Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Everybody Loves Hillary

At least, that's what the media has been telling us on their cable news shows and in their corporate-sponsored polls. It sort of reminds me of that show "Everybody Loves Raymond" — and explains how one can relate to Raymond's brother's feelings of rejection, hurt and consternation. Nobody loves Robert as much as they love Raymond, and so he always has to compete for everyone's love and attention. Poor Robert.

Bernie Sanders may ultimately win the popular vote, but Hillary seems to be getting most of the official "endorsements". That's what labor unions, African-Americans, hookers, the Democratic political establishment, old pop stars and gay porn stars all seem to share in common: many, if not most, support the coronation of Hillary Clinton, continuing the almighty Clinton political dynasty. I can almost hear them chanting now:

"Eight more years! Eight more years! Eight more years!"

Maybe by the year 2024, after Hillary's second term expires, her daughter Chelsea (Ivanka Trump's best friend) might run for two terms too — and Ivanka can be her running mate!!! OMG!!!!

8 years of Hillary Clinton

Bloomberg reports that the Democratic front-runner's campaign says it has secured the commitment of over 500 superdelegates — although last month, The Hill made the case that many could change their mind — and Bernie could win a majority of those. One reason being: "There are a great number of progressives around the country who will only vote for Sanders and would rather sit out an election, or write in Sanders, rather than vote for Clinton." [Editor's note: Include me on this list, because that will be my "protest" vote.]

And then there's the labor unions, who were against the TPP trade agreement — even though Hillary pushed the trade deal 45 times to Bernie Sanders's "zero times". So despite Bernie's long history favoring unions and fighting for worker's rights (and even walking on picket lines), it seems that even the union leaders love Hillary — but maybe not so much the rank and file. Politico: AFL-CIO leader tries to quell pro-Sanders revolt

The AFL-CIO's largest union (AFSCME, although, not the AFL-CIO itself) recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Clinton family dynasty regularly promotes endorsements from unions like the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, as well as the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers.

Seven national unions have endorsed Hillary Clinton so far (according to Clinton's campaign) — and this includes the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers — and (hard to believe) the International Longshoremen’s Association, who is also supporting a first woman president. (What a bunch of wimps! Will the Teamsters be next?)

So far the SEIU and the AFL-CIO have withheld their public endorsements — who they said had been waiting to see if Joe Biden would run (with no mention of Bernie Sanders). And the International Association of Fire Fighters hasn't endorsed any candidate either.

And besides getting her support from most labor unions, Hillary Clinton is also getting support from hookers at brothels in Nevada. She even secured the public endorsement from a gay porn star (stage/screen name Gavin Waters) when she recently met him at a Texas fundraiser and posed for a picture (below).

Hillary Clinton loves Gavin Waters!

Hillary is also getting support from wealthy pop stars like Katy Perry and trust fund babies like Kim Kardashian. It would be tit-for-tat if Bernie Sanders can get Taylor Swift (oh-so-awesome!) and Paris Hilton to endorse him — as a "protest vote" against Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian. The National ENQUIRER recently reported:

Hillary Clinton has turned from stumping for the White House to stalking — and her victim is Taylor Swift! That’s the word from insiders, who tattled to The National ENQUIRER that Hillary is acting more like an obsessed teenybopper than a 67-year-old Democratic candidate, hounding Taylor, 25, with desperate invites to hang out, talk and ultimately jump onto her political bandwagon — along with her legions of fans, of course! [Her latest batch of released emails showed Hillary had ties to many celebrities]

But it's really #BlackVotesMatter that matter the most to Hillary. To pander for the African-American vote, Hillary Clinton met with the mothers of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice in Chicago, privately outlining her plan for instituting stricter gun laws and changing the criminal justice system. Then Clinton tweeted about the meeting afterward saying: "Grateful to spend time today with mothers who have lost a child to violence and turned their grief into a national call to action."

In stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, a pastor who had been accompanying Sandra Bland's mother had asked Bernie Sanders if he would like to meet her — and Bernie replied, “Yes, please.” Since then, Bernie has remained mum about the chance meeting with the woman who became a face of the Black Lives Matter movement. The pastor wrote in his blog:

“We asked Senator Sanders if we could take a picture with him and he consented. He did not use the moment as an opportunity to promote his campaign. He did not try to turn it into a publicity stunt. He simply made space for a sacred moment, and then let it pass without trying to gain anything from it. For that, I respect him. That choice may not have made him a very good politician, but it made him a better man.”

And Hillary Clinton, who captured the majority of the Hispanic vote in the 2008 primaries against President Obama, is once again stepping up efforts to control that demographic by having Latino celebrities such as Marc Anthony and Salma Hayek use social media to pitch for her ... because #LatinoVotesMatter too.

Other than the former governor of Maryland (Martin O’Malley, who's going nowhere in the polls), many people think Bernie Sanders does much better on immigration issues than does Hillary Clinton (and has for a lot longer). And naturally, any Democrat would go much farther than any of the GOP candidates on immigration issues.

As an aside: Besides the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago, Obama says he sees work on race relations as a key part of his immortal "legacy" — and said he hopes that his successor will pick up where he left off.

Obama has yet to formally endorse Hillary, as many other wealthy and pro-corporate "moderate" Democrats have already done. And so therefore, we don't expect him to endorse a "Man of the People" — Senator Bernie Sanders — anytime soon, because everybody loves Hillary.

Update from the New York Times:

"In an office here with all the trappings of a Silicon Valley tech firm, a band of mostly 20-something political junkies has built a formidable Democratic fund-raising machine that is fueling the insurgent presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders against Hillary Rodham Clinton and leaving even Republican rivals envious."

For a limited time only, make any contribution to Bernie's campaign at Act Blue and you'll receive a copy of Bernie's book, "Outsider in the White House" -- or go to Bernie's store for t-shirts, baseball caps (etc.)


  1. A new (corporate-sponsored) NBC/Wall Street Journal poll of only 1,000 voters show:

    Hillary Clinton 62%
    Bernie Sanders 31%


    But a straw poll of 67,850 voters at Democrats.com show:

    Bernie Sanders 44%
    Hillary Clinton 32%


  2. Does Senator Elizabeth Warren love Hillary too? She hasn't endorsed Bernie :(

  3. Ellen DeGeneres debuted a new campaign ad for the Vermont senator, where Sanders is dancing to Drake's "Hotline Bling."