when he talks about his plan for debt-free education. Groups on the left were already lining up to praise the Clinton proposal and take credit..."

Black Lives Matter

At a recent campaign rally for Senator Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter members Marissa Janae Johnson (below left) and Mara Jacqueline Willaford (below right) took the stage, forced Bernie to the side, and threatened to shut down his rally if they couldn't talk first (video and full story here).

Marissa Janae Johnson had asked the crowd to “join us now in holding Bernie Sanders accountable” for not doing enough to address police brutality. But out of 535 members of Congress, what more could Bernie have done than anybody else ... such as President Obama (top left) or U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (top right)? And what more has Hillary Clinton done that Bernie Sanders hasn't?

Black Lives Matter members Marissa Janae Johnson and Mara Jacqueline Willaford

After the rally was called off, Mara Jacqueline Willaford continued to yell at Sanders as he exited the stage.
 Black Lives Matter Matter - Bernie Sanders

Can you imagine if Martin Luther King Junior had got up on a podium where JFK or Senator Bobby Kennedy were giving a speech, and getting in their faces the way Black Lives Matter did with Senator Bernie Sanders? Will President Obama invite Black Lives Matter to the Oval Office to discuss their concerns, the way JFK did with MLK?

Hillary Clinton will campaign in New Hampshire to hold a town hall meeting in Exeter to unveil her college affordability plan (which she stole from Bernie Sanders). She will also hold a grassroots organizing event in Manchester. Will Black Lives Matter show up at those events as well? And if so, will they storm the podium and demand that Hillary give up her microphone and let them speak first — or threaten to shut down her event as well? We will see.

Ferguson in the News Again

Michael Brown shopping at a local convenience store in Ferguson last year.
Michael Brown

What part of this isn't true? Peace-loving demonstrators in Ferguson Missouri recently marked the anniversary of the unjustified death of Michael Brown, the innocent black man who was shot and killed (for no reason at all) by a deranged rouge cop who was out driving around looking to kill an unarmed black man — a young man who was only walking down the street minding his own business.

This was what had supposedly spurred the Black Lives Matter movement funded by billionaire George Soros.

During the occasion in Ferguson yesterday to honor their local hero, gunfire erupted and a man was shot by police. At a press conference at 3:30 a.m., Chief Jon Belmar of the St. Louis County Police said plainclothes officers were monitoring a man in a crowd of protesters who they believed was armed.

It turns out the man was armed with a stolen 9mm Sig Sauer, and became involved in an exchange of gunfire with another party, and who then fired on four plainclothes officers in an unmarked SUV. The officers fired back, hitting the man, who is now in critical condition. He was identified as 18-year-old Tyrone Harris Jr., whose father had said was a friend of Michael Brown — and that they were "real close".


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  2. What is wrong with those women? The only message they sent was that they were violent, extremely inconsiderate and rude, loud, obnoxious and should have been hauled off by security. It was the rights of the people who came to hear Bernie Sanders that were violated by those big-mouthed idiots. Agreement by force doesn't persuade anyone. They are doing more harm to the advancement of civil rights than good. It is obvious that they don't understand the word "civil."

  3. The Hillary Clinton / George Soros / BLM connection is well documented in print and online yet, so far as I can tell, entirely ignored on TV. If the truth becomes known to the general public, this could be a serious blow to Clinton. But the DNC will do their best to prevent that.

  4. A comment I received on another post:

    A few things some people seem to be missing:

    1) BLM activists (and the people at Seattle were indeed BLM) are targeting Bernie Sanders and sparing Hillary Clinton. How convenient for her. The Clinton campaign sees Sanders presenting more of a challenge than anybody anticipated. And they know the key to stopping him from doing what Obama did in 2008 is to prevent him from pulling substantial black voter support away from Clinton.

    2) The behavior of BLM activists towards Bernie Sanders and his supporters is unremittingly hostile. Charging the stage and SCREAMING in Bernie's face. Hurling racial epithets at his supporters. There is no effort to start a dialogue. Just scream and hurl insults and otherwise shut it down. Meanwhile, BLM activists have a respectful private meeting with Clinton, then bestow effusive praise for her on social media.

    3) BLM co-founder Alicia Garza comes on TV and assures Chris Hayes they will be targeting all of the candidates. Anybody with a brain knows that isn't happening. But Hayes accepts it uncritically and so Garza manages a little damage control after the fiasco in Seattle.

    4) BLM will not be targeting Republican candidates. They probably will not bother with Chaffee or Webb. Maybe O'Malley again. For sure Sanders again. Because their purpose in attacking Sanders is not to get him to take their concerns seriously -- which is already the case, anyway -- or to engage in coalition-building with white progressives, whom they consider "white supremacy liberals," it is to try and prevent black support from moving from Clinton to Sanders. Maybe they'll even discuss their progress at BLM's next cozy sitdown with Hillary Clinton.

    5) Why would the BLM leadership do that? Ask George Soros, the Wall Street billionaire who has donated millions to the Clinton campaign, and donated millions to BLM. I would bet the BLM leadership will be getting more from Soros in appreciation for their efforts in trying to insure Clinton's nomination. He may be liberal, but he's also a Wall Street wheeler-dealer, and very much wants Clinton, not Sanders, to be the Democratic nominee.

    6) Does BLM support Clinton? Frankly, I doubt they care about any of these candidates. Or the campaign, for that matter. Read Garza's writings. She is an extremist. She expresses no interest in working with white progressives, or Democratic politicians, but instead focuses on a black liberation movement. She probably cares not at all about the interests of some super-rich white dude. However, his money will be helpful in building BLM. She does care about that.