Sunday, August 9, 2015

How George Soros Attacks Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton

First, we have to ask ourselves: What has Barack Obama (as a black president) and Eric Holder (as a black U.S. attorney general) accomplished for the African-American community over the past 7 years — meaning, what did they do to reform the criminal judicial system, local law enforcement agencies and the state prison systems?

And, if much of anything, did they do more or less than what Bill and Hillary Clinton may have accomplished when they had wielded the reins of power?

And why is a progressive social Democrat and presidential candidate named Bernie Sanders being targeted by an antagonistic group of protesters who call themselves "Black Lives Matter"? And why hasn't this same group of "protesters" not also targeted "Third Way" pro-corporate Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the same mean-spirited and hostile manner?

What is it that Senator Bernie Sanders has NOT done for the Black community over the past several decades (and also while in Congress) that President Obama, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton may have done to better the lives of black Americans? And why would the group "Black Lives Matters" only target Bernie Sanders, but not Hillary Clinton?

The answer might be very simple. Taxes. Bernie would tax rich billionaires like George Soros, who funds "Black Lives Matters" — just like Bernie would tax big corporate outlets such as Fox News and MSNBC — including their wealthy CEOs and talking heads. Whereas, more than likely Hillary Clinton wouldn't raise their taxes (although she SAYS she might, but only says so to get our populist votes).

This morning I had heard on CNN's "State on the Union" that the group "Black Lives Matter" had again interrupted Senator Bernie Sanders during a speech at a campaign rally in Seattle. So I did a Google search for "Bernie Sanders Black Lives Matter" — and the very first search result led me to a story by the Washington Post:

"Bernie Sanders came to Seattle on Saturday with plans to give two speeches. The first didn’t happen. An appearance by the senator from Vermont at an event celebrating the anniversary of Social Security and Medicare was scuttled after protesters from a local Black Lives Matter chapter took over the stage. Hours later, Sanders, who has been drawing bigger crowds than any other presidential contender, drew his largest yet: about 15,000 at the college basketball arena where the Washington Huskies play."

Not long ago when the group Black Lives Matter interrupted Senator Bernie Sanders at a Netroots convention, I wrote in a post title Hillary Clinton Operatives Infiltrate Netroots Convention:

"One might wonder why a small group of people would want to rudely interrupt interviews with two of the very people who would advocate on behalf of the African-American population — and who might be the most likely to support their causes. It would seem a bit counter-productive to their ambitions."

Then upon hearing this morning that this same group had rudely interrupted Bernie Sanders once again, I thought to myself: "Clinton operatives really ARE trying to sabotage Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. And it's probably because he is the only real serious challenger to Hillary's campaign — and the Clintons are very notorious for their dirty political tricks. (Politically ambitious people that run only for themselves, and can't be trusted.) From Mother Jones:

"[Senator] Bumpers was critical of their character and political future, dismissing them as 'manic ambitious' and 'manic obsessed' and alleging that Bill Clinton's gubernatorial campaign had resorted to 'dirty tricks.' "

Hillary was also accused of using dirty tricks during her last presidential campaign. So I began to think to myself: "The Clinton's are up to their old dirty tricks again — or that maybe (but maybe not directly), her political campaign supporters may be doing her dirty work for her (so that she can always claim "plausible deniability").

Out of curiosity, I did another Google search for "George Soros Hillary Clinton" — and the very first search result was an article from Breitbart.Com which reported that the New York hedge fund billionaire George Soros was among the biggest donors to a super PAC backing Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Then I did another Google search for "George Soros Black Lives Matter" — and the very first search result was an article from the WashingtonTimes.Com which reported that George Soros gave millions of dollars to this group.

The second result for this same search showed another article, which was also by the WashingtonTimes.Com, which reported that George Soros had also funded the Ferguson protests. The DailyMail.Com also ran a story on this, reporting that George Soros spent $33 million bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create an "echo chamber" and drive national protests.

The third search result showed an article titled: Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle. had noted that Bill O'Reilly at Fox News had reported: "So, who's funding Black Lives Matter? One of the big donors seems to be George Soros, our old pal, who gives big money to affiliates of Black Lives Matter, groups that do direct business with them." (Read through this article and follow all the links for some enlightening background. Even black reporters on ESPN were getting heat for saying "All lives matter.")

