Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Comcast: NBC, CNBC and MSNBC endorses Hillary Clinton

On Friday, November 6, 2015 8pm ET (7pm CT, 5pm PT) Rachel Maddow is hosting the MSNBC Democratic Forum (not an official DNC sanctioned debate). The forum will have Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley in attendance, who will take turns answering questions from the audience.

MSNBC's event will be held at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Of all the polls, the Winthrop Poll conducted by Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina shows Hillary leading Bernie by the widest margins. The forum is being held in the very place where Hillary's most favorable poll was conducted. Is this by chance or purpose?

Of all the locations available in the United States, why did MSNBC schedule a forum to take place at Winthrop University, located in the small town of Rock Hill, South Carolina, where the racial makeup of the city is 54.6% White and 38.3% Black? Could it be because Hillary Clinton has a distinct advantage over Bernie Sanders in the polling numbers — because of her appeal with Black voters? Of the African-Americans contacted for the Winthrop poll, 80% favored Hillary and a meager 15% favored Bernie. (Will we have to bus in Bernie fans?)

MSNBC is owned by Comcast. Earlier this year Comcast was forced to abandon a $45 billion Time Warner Cable acquisition after spending more than $400 million on lawyers, lobbyists, and consultants. Two months later Comcast executive vice president David Cohen hosted a $2,700-a-plate fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Since the FCC blocked Comcast's attempted acquisition of Time Warner Cable, the cable giant probably wants a new U.S. President who will appoint a new FCC boss who will gut the new net neutrality rules.

Since Comcast bought NBCUniversal (besides MSNBC)  it also owns CNBC and NBC News. Check it out >>> This was the NBC News headline yesterday, which was widely reported by all other mainstream media sources:

Poll: Clinton Ties Carson in '16 Matchup, but Tops Other GOP Candidates

After praising Hillary Clinton for having great poll numbers, almost as an after-though, the NBC News article also (reluctantly) mentions this:

"The NBC/WSJ poll also tested Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders against Trump and Rubio, and Sanders outperforms Clinton — though by just a point or two. Sanders leads Trump by nine points, 50 percent to 41 percent (versus Clinton's eight-point advantage), and he's ahead of Rubio by five points, 46 percent to 41 percent (versus Clinton's three-point lead)."

Did you get that? Bernie Sanders beat all the GOP candidates too — and by wider margins than Hillary — but yet, this wasn't NBC's headline; nor was this widely mentioned in the media. But there was one exception >>> To her great credit, last night Rachel Maddow (on MSNBC) mentioned this.

But MSNBC (via Rachel Maddow), during a 24/7 news cycle, out of their entire media machine, only gave ONE MINUTE of time to make the point that Bernie led Hillary beating Republicans in a general election Why? (Stupid question, we know why.)

But otherwise, it's no wonder that, towards the end the new NBC/WSJ poll, most people (despite Bernie having better favorability ratings than Hillary) mostly believed that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic primary by overwhelming margins (84% to 12%).

In one question in the NBC poll they ask: "Regardless of who you support, which one of the following candidates do you think is most likely to win the Republican nomination for president in 2016?" — Donald Trump got 36% and Ben Carson got 25%

The next question asks: "Which of the following candidates do you think has the best chance to defeat the Democratic candidate and regain the White House?" — Trump got 32% and Carson got 25%

The poll implies (or indicates) the likelihood of Donald Trump being the most probable nominee in 2016 to run against the Democratic nominee. So naturally, one wants to know which Democrat has the best chance to beat Trump.

Then the poll goes on to show Hillary at 50% beating Trump at 42% — and Hillary tying Carson 47% to 47% (which was the headline news in the media yesterday). All the media coverage was about Hillary beating all GOP candidates with the exception of Ben Carson, who tied Hillary. It was only Rachel Maddow who told us that Bernie Sanders had bested Hillary Clinton against the GOP candidates.

It's good to know that Bernie's campaign is keeping up with all this. From Twitter:

Bernie Tweet

So while Comcast might not have come out publicly and loudly in their giant media empire to announce their support for Hillary, they might as well have after manipulating the news and under-reporting Bernie's numbers — all while highlighting Hillary's.

The people in the polls, just like the rest of us, already know the election is rigged; and no matter who we want to see elected, the establishment party political machines will see to it that THEIR preferred candidate gets most of the positive media attention, the best questions in the debates and the best polling numbers from their corporate-sponsored polls.

The new NBC/WSJ poll (with only 1,000 voters) showed Hillary Clinton at 62% to Bernie Sanders at 31% — but the most current straw poll of 67,850 voters at shows Bernie Sanders at 44% to Hillary Clinton at 32% — which was similar to other online polls after the first debate — which all showed that Bernie had won.

Below is an info-graphic I made noting some of the relevant numbers from the new NBC/WSJ poll (Click on it to make larger).

New NBC/WSJ election poll October 2015

Everybody Loves Hillary — even Comcast. (Current national polls for all Democratic candidates are here and here. (Democrats in Iowa are here and here — and Democrats in New Hampshire are here and here — and Democrats in South Carolina are here.)


  1. The next officially sanctioned DNC debate:

    CBS News Democratic Debate
    Saturday, November 14, 2015
    9pm ET
    Aired On: CBS
    Location: Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa
    Sponsors: CBS News, KCCI, the Des Moines Register
    Moderator: John Dickerson

  2. In Senator Rand Paul's great State of Kentucky (where MSNBC is hosting their forum)...

    "S.C. lawmakers profit from government connections..."

  3. The Nation: The Democrats want to launch a new strategy to restore the Voting Rights Act.

    ---/// My note: So isn't it ironic that the Democrats don't want fair elections within their own party? See the article below ///---

    The Nation: Why Grassroots Democrats Don’t Have a Problem With Democratic Socialism


  4. New Bernie News....

    ROLLING STONE: The Case for Bernie Sanders (November 3, 2015) "His critics say he’s not realistic – but they have it backwards."'

    SLATE: Hillary Clinton Is Stepping Up Her Smear Campaign Against Bernie (November 4, 2015) "First she suggested the Vermont senator was sexist. Now she’s reaching for the race card."

    HUFFINGTON POST (must read) "Bernie Sanders Probably Isn't Running for President to Win" (November 4, 2015)

  5. SLATE: "Bernie Sanders Was Excellent at the MSNBC Forum" (Yes he was. It turned out very well for him. I wonder if it will move the polls for him.)

  6. Even NBS News did a good write up on Bernie's performance at the forum!

  7. "Usage-based billing." It sounds so innocent! Kind of like paying for what you use, right? Don’t be fooled.

    The usage-based billing playbook was developed by the mobile wireless industry, which itself is nothing more than a duopoly (Verizon Wireless and AT&T) with a fringe of a few other firms with similar business models. I’ve been predicting for years that usage-based billing will be used as a sledgehammer by other internet access providers like Comcast. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve been proven right.

    The sledgehammer (as employed by the mobile carriers) is a part of a complex scheme designed to hijack the development of a fast, cheap, competitive, unlimited-capacity data communications systems — like the one our country should have.

  8. Chris Matthews (MSNBC) is also at the mercy of the Clintons: