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Everything you wanted to know about Bernie Sanders...

... but were afraid to ask.

While he may not have President Obama's sense of humor — or Donald Trump's bluster and star celebrity — Senator Bernie Sanders is a very serious "man of the people" who not only delivers a message that people want to hear, but he has lived that message for decades.

Bernie Sanders does not make excuses or waffle on the issues, he has always remained firm and steadfast. He has not "evolved" or flip-flopped on his positions. He has been fighting for worker's rights, racial injustice, universal healthcare and income equality all his life.

Bernie Sanders is genuine, and not just another cookie-cutter politician who's out to game the system for himself (a very rare quality in our public servants these days). You will NEVER see Bernie leave public office to work as a corporate lobbyist.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders 2015

VOX: Why Bernie Sanders' rise is more impressive than Donald Trump's (by Ezra Klein on September 14, 2015)

"Donald Trump's rise to the top of the Republican polls has been incredible. But it's obscuring a story that might ultimately prove more meaningful: Bernie Sanders' increasingly serious challenge to Hillary Clinton. New polls show Sanders leading Hillary Clinton [and Joe Biden] in both Iowa and New Hampshire. In a normal year, Sanders' rise would be a shocking, unbelievable story that would be dominating political media — it's just currently being overshadowed by Trump's story, which is arguably more unbelievable, and certainly makes for better TV."

  • Iowa: 43% Bernie Sanders / 33% Hillary Clinton / 10% Joe Biden
  • New Hampshire: 47.3% Bernie Sanders / 35.4% Hillary Clinton / 9.3% Joe Biden

But, according to other polls provided by the Washington Post, despite Bernie Sanders' huge surge in Iowa and New Hampshire, he would still need black voters to win the Democratic nomination. In which case, he would most likely win the general election in 2016 (no matter which Republican candidate was nominated).

The biggest problem for Bernie Sanders is name recognition among black voters, and getting them informed of Sanders' stand on the issues. He offers far more to the African-American community than any of the "moderate" Democrats ever would. After all, what has Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden done for them lately?

If anyone is interested in the "dry" details concerning Bernie Sanders' stance on any issue, not only watch Ezra Klein's 35-minute interview with Senator Bernie Sanders at YouTube (embedded farther below), but also read what is posted on Bernie Sanders' website — and check out Feel The Bern.Org.

Polls of black voters

Table of contents for video below:

0:00 – Socialism
3:20 – Universal health care
5:50 – Global poverty and open borders
9:29 – Unions
11:31 – Grassroots organizing
16:04 – Race
17:56 – Oligarchy and campaign finance
21:14 – Foreign policy
23:10 – Iran
25:12 – Rwanda
26:04 – Zionism and Israel
27:24 – Climate change
31:33 – China
34:04 – Greece
35:24 – Universal basic income

Huffington Post: 5 Reasons why Bernie Sanders is a better Democratic candidate than Hillary Clinton (DNC: Please take note and schedule more debates.)

  1. Bernie Sanders has always embodied the value system that Democrats were supposed to uphold when polls weren't in the favor of progressives.
  2. According to Quinnipiac University's Swing State Polls in July and August, voters in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa and Virginia have an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton and don't find her trustworthy.
  3. Bernie Sanders never needed a private email server. Voters will eventually start asking why Clinton needed her public and private correspondence hidden from the government. Also, Bernie Sanders doesn't need an attorney to give an email server to the FBI.
  4. Bernie Sanders is never embroiled in scandal and his campaign is free to focus on issues like wealth inequality, healthcare, and education. In contrast, Hillary Clinton must contend with intelligence agencies and the media; limiting time that should be spent on key topics.
  5. Hillary Clinton and her supporters are at odds with the media and U.S. intelligence agencies. Because of this bizarre scenario, the eventual GOP nominee can exploit these rifts and win in 2016.

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