The so-called mainstream liberal media (such as MSNBC) is not reporting these incidents in the same way as other media outlets because the so-called "left-leaning" cable news stations and the so-called "liberal" media outlets seem to support Hillary Clinton (as opposed to Senator Bernie Sanders) — and MSNBC (and their talking heads) gives air time and a lot of favorable coverage to the group Black Lives Matter — the group that's backed by Hillary Clintons's super-rich supporter, George Soros.

The 3-minute video below is of Bill O'Reilly on Black Lives Matters and how it's being funded by Geroge Soros — which is followed by some highlights from the Black Lives Matter protesters interrupting Bernie Sanders most recent speech. The protesters were already waiting in the very front row of the podium, and immediately stood up and physically stormed the stage as soon as Senator Sanders began to speak (Hillary would most likely have had more security and Secret Service personnel to keep them away).

IMHO, the protesters were not only "disruptive", but were very rude, disrespectful and very openly hostile. They were despicable. They got right in Senator Bernie Sanders' face and threatened to shut down his rally. (They were very unreasonable, angry, loud and hysterical).

Will these militant protesters ever treat Hillary Clinton the exact same way?

The people who had attended the rally to actually hear Bernie Sanders speak (and not to Black Lives Matter) were very unhappy with these protesters/paid political operatives after they had forced the rally to shut down. So in essence, the billionaire Geoge Soros had silenced Senator Bernie Sanders — the very man who would raise taxes on billionaires like George Soros.

If this group of radical Black Panther-like protesters loses support from "the Left" (those who are actually trying to help the Black community), then who will they turn to if Hillary loses the 2016 presidential election? Does Black Lives Matters think Ted Cruz, Scott Walker or Rand Paul will have their backs?

Black Lives Matter, with their current tactics, will turn many of their previous supporters against them by attacking people like Bernie Sanders. And this is the direct result of the billionaire George Soros, a wealthy plutocrat, who that, by having HIS own way — will in the process, undermine our democracy.

* Here are the links to the unedited videos of the segment with Bill O'Reilly and the Black Lives Matter protest in Seattle (because foul language was used, some of the audio was edited out).

Update: I just heard on CNN (@ 12:10 PM PST) a host ask the guest if Bernie Sanders was being specifically targeted by Black Lives Matters, and the guest answered "no" --- because CNN also prefers Hillary over Bernie. It's all about taxes.


  1. Can you imagine if MLK and a group of protesters got up on a podium where JFK or Senator Bobby Kennedy were giving a speech, and getting in their faces the way Black Lives Matter did yesterday with Senator Bernie Sanders? Will President Obama invite Black Lives Matter to the Oval Office to discuss their concerns, the way JFK did with MLK?

    1. Now as of Feb 10, 2016, that you bloggers and the writer of this article know George Soros is not endorsing Hillary but he's endorsing Bernie Sanders, don't you feel a little silly with all that made up garbage that George Soros is using Black Lives Matter against Bernie for the sake of Hillary's benefit? You should feel very silly.

    2. What have YOU been smoking? Just because MEMBERS of MoveOn endorsed Bernie doesn't mean George Soros personally endorsed him. Just like Howard Dean co-founder of Democracy for America, whose MEMBERS endorsed Bernie, but Howard Dean snubbed Bernie and endorsed Hillary.

  2. Hillary Clinton will campaign in New Hampshire to hold a town hall meeting in Exeter to unveil her college affordability plan (which she stole from Bernie Sanders). She will also hold a grassroots organizing event in Manchester.

    Will Black Lives Matter show up at those events? And if so, will they storm the podium and demand that Hillary give up her microphone and let them speak first — or threaten to shut down her event?

    We will see.

    1. Of course they won't troll Hillary. The Secret Service would probably shoot them, and they know it. She only does fundraisers anyway. A couple of days before Bernie had 15K people at his rally here in Seattle, Hillary was here with a $27,000 a plate fundraiser at a billionaire's posh mansion.

    2. Maybe this was what Bernie Sanders was going to talk about in Seattle before he was so rudely shut down by Black Lives Matters:

      Bernie Sanders Unveils Sweeping Policy Platform To Combat Racial Inequality: "Sanders addressed the issue in front of more than 20,000 supporters in Portland, drawing his largest crowd yet. A day after being interrupted by Black Lives Matters protesters at a campaign event in Seattle, Washington, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) released a detailed platform on combating racial inequality.

    3. Hmmmm. I have searched and searched for Hillary Clinton’s “Plan to copmbat racial inequality” but I cannot find anything anywhere. It must not exist. How can THAT be, when the Black Lives Matter people are steering so far clear of her? I suppose that writing such a plan would be problematic for Hillary, because any such plan would have to start with rolling back and dismantling all of the horrible things she and her husband did to the Black Community ( in the 1990’s – abolishing AFDC, decimating the social safety net, and promoting mass incarceration of minorities through the “Clinton Crime Bill.” If “Black Lives” REALLY mattered to these people they would be camped out in front of Hillary’s office

    4. You must be reading my mind. In my next post that I'm working on I write:

      Here's Bernie's actual platform on racial injustice. For comparsion, please leave a link to Hillary Clinton's platform on this subject.

    5. Oh really, Hillary stole the college afforfdability from Bernie. And who did Bernie steal it from? It was President Obama who first proposed the first two years of college be free, not Bernie. And Bernie is trying to take credit for the President's strategy for fighting ISIL by his forming the coalition of 65 countries, including the Gulf States. Bernie spouts that he'd form an international coalition as if the president hadn't ALREADY FORMED A COALITION as early as 2014. But he gave no credit to the president for having envisioned and implemented this plant. Sneaky

    6. Which flies in the face of Hillary's claims that she wants to continue Obama's policies. Bernie has backed Obama 99% of the time (except on such things as the TPP trade agreement). Obama ran in 2008 on many progressive ideas, but once elected, he moved more to the center. And we haven't heard about free tuition ever since then.

  3. Great minds think alike - check out my blog post: "Hillary Has Organised Her Own “Vast Conspiracy” with the Help of George Soros and the DNC":

    1. Fantastic analysis! I'm going to link to this in my next post with a quote. Thanks, great stuff.

  4. My follow up post ...

    DNC, Clinton, Soros, #BlackLivesMatter vs. Bernie Sanders

    A related post:

    Clinton, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson

  5. A few things some people seem to be missing:

    1) BLM activists (and the people at Seattle were indeed BLM) are targeting Bernie Sanders and sparing Hillary Clinton. How convenient for her. The Clinton campaign sees Sanders presenting more of a challenge than anybody anticipated. And they know the key to stopping him from doing what Obama did in 2008 is to prevent him from pulling substantial black voter support away from Clinton.

    2) The behavior of BLM activists towards Bernie Sanders and his supporters is unremittingly hostile. Charging the stage and SCREAMING in Bernie's face. Hurling racial epithets at his supporters. There is no effort to start a dialogue. Just scream and hurl insults and otherwise shut it down. Meanwhile, BLM activists have a respectful private meeting with Clinton, then bestow effusive praise for her on social media.

    3) BLM co-founder Alicia Garza comes on TV and assures Chris Hayes they will be targeting all of the candidates. Anybody with a brain knows that isn't happening. But Hayes accepts it uncritically and so Garza manages a little damage control after the fiasco in Seattle.

    4) BLM will not be targeting Republican candidates. They probably will not bother with Chaffee or Webb. Maybe O'Malley again. For sure Sanders again. Because their purpose in attacking Sanders is not to get him to take their concerns seriously -- which is already the case, anyway -- or to engage in coalition-building with white progressives, whom they consider "white supremacy liberals," it is to try and prevent black support from moving from Clinton to Sanders. Maybe they'll even discuss their progress at BLM's next cozy sitdown with Hillary Clinton.

    5) Why would the BLM leadership do that? Ask George Soros, the Wall Street billionaire who has donated millions to the Clinton campaign, and donated millions to BLM. I would bet the BLM leadership will be getting more from Soros in appreciation for their efforts in trying to insure Clinton's nomination. He may be liberal, but he's also a Wall Street wheeler-dealer, and very much wants Clinton, not Sanders, to be the Democratic nominee.

    6) Does BLM support Clinton? Frankly, I doubt they care about any of these candidates. Or the campaign, for that matter. Read Garza's writings. She is an extremist. She expresses no interest in working with white progressives, or Democratic politicians, but instead focuses on a black liberation movement. She probably cares not at all about the interests of some super-rich white dude. However, his money will be helpful in building BLM. She does care about that.

  6. UPDATE:

    Billionaire financier George Soros, a top contributor to the Clinton Foundation, had Hillary’s ear when she was Secretary of State.

    Washington Post: “How Hillary kept her wealthy friends close at the State Department